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Old August 2nd, 2018, 04:55 PM
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Default Possible Scripted Campaign, Fixed Core issue

So I decided to make a linked scripted fixed core campaign based off my two Villers-Bocage scenarios.

In the scenario the A0 and B0 units have their sub-units attached as you would expect.

Before or in the actual scenario:

The A0 shows the proper assignment of two companies:

The B0 in the scenario shows the proper assignment of his 3 platoons:

After or after I added the scenario to the scripted fixed core campaign and while I am playing the game:

The A0 in the campaign, note all the sub-units are under his command:

The B0 in the campaign, note that it shows him controlling the two companies but not the platoons!:

Here is what the nodes and stuff look like in the campaign editor:

Some extra details (pics may have been good enough).

After I created the scripted campaign, and set all the values for it and each node as well as the victory conditions, when I started the campaign, I noticed that all the sub-units (B1-B3) were no longer assigned properly to the A0 or B0 formation. Hence as the player I had to go in and manually re-assign the platoon formations back to the company formation. (i.e. open up the HQ screen, show company details and cross-attach the platoons back to the HQ).

This is not what I was wanting as a the scenario and campaign designer.

The scripted campaign should have kept the sub-units (B1, B2, B3, etc) assigned to the parent company HQ unit (B0).

I also am seeing this behavior in my other fixed core campaign (Brody) and all the sub-units are messed up when you start the campaign and you have to as the player re-assign them back to the correct HQ unit.

So is this a defect, or all scripted campaign games behave this way?

Thanks Don
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