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Old May 2nd, 2009, 08:51 AM

Von_Altair Von_Altair is offline
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Angry What is going on?

The game is unplayable in multiplayer mode and hardly single player mode too, since several bugs and exploits + blue screen problem.

Forum is dead, NOT A SINGLE MESSAGE IN TWO WEEKS. No information about anything happening here. For such expensive game (I am still saying that this game is way too expensive for what it gives, especially when I have seen support service quality on it) this is not the way how it should be handled. Releasing the game with such amount of cash, it should be atleast working, bugfree and atleast supported with bugfixes in reasonable time. Now weeks are rolling and forum stays dead. Camoon guys.

Is this some "one man" project, trying to catch cash with "gimme the money and i'll give you bugging unplayable game and will fix it up in 6 month". Yes, I am full of this kind of software business. It's just fair to warn everyone what is going on here, i've waited enough.
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Old May 2nd, 2009, 12:15 PM
S.R. Krol's Avatar

S.R. Krol S.R. Krol is offline
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Default Re: What is going on?

First of all it's hardly unplayable to the vast majority of players, but we can understand the frustration from a personal standpoint.

To address your points, it was released as bug free as any piece of software is expected to be. No software is ever perfect and there will always be something, someone finds that crops up over time. Fixing bugs in a "reasonable" time is subjective to what is reasonable. The game was released in mid-December and in late January a patch was released to address some issues AND to add enhancements to the game. Another patch is in the works which not only addresses the remaining possible issues but also adds another major additional enhancement, PBEM. And oh, regarding the blue screen that can be fixed by minimizing/maximizing the game again.

Finally, regarding the forum, unfortunately chalk that up to the mysteries of the 'net. Some games will have wildly active forums, others don't. War Plan Pacific continues to be a top seller and continues to garner enthusiastic and positive reviews. Why folks aren't talking about it more on the forums, I don't know.
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Old May 2nd, 2009, 08:46 PM

Von_Altair Von_Altair is offline
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Default Re: What is going on?

Well I've tryed to play multiplayer game with TCP/IP 7 times. Every single game crashed at some point. Not to mention those exploits we finded out. They are kinda gamebreaking when you know about it. I've talked with several WPP owners and haven't find anyone who has been able to play TCP/IP game fully without crash or some other problems. Thats kinda strange after 5 months of release...Thats why I am angry here. The game is fine and it has great idea in it WHEN it works and those problems are fixed. PBEM add will be awesome as well.

About blue screen problem, ive tested the game with my brand new laptop computer and it had the same blue screen problem... both my computers have newest drivers and patches. I don't think that customer should accept this kind of behavior and be forced to min/max:ing the game. This should be fixed really.

You misunderstanded me S.R Krol. I don't care about folks chat in forums. What I am missing, is some information about incoming patch and WHEN it might come. I know it is not an easy task to tell something like that, but "somewhere at May" is always better than no information at all. Thank you for telling about those fixes and new additions. I belive, people needs more this kind of information and more often. Easy and cheap way to show out that the game is supported and taken care of.
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Old May 5th, 2009, 11:11 AM
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Tim Brooks Tim Brooks is offline
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Default Re: What is going on?


The patch was released today. Hope it helps with your frustrations.

As to the forums, you are looking in the wrong place for news. Shrapnel's position is that the forums are for the fans of the game, not a news source for Shrapnel Games. We have what seems an ever increasing policy to not post in the forums. We try to answer questions, when no one else can, but you won't find us updating you on what is happening other than in the press release section of the forums.

We have other venues for news.

FRAG! Newsletter

Friends & Fans Email List

Hope that clears things up.
Tim Brooks
Shrapnel Games
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Old May 6th, 2009, 03:59 AM

MarkL MarkL is offline
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Default Re: What is going on?

Hi Von_Altair

It is shame you are experiencing problems. As far as I can tell most of us are running problem free.

For the games intended market I think the AI is fine and every game has a few exploits once you find them. After all it is a game.

I find this title a good one to pickup every so often to have a good easy game that can be finished quickly with no real problems.

Hopefully the new patch may help you to enjoy the game a bit more.

Cheers MarkL
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