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Old October 1st, 2019, 09:16 AM

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Default Re: Ts4EVER scenarios

Originally Posted by Ts4EVER View Post
These are all in the new patch now, so don't download them anymore!
As always, feedback is very much appreciated, even if it is just to show that someone actually plays these...
Yo Ts. Already played what are now scenarios #526 and 527 (Counter Attack at Dawn and Into the Valley of Death). Both are rip-roaring defensive battles which test a player's skill in adapting to off-beat setups, unconventional AI waypointing and clever reinforcement timing.

Was a bit miffed that in Counter Attack the Brits start out 280 points in the hole from four lost Shermans in the previous battle (Highlanders at Gerbini, #525) but that's cool. Had I been more meticulous in checking LOS, along with practicing greater care in gobbling up distant objectives I wouldn't have lost five (!) more Shermans to settle for an MV. Valley of Death was kinda hairy at times but still managed to wait out the Russian steamroller to recover lost VHs at battle's end.

Playing #525, Highlanders at Gerbini (bass ackwards to Counter Attack chronologically, but who cares?), right now on Turn seven. All is well so far although it's too bad those 3-inch Mortars can't provide much support beyond the Germans' crust in front of the farm complex. Had this problem in a Brit LC; couldn't upgrade them to the longer-range version until early '44.

Also no engineers for this assault. Tough. Got enough regular squaddies to discover mines and such one way or anothe other. Anyway it promises to be the usual challenging, entertaining, and at times frustrating sort of battle that players have come to expect from your bag of martial tricks.

Hope this encourages you to create additional imaginative scenarios and campaigns for this wonderful game that may outlive us all. Cheers and thanks for everything!

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Old October 1st, 2019, 01:27 PM

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Default Re: Ts4EVER scenarios

Glad to hear you liked them.
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