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Old January 27th, 2019, 06:00 PM
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Default Re: Pakistan ORBAT

Artillery is a bit of a pain in the arse.

While it CAN be used in a direct fire mode it's rarely done because it's usually more useful as indirect fire. Then you run into things like the Russian ZiS-3 76mm "Divisional Gun" which was commonly pressed into service as an anti-tank gun or the US M1/M116 75mm Pack Howitzer which was often used for bunker busting and vs caves during WW II.

It's more a matter of how commonly this was done then the intended role of an artillery piece. In WinSPMBT "Indirect Artillery" is off map whereas "Field Guns" commonly exist in both on and off map variants.

Then there's the problem of "Light" (generally up to 100-105mm), "Medium" (generally up to 155mm), and "Heavy" (anything over 155mm) artillery BUT at various times in various armies a 105mm is used as "medium" artillery and "light" is 75-85mm. However over time equipment is upgraded and what was "light" artillery is phased out.

There are only a limited number of "indirect fire" Unit Classes in WinSPMBT and it becomes something of a juggling act to fit everything in. So at times a designation, i.e. "field artillery", used by some nations military doesn't fit in the context of WinSPMBT or it's available Unit Classes and things have to be juggled.

I hope this helps.
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