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Old December 6th, 2005, 08:01 AM
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Default Re: Wish Questions

incognito said:
To my knowledge, no one else has summoned him.

Irrelevant. Wishing for a unique will still give you that unique, regardless of how many are already in play. What I'm not certain about is whether or not Wishing for a few dozen Lords of the Plague Wind will prevent others from summoning Pazuzu by ordinary means. For that matter, will killing a single Pazuzu set his state to "unsummoned", and allow another to be summoned? Or must it be a conventionally-summoned Pazuzu, which gets some sort of hidden tag?


If someone has summoned Pazuzu or any other named creature, and I wish for him, will he come with normal magic skills? I seem to have read that wishing for units in this fashion delivers them without leadership and magic. Is this true?
There seems to be a lot of confusion on this pretty straightforward issue. Wished-for creatures are always units, not commanders. This means that they cannot use their magic until Gift of Reasoned, not that they haven't got their magic. I don't think there's anything in the game that can actually take away a unit's magic levels.

Generally speaking, what are the most effective uses of wish? I know you can wish for gems, etc, but I am guessing strategic use of wish can be a real asset.
If you've got the Arcane Nexus up, gems are your best bet. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. Ditto if you've got an Alteration-boosting site. I suppose you might want to Wish for the Hammer of the Cyclops. Half-priced Soul Contracts, Robes of the Magi, Rings of Sorcery and Wizardry, artifacts et cetera are never a bad thing.

Of course, there's nothing preventing the other players from just Wishing those artifacts away from you. Speaking of which, Wishing away an enemy uber-SC's weapon or armor right before a battle can sometimes be a worthwhile use of 100 pearls.

Last of all, some favor the "200 Queens of Storms and a Queen of the Deeps" approach, and I can't say I blame them, even though I don't find it all that fun.

PS - Doom Horrors are, like, so overrated.
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