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Old October 21st, 2010, 06:50 PM

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Default War of Final Resolution

[I'm trying something new and so please let me know if this format of AAR is interesting and if you would like to see more. The idea is to provided a fully dramatized view of the events of the battle. The following discription is of the opening action of a battle that I finished just a while ago. It's may be a little rough. I'm looking for suggustions, what people like to see in an AAR ect. Enough talk. I'll let the Lt. Col. Take it from here]

Lt. Col Hutchins stared out across the Afghan desert. The enemy was out there in large numbers but he didn't know where. His job was to not only find them but encourage them to be elsewhere. Like Hell for instance. Since the terrorist attack in Torino at the Olympic Games that killed over half the athletes from the US team, there was a sense of hatred that moved the American people to demand resolution. It had only been a few weeks since the state department had positively linked the attacks to the Afghan government and some of their pet terrorists. His men had been on alert and now prepared to embark on a war of final resolution.

He could just make out the hills surrounding the valley where he and his staff were set up in the predawn light. The sound of Major Fox's modified Calvary troop preparing to move out caught his attention. The "thump, thump, thump" of the blackhawks from Captain Ruiz's command starting their roaters also came to his ears from his left. And To his right could just make out the distant shouts of Captain Leonard mech infantry organizing and loading up. "I will need to talk to everyone about the element of surprise." he thought. At least Captain Gilmore had gotten his artillery park set up quietly and while he knew where Captain Eubank and his rangers were on the map, he knew they would be impossible to find out in the desert. Hutchins returned to the satellite map and looked over the battle plan again. The area was uneven desert with lots of hills and shallow washes. There were some trees, but they seemed few and far between. The landscape was dominated by two large hills that rose out of the desert like two great fortresses. The larger was located in the center of their operating area and was code named Castle Rock. CR, as they code went, was actually two hills with a saddle between them that dominated the area around it. Just north of CR was "the Hill," which rose like a spire and overlooked the north part of the area. Those hills would need to be controlled. On both flanks the terrain was even and clear. He had plans for those but they would have to wait. He reviewed his plan then gave the order to begin the advance.

With a whine of tension and the "thump thump thump" of the rotors, 2nd Lt. Krotiak increased the throttle and lifted the big war bird into the air. His two gunners were alert and ready. They were headed for Castle Rock and didn't know what they would find there. In the back Captain Ruiz sat with his men, reviewing the objectives of their mission. Krotiak wasn't rich enough to fly the chopper in formation between the low hills, keep an eye out for SAMs, AA guns and MANPADS, and pay attention to Captain Ruiz giving instructions for those that would get out of the helo. Krotiak was mildly surprised, but very happy when they drew no fire and spotted no enemies. As he landed on a clear area towards he base of CR, he watched as the thirteen other choppers landed and discharged their cargo of trained fighters and their deadly equipment. Those Javelin teams were so comfortable with their weapon that it made Ruiz wince as they rushed out of the Blackhawks and secured themselves in the folds of the hill. Once Ruiz had watched his troops secure the hill above and around him, he nodded to Krotiak and jumped out himself. Krotiak throttled up, watching his ground pounding fellows begin their preparations as he turned his bird back towards the protection of Captain Eubank's position.

Major Fox looked out over the advancing column with a sense of pride. He felt confidant that the M1A2 Abrams that were the backbone of his formation could handle anything the Afghans could throw at them. He was still a cautious man. Which is why he ordered the tanks to button up and lay low when a Kiowa chopper was spotted on the east side of The Hill. He was more worried about the element of surprise than any ability of the bird to destroy. It appeared to be armed with rockets, not ATGM, so that was a small grace. But where there were eyes for seeing there would be hands for beating. Sure enough, a moment later his communications man told him that Ruiz had conformation of two platoons of AFVs and APCs moving up the backside of The Hill towards his position. He knew that Ruiz's troops on his left had a good view of the area his troops would be moving through Well, Fox thought, between the four linebacker SP-SAMs that Gilmore had loaned him, Ruiz's Javelins, and his own units, Fox could see a bad day in store for the enemy...

The driver of the land rover moved up the backside of the castle-like rock with care. Army scouts that were noisy and blundered around didn't get promoted, often because they were dead. His partner, who manned the HMG were following there companion rover to a position where they could over see the American advance. Although he couldn't see them the man knew their tanks were located to the north and were in the process of skirting the south side of the hill in order to surprise the troops the chopper had seen. Between his position and the tanks he could just make out the trio of BTRs that were moving forward, watching the t55s flank. At that point the other rover crested the hill and they followed into the predawn light. They looked out over the valley and then everything went wrong. The radio buzzed to life. The chopper was taking fire from what appeared to be an attack helicopter and a mobile SAM platform. They had taken damage and were losing fuel rapidly. Before the man could consider the implications of losing their eyes in the sky he heard several noises and was horrified to see missile trails speeding from the as yet unseen slope in front of him towards the tanks that were hidden from his view. Again the radio buzzed with reports of surprise and alarm from the tank and BTR commanders, but half of the voices suddenly ceased. The other half continued to panic. Even though he couldn't see the tanks the man could see the fire and smoke coming from their now twisted wrecks. His eyes fell in sorrow. He started when the one of the BTRs exploded below him. The other two tried to maneuver, were also destroyed. Stunned the man realized that before the last one blew the driver and said the word "Abram." before his brain could even process this information, his companion land rover burst into flames with a roar. All of the sudden events had over ridden his body's survival instinct and he moved the rover closer to the edge of the hill. He saw multiple ATGM teams reloading, rifle squads and mmg teams set up all over the frontside of the hill like ants on an anthill. A movement to his left caught his eye and he turned to see a group of men lying in the short brush of the desert. He heard his gunner chamber the first round as the man turned the HMG towards this new threat, but it was too late. The last thing he saw was a soldier aiming a large tube at them and the tube belching fire. His last thought was, "How could they have gotten there so quickly?"
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Default Re: War of Final Resolution

Reads much better than a Clancy novel for sure
This post, as well as being an ambassador of death for the enemies of humanity, has a main message of peace and friendship.
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Old November 8th, 2010, 04:48 PM

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Default Re: War of Final Resolution

Sadly, I'm not going to be able to finish this battle's ARR becuase I finished it weeks ago and don't remember enough of the details to make it interesting. I could give you the unattractive lists of stats that I generated during the battle, but that is a little monotonous. I'm on to the second battle now and have been keeping better notes and writing the dramatic pieces as I go. Every turn has a "story" of what I consider the exciting/pivital/important part of the action for that turn. I'm currently on turn 8 and so will post the turn stories for those turns here soon. After that, I'll try to post right after the turn is played. For anyone who wants to see my notes on the turns to get the rest of the picture of the battle, I'll try to post those as well. I keep them in a double collumed word document. The file is currently 32 pages long and adds about a page or more per turn. It also takes me about an hour to play a single turn because of the notes. If I was smart I would have saved a copy of the map so all of my hex references would make more sense, but that will be for the next battle. Keep an eye out here in the next day or two (hopefully) to see updates.
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Old November 10th, 2010, 03:45 AM

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Here is the order of battle of this battle, complete with platoon codes, type of unit and commander.

Lt. Col. Hutchins – Battalion HQ – Battalion Commander
2 sections of attack helo
APAH A AH-64D Apache -1st lt. McGraw
APAH B AH-64D Apache -2nd Lt. Turner
BHAH A MH-60 Blackhawk – 1st Lt. Perez
BHAH B MH-60 Blackhawk - 2nd Lt. Damato
Lt. Attack Helo
BTSC AHA OH-58D – 2nd Lt. Atkins
BTSC AHB AH-6J LBird – 2nd Lt. Gilmore
BTSC AOP Fwd Observer - S. Leonard
BTSC SN Hvy Sniper - 1st Lt. Hutchins
Cmd Vehicles
BHQS TA M93 Fox – 1st lt. Young
BHQS TB M93 Fox – Corporal (C.) Sheridan

Captian Leonard – MCHQ - Mech Rifle Sqd – M113 Mech Co.
MCST SC Scout team – C. Chabers
MCST SN Hvy Sniper team – C. Eubanks
MCST TA 113A3 Slat – C. Hall
MCST TB M113A3 Slat – Sergeant (S.) James
C Platoon – Mech Rifle Pl
MCPC MRA Mech Rifle Sqd – 1st Lt. Bell
MCPC MRB Mech Rifle Sqd – C. Phillips
MCPC MRC Mech Rifle Sqd – C. Hawkins
MCPC MMG MMG Section – C. Casamento
MCPC SN Hvy Sniper team – C. Gonzales
MCPC TA M113A3 Slat – S. Michael
MCPC TB M113A3 Slat – S. Damato
MCPC TC M113A3 Slat – S. Hill
MCPC TD M113A3 Slat – S. Walsh
D Platoon – Mech Rifle Pl
MCPD MRA Mech Rifle Sqd – 1st Lt. Walker
MCPD MRB Mech Rifle Sqd – C. Garcia
MCPD MRC Mech Rifle Sqd – C. Gray
MCPD MMGMMG Section – C. Atkins
MCPD SNHvy Sniper team – C. Sadowski
MCPD TA M113A3 Slat – S. Kingsley
MCPD TB M113A3 Slat – S. Johnsom
MCPD TC M113A3 Slat – C. Watson
MCPD TD M113A3 Slat – C. Kelley
E Platoon – Mech Rifle Pl
MCPE MRA Mech Rifle Sqd – 1st Lt. Stryker
MCPE MRB Mech Rifle Sqd – C. Warner
MCPE MRC Mech Rifle Sqd – C. Thomas
MCPE MMG MMG Section – C. Julian
MCPE SN Hvy Sniper team – C. McCard
MCPE TA M113A3 Slat – C. Hanson
MCPE TB M113A3 Slat – C. Young
MCPE TC M113A3 Slat – S. Rivers
MCPE TD M113A3 Slat – S. McGee

Major Fox – CTHQ - M1A2 Abrams – Cavalry troop
CTST BRAD M3A3 Bradley – Corporal Gilmore
G Platoon – Mec Recon Sc 88
CYRG SCA Cavalry Scouts – S. McGraw
CTRG BDA M3A3 Bradley – S. Biddle
CTRG SCB Cavalry Scouts – C. Turner
CTRG BDB M3A3 Bradley – S. Thomas
CTRG SCC Cavalry Scouts – C. Wallace
CTRG BDC M3A3 Bradley – C. Willis
CTRG LMGA LMG Team – C. Lloyd
CTRG LMGA LMG Team – C. Miller
H Platoon – Mec recon Sc 88
CTRH SCA Cavalry Scouts – S. Eldon
CTRH BDA M3A3 Bradley – S. Fleming
CTRH SCB Cavalry Scouts – C. Reese
CTRH BDB M3A3 Bradley – C. Hastings
CTRH SCC Cavalry Scouts – C. Valdez
CTRH BDC M3A3 Bradley – S. Callaghan
CTRH LMGA LMG Team – C. Lopez
CTRH LMGB LMG Team – C. Perez
I Platoon – MRAP 6x6 Sec
CTPI ETA MRAP 6x6 – S. Lester
CTPI ESA MRAP Sec – C. Peterson
CTPI ESB MRAP Sec – C. Foster
CTPI ETB MRAP 6x6 – S. Seridan
CTPI ESC MRAP Sec – C. Beaudoin
CTPI ESD MRAP Sec – C. Martinez
J Platoon – MRAP 6x6 Sec
CTPJ ETA MRAP 6x6 – S. Woodford
CTPJ ESA MRAP Sec – C. Pendleton
CTPJ ESB MRAP Sec – C. Turner
CTPJ ETB MRAP 6x6 – S. Dunlap
CTPJ ESC MRAP Sec – C. Fields
CTPJ ESD MRAP Sec – C. Labelle
K Platoon – MBT Platoon
CTAK ABA M1A2 Abrams – 1st Lt. Thornson
CTAK ABB M1A2 Abrams – S. Gammon
CTAK ABC M1A2 Abrams – S. Magrath
CTAK ABD M1A2 Abrams – C. Carter
L Platoon – MBT Platoon
CTAL ABA M1A2 Abrams – 1st lt. Pucket
CTAL ABB M1A2 Abrams – C. Williams
CTAL ABC M1A2 Abrams – S. Bailey
CTAL ABD M1A2 Abrams – S. Willis
M Platoon – Sp Mortar Sqd
CTMS MRA M1129 12mm SPM – 2nd Lt. Coolidge
CTMS MRB M1129 12mm SPM – S. Dunham
N Platoon – Engineer Tanks
CTEN AEA M1A1 MCBS – 1st Lt. Mathis
CTEN AEB M1A1 MCBS – C. Schockley
O Platoon – Engineer Tanks
CTEO AEA M1A1 MCBS – 1st Lt. Burr
CTEO AEB M1A1 MCBS – C. Lindsey

Captian Ruiz – ABHQ - Rifle Squad – Airmob Co [H]
ABST BHA UH-60 Blackhawk – 2nd Lt. Krotiak
ABST MRT 60 mm Mortar Sec – S. Minick
ABST BHB UH-60 Blackhawk – 2nd Lt. Sadowski
Q Platoon – Airmob Pl [H]
ABPQ ARA Rifle Squad – 2nd Lt. powers
ABPQ ARB Rifle Squad – C. Keppler
ABPQ ABA Airmobile Squad – C. Mathis
ABPQ ABB Airmobile Squad – C. Thomas
ABPQ ATA Javelin Team –C. Turner
ABPQ MMG MMG Section – C. Sadowski
ABPQ BHA UH-60 Blackhawk – 2nd Lt. Coolidge
ABPQ BHB UH-60 Blackhawk -2nd Lt. Walsh
ABPQ BHC UH-60 Blackhawk -2nd Lt. Nelson
ABPQ BHD UH-60 Blackhawk –2nd Lt. Gammon
ABPQ ATB Javelin Team – C. Hawkins
R Platoon – Airmob Pl [H]
ABPR ARA Rifle Squad – 1st Lt. Gray
ABPR ARB Rifle Squad – C. Ruiz
ABPR ABA Airmobile Squad – C. Kelley
ABPR ABB Airmobile Squad – C. Thomas
ABPR ATA Javelin Team –C. Turner
ABPR MMG MMG Section – C. Villegas
ABPR BHA UH-60 Blackhawk – 2nd Lt. Magrath
ABPR BHB UH-60 Blackhawk – 2nd Lt. Dahlgren
ABPR BHC UH-60 Blackhawk – 2nd Lt. Evans
ABPR BHD UH-60 Blackhawk –2nd Lt. Atkins
ABPR ATB Javelin Team – C. Michael
S Platoon – Airmob Pl [H]
ABPS ARA Rifle Squad – 1st Lt. Dunham
ABPS ARB Rifle Squad – C. Gammon
ABPS ABA Airmobile Squad – C. Peterson
ABPS ABB Airmobile Squad – C. Callaghan
ABPS ATA Javelin Team –C. Perez
ABPS MMG MMG Section – C. Lloyd
ABPS BHA UH-60 Blackhawk – 2nd Lt. Johnson
ABPS BHB UH-60 Blackhawk – 2nd Lt. Turner
ABPS BHC UH-60 Blackhawk – 2nd Lt. Lloyd
ABPS BHD UH-60 Blackhawk – 2nd Lt. Martinez
ABPS ARB Javelin Team – C. Eubanks

Captain Eubanks – RCHQ - Ranger Squad – Ranger Co
RCST SNA Hvy Sniper Team – C. Gilmore
RCST SNB Hvy Sniper Team – C. Watson
RCST LAW Ranger Law Team – C. Booker
RCST MRT 60 mm Mortar Sec – S. Kingsley
U Platoon – Ranger Pl
RCPU RGA Ranger Squad – 1st Lt. Crawford
RCPU RGB Ranger Squad – C. Thomas
RCPU RGC Ranger Squad – C. Booker
RCPU LAW Ranger Law Team – C. Thorson
RCPU RR 84mm Recoiless – C. Dunham
RCPU PTL Ranger Patrol – C. Lindsey
RCPU MMG MMG Section – C. Young
RCPU AGL 40 mm Mk 18 GL B – C. Lester
V Platoon – Ranger Pl
RCPV RGA Ranger Squad – 2nd Lt. lester
RCPV RGB Ranger Squad – C. Hughes
RCPV RGC Ranger Squad – C. Peterson
RCPV LAW Ranger Law Team – C. Peterson
RCPV RR 84mm Recoiless – C. Foster
RCPV PTL Ranger Patrol – C. Reese
RCPV MMG MMG Section – C. Hughes
RCPV AGL 40 mm Mk 18 GL B – C. Eldon
W Platoon – Ranger Pl
RCPW RGA Ranger Squad – 1st Lt. Bailey
RCPW RGB Ranger Squad – C. Perez
RCPW RGC Ranger Squad – C. Sheridan
RCPW LAW Ranger Law Team – C. Casamento
RCPW RR 84mm Recoiless – C. Lloyd
RCPW PTL Ranger Patrol – C. Thomas
RCPW MMG MMG Section – C. Young
RCPW AGL 40 mm Mk 18 GL B – C. Anderson

Captain Gilmore – ARHQ - Mech Rifle Squad – Support
No Staff
Y Platoon – LMC Spt 04 H
ARSP TA M1126 Stryker+ - 1st lt. Leonard
ARSP TB M1126 Stryker+ - S. Robinson
ARSP MRA M1129 120mm SPM – S. Hastings
ARSP MRB M1129 120mm SPM – S. Peterson
Z Platoon – SP-SAM Section
SAMA LBA M2A2 Linebacker – 2nd Lt. Phillips
SAMA LBB M2A2 Linebacker – C. Valdez
AA Platoon – SP-SAM Section
SAMB LBA M2A2 Linebacker – 1st Lt. Pendleton
SAMB LBB M2A2 Linebacker – C. Rivers
AB Platoon – FO Vehicle
AOPA M577A2 AOP MSR – 1st Lt. Miller
AC Platoon – FO Vehicle
AOPB M577A2 AOP MSR – 2nd Lt. McGee
AD Platoon – MLRS Section
AOMB A 105(3) 105mm platoon - 1st Lt. Miller
AOMB B 105(3) 105mm platoon - 2nd Lt. Fowler
AE Platoon – Light SPA Bty+
ASPA PLA M109A6 Paladin – 1st Lt. Peterson
ASPA PLB M109A6 Paladin – S. Stryker
ASPA PLC M109A6 Paladin – S. Shockley
ASPA PLD M109A6 Paladin – S. Pucket
ASPA PLE M109A6 Paladin – S. Perez
ASPA PLF M109A6 Paladin – S. Fowler
ASPA PLG M109A6 Paladin – S. McCard
ASPA PLH M109A6 Paladin – S. Keppler
AF Platoon – SP Mortar Sqd
AMRA MRA M1129 120mm SPM – 2nd Lt. Thomas
AMRA MRB M1129 120mm SPM – S. James
AG Platoon – SP Mortar Sqd
AMRB MRA M1129 120mm SPM – 1st Lt. Willis
AMRB MRB M1129 120mm SPM – S. Hill
AH Platoon – SP Mortar Sqd
AMRC MRA M1129 120mm SPM – 1st Lt. Kingsley
AMRC MRB M1129 120mm SPM – S. Peterson
AI Platoon – Ordnance Sec
ORSA ACA M548 Ammo Carr – 2nd Lt. Eldon
ORSA ACB M548 Ammo Carr – S. Stryker
AI Platoon – Ordnance Sec
ORSB ACA M548 Ammo Carr – 1st Lt. Gonzales
ORSB ACB M548 Ammo Carr – S. Hanson
AI Platoon – Ordnance Sec
ORSC ACA M548 Ammo Carr – 1st Lt. Pucket
ORSC ACB M548 Ammo Carr – C. Burr
ORSD CANA Ammo Container - 1st Lt Eubanks
ORSD CANB Ammo Container - C. Perez

Division Troops
2 Platoons of Mech Eng.
2 platoons of eng.
Battery of 105mm+ (6 guns)
3 81mm mortars sections
3 120mm mortars sections
M113A3 Mech Company

S. Dunlap of CTPJ ETB looked at the walls of the ravine that his MRV was speeding down. He had no idea where the enemy was, but they knew that he was headed towards them at a cautiously as they could at high speed. The other forward elements were spread out behind him. “How’d I end up in front?” he wondered. Secretly he knew it was because he felt this mission was important. The enemy was stockpiling biological weapons in this fortified desert and he was determined to make sure that they were never used to hurt his family.

S. Leonard of BTSC AOP looked through his binoculars in all directions. In the North he could see where the southern platoon of AB was positioned. To the South, he couldn’t see the main attack force moving through the ravine, but he could see their destination clearly. He made radioed in for smoke in a few minutes to cover their assault of the suspected mine belt at the neck of the ravine. Further south he could see the forces that would be supporting them moving through the smoke screen. Good. Things were going according to plan. He looked back towards the direction 2nd Lt. Atkins flew off, leaving him on this hill. He was moving into position when he saw Atkins go evasive as he took fire, but at the time he was unable to see the shooter. After conferring with Atkin, Leonard plotted fire on some likely spots. He was going to need to get his ranges figured out, but at least he had incoming mail he could adjust. He settled down, his partner scanning the north, he the south. Where was the enemy?

1st Lt. Thornson of CTAK ABA sat in his Abram and waited. He could se the advance units unloading to being searching for the minefield that was expected. Several units had come under fire, but the enemy hadn’t been spotted yet. His platoon, all good men were currently looking over the area that their troops would be probing. Hopefully, his men would be able to spot and neutralize any threat to the engineers and then they would blast through the gap in the mines. That was the idea anyway. They would just have to see how it went.

1st Lt. Burr of CTEO AEA had been searching the desert when he got a frantic call from 2nd Lt. Lester. C. Martinez and his group of engineers had come under small arms fire from three platoons worth of troops NW of his position. After the initial shook had worn off, Martinez had spotted the enemy and was requesting additional firepower. Several APCs were in the process of sweeping the entrenched infantry with HMG fire when Burr sighted the troops and ordered his gunner to open fire. They put a spread of 120mm and HMG rounds into the trenches and were pleased when they had the first confirmed kill of the engagement. Burr congratulated his crew and then ordered them into the smoke that was hiding the six platoons of engineers and pioneers from the enemy’s weapons. He knew that they were going to need some heavy support if they were going to get through this.

1st Lt. Mathis of CTEN AEA looked out over the large depression that that lay before him. They had just come through the ravine that seemed to shield them from enemy eyes and now looked out over this large pit that they would need to skirt in order to reach the first check point. As division’s M1132 ESV pulled up near him, he noticed the difference between its bulldozer blade and the mine plow that his Abram sported. It was their job to clear the anticipated obstacles as quickly as possible and make a hole for the rest of the battalion to pour through. However, there wasn’t any work for them to do yet. The analysis boys had predicted mines at the entrance of the ravine they had just passed through, but there had been none. Now Mathis and his partner were riding point, on the look out for enemy forces both above ground and in it. Suddenly the noise of small caliber shells bouncing off of armor sounded to his left. The ESV was taking fire. Looking to their sensors, his crew was able to find it. A SPAA gun to the north west. They weren’t moving very fast so he lined up the barrel and let fly. The first shell missed, but the second found the mark. Satisfied, he smiled, but inwardly he was still worried. Where were those mines?!

S. Willis CTAL ABD pulled through the ravine at near 20 mph, moving his Abram up to support the units that had broken out into the wide depression code named the PIT. As he came close to level with the lead ENG Abrams, the one on his left belched fire and Willis’ staff told him that there were several SPAA ZSU-23-V4s spotted to the NW. It as he prepared to offer assistance, the radio announced that two Zeus were down but that there was one still tracking. Willis lined up and let fly. He grinned in satisfaction when it the confirmations of a kill came in.

2nd Lt. Damato’s of BHAH B radio buzzed in his warbird. The southern flank needed help uprooting some entrenched infantry that was impeding their progress. He angled south and began moving at high speed through the system of ravines that should hide him from eyes with AA guns. He drew fire once as he crossed a large, shallow depression where he could see friendly APCs moving across at high speed, but it was wide to his left. He nosed down and moved closer to the western wall, masking his Blackhawk from fire in that direction. Following the depression further south, he popped over the lip, and could see the southern flank. The airman on one of the 7.62 miniguns cried out as he heard the passage of shells, but none hit. All of the sudden, a sharp wind came up and hit the side of the warbird hard, Damato fought the stick but he was blown westward. He could see the burst of fire from a location about couple of KM out and the trenches that he was supposed to help clear a mere 200m ahead of him. Although he couldn’t see the shells flying in his direction, he knew they were there. Finally gaining control of the chopper, he wiggled the bird, allowing his gunners to give the infantry in the trenches two long burst, as well as avoiding incoming AA fire. He called in the position of the SPAA gun and was pleased to see it explode a few second later, the victim of an excellent Abram gunner. Focusing, he fired his rockets and 30mm chain gun at the infantry in the trench, hoping that they would be too busy ducking to fire back with small arms. He heard a gunner call in fire from 11 o’clock, but couldn’t see anything yet. The next few minutes, if they lasted that long, would be interesting.

C. Shockley of CTEN AEB was at the lowest of lows, literally, he was in the bottom of the PIT. Leading the advance he was moving his engineer Abram as carefully as he could across the desert, looking for mines. He was so focused on his task that when it was sounded that they had found a patch of mines, he let out a breath of relieve. Not something associated with finding a mindfield. He called it in and soon his CO, Lt. Mathis was to his left. The trouble started when the engineers began moving up. When the first platoon unloaded behind him, his radio came to life with fire reports. It looks like the enemy infantry had been found, but not seen yet. While he and his men began the task of removing the mines, he heard shots to his rear as the Abrams of 1st Lt. Pucket opened up on tarkets located to the NW. Down in the depression, Shockley couldn’t see anything. He and his crew just focused on the task at hand, clearing the mine field for the invasion.

(The details of the battle are attached in a word document. More on deployment, planning and everything that happened not mentioned in the dramatization).
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Default Re: War of Final Resolution

Turn’s Story
1st Lt. Burr’s ears were still ringing. He and C. Lindsey were moving out to make sure that the path was clear for the infantry coming behind when his tank had rounded the spar of a hill and the mother of all “CLANG”s hit the tank. They had lost two machine guns, but the otherwise everyone was fine. They beat a hasty retreat back behind the hill and he had radioed 2nd Lt. McGraw of CTRA SCA to have a look at the area where the shot come from. McGraw and his partner where preparing to go over the hill soon to take a look, but until then. Burr’s ears still hurt. As near as they could make out, it was a heavy AFV that had hit them, but with everything ringing and slightly disoriented, they didn’t get the guy’s license plate.

Afghan Turn 7
82mm mortar missing Sflank. Smoke to soutn
Tribal at CTI ASA – D

Turn 8

MECH AUX and MC moved successfully. CTAL established overwatch in PIT and Alpha. CTAK moving though ravine with MECH AUX. MECH MC holding back in case artillery is called in on ravine. Engineers positioned in pit to clear mines

AUX Stryker fires at crew at 350m – m, m, m
CTAL ABC fires at crew at 250m – m, m

Stryker at tribal at 250m – m, m, m, m
Stryker at triabl at 300m – m, m

CTEO AEA took fire from t-62 from 700m sse of (65,146) – 3 (lost 50cal and 30cal MG)
Tribal at pioneers at 250m, 300m, 350m -ND, ND, ND
Spotted new tribal at (70,150).
CTRA BDB at tribal at 450m – nd, nd
CTRA BDB at tribal at 450m – Nd, nd
CTRA BDC at tribal at 450m – nd, nd
Tribal at pioneer at 400m and 350m and 400m. – Nd,nd,nd
Stryker at tribal at 400m – nd,nd, nd

SFlank will move into ravine to the in SE corner of PIT to assist Breach. South flank not in good standing. CTRA will remain on overwatch of S flank to insure units don’t double back.

BHAH A moved to support SFlank
BHAH B moved to support breach
BTSC AHB moved to overwatch Sflank

RC Moved successfully


Afghan turn 8

82mm on Sflank
CTENAEB clears path through mines
Triabl at M113A3 at 500m ND, SPOTTED
M113 at tribal at 500m, 800m – nd
CTAL ABB at 600m – 1
Multiple M113 at tribal – ND

Good smoke on Sflank

What needs to be done

SFlank needs move and suppress tribal (or visa versa) and prepar to join Breach via ravine.

Breach needs to contine artillery on slopes west and nw of engineers. Also, move up additional eng assests. (ESVS)

CTRA SCA position to view possible t-62s. at ~(67,160)

(Another note, the reason I take the kinds of notes I do is because i never know when I'm going to get back to this game. It's the only way I can pick it up after days of work and make sure I'm not missing something. Although that's prone to happen as well. Yes there is the replay button, but I need reminders as to what happened, why and how I'm going to proceed.)
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Default Re: War of Final Resolution

Turn’s Story

Lt. Burr watched as the Strykers moved past his position. His ears were still ringing from the shell they had taken. With the concussion damage to the loader and the state of the crew, reaction time was done, so he held their fire, forcing himself to delegate to Lindsey. The Strykers were carrying the infantry into the safety of the ravine located to the south of the PIT. The problem was that the ravine wasn’t as safe as they first thought. The first men to unload (so the APC could come back for the others) came under fire from more small arms. Lindsey successfully spotted the offending troops a mere 100m from Burr’s tank. The second APC into the ravine poped smoke to cover the men unloading. The third platoon took fire from a MMG pit to the west. Lindsey opened up on it, but was unable to destroy it. Burr called in smoke and Heavy artillery on it’s position and Lt. McGee of AOPB obliged, calling back the confirmation. At about that time Burr received a call from Corporal Willis is CTRA BDC saying that the MMG pit was neutralized. Glancing over at the smoking pit, Burr listened as Willis reported, “The first missile detonated near by, but the second tow took it out.” Burr replied, “Corporal, it’s not good to shoot at crows with a cannon, but this time, I think I’ll let it go.” “Thank you, Sir,” Willis responded, “In such cases I believe in Rule 37 ‘There is no overkill. Only ‘Open fire!’ and ‘Time to reload!’” Burr smiled and called McGree back to cancel the heavy guns.

[Rule 37 from Schlock Mercenary by Howard Tayler]

(Nov. 22, 2010)

All engineer assets moved to Breach at (58, 125) and surrounding hexes. Should have 150m hole opened by end of turn.

Stryker at trbal (57,117) at 400m – ND, ND, ND

Tribal at Stryker (62,123) at 400m – M
First MECH (AUX) platoon positioned in Breach. Second not far behind.

CTAL ABB at tribal at 600m – nd, nd

CTAL ABB and CTAL ABC posited to assist Breach, CTAL ABA and ABD overwatch.

CTAK posited in overwatch. Will remain here for one turn before moving into breach.

BTSC AOP plotted Bombardment around Rim of PIT in preparation of Breakout.

CTEO AEB at Tribal (70,150) at 400m – ND, ND

CTRA BDB at tribal at 450m – ND, 1
CTRA BDB at tribal at 450m – ND, ND
CTRA BDB at Tribal at 550m - ND, ND

Moving Strykers with SFlank eng to ravine in order to ratrieve other units in following turns.

Tribal (2) at Pioneers ~500m – ND, ND
Stryker PS
Sandbag MMG at Assult ENG from 250m – 1
Stryker PS
Returned fired at 300m – ND, ND

AOPB plotted CM and Smoke on Sandbag MMG. And Smoke to east of ravine to PIT. (CM Canceled)

CTPE ETA at tribal from 300m – nd, nd
CTPE ETB at tribal from 300m – nd, nd
CTRA BDC at Sandbag from 900m – nd, D

ZSU at BTSC AHB ~ 2000m – M

Moved MC & RC successfully. Will begin ferrying back M113s as soon as MECH AUX begins to unload.

Needs to be done

Consider moving two platoon AB south to support Breach. Leave one as over watch with CTAL RAB for support.


Suppress Tribal on SFlank and move SFlank units into PIT to support Breach.

Overwatch, overwatch, overwatch.


Afhgan turn 9
82mm on Breach
76mm on Sfalnk
CTPJ clears path
ESC clears path.
Strealla t APAH A – M
Trabla at M113 at 500m ND
CTAL at triabl – ND
Tribal at Assualt eng – ND
CTPJ ETB at triabl – ND
CTAK, CTAL, at tirabl – ND

Smoke good. Bombardment good.
CTRA BDB at tribal a 500m – ND, ND
CTRA BDB at triabl – 3
CTRA DBD at tribal – 1
Pioneer at tribal – 1
Assault at tribal 1
CTESD at tribal – 1
Assault at tribal – D
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Default Re: War of Final Resolution

Still plugging away at this.

Turn’s Story
2nd. Lt. McGee of AOPB heard the radio buzz again and again. It appears that someone was taking pretty serious pot shots at the Attack birds. After listening for a moment and scanning the horizon west of him, he got on the horn himself. “Major Fox”, he said “I’ve got eyes on the MANPADs. They are entrenched West North West of my position about 1.5 klicks.” The reply came back. “Confirmed 2nd Lt.. Forcast calls for light to heavy showers. Arrange it would you.” McGee targeted the troops with a weapon that he didn’t have and make the appropriate calculations. Next he called 2nd Lt. Coolidge of CTMS MRA 120, 1st. Lt. Miller of AOMB A 105(3), and 1st. Lt. Philllips of Divisions 81mm Mortar and told them where to target. He then asked S. Bell of Disions 120mm Mortar and told him to adjust a little SW of his current plotting. Then he put radioed 2nd Lt. Fowler of AOMB B 105(3) and asked for a smoke screen to be put right on top of those shoulder launchers. He radioed Major Fox again. “Light to heavy showers arranged and expected.” He then gave him the ETA of Steel Rain. “Good work, Lt.” Fox replied. McGree sat back with satisfaction. Almost exactly 1.5 Klicks north of him, Fox’s driver stopped the Abram on the east side of the pit. Fox could see the smoke from the Strela launchers in the distance. He intended to watch this show personally. Before and beneath him, almost a full two companies of troops and equipment prepared to charge right into the face of the enemy. The mine belt had been breached and 1st Lt. Mathis prepared to lead the charge into the first of the enemy’s camps. They would charge after the first storm front of Steel rain fell. It seamed almost quiet with anticipation. Fox sighted his weapons and ordered all men on full alert.

Dec 12

CTAK ABB at tribal at 600m – ND, ND
CTAL ABA at strela (43,135) at 1300 – ND, ND
CTAL ABB at tribal at 450m – ND, ND
Assault at Tribal 300m – ND
Tribal return at Assault – ND
AGS Ahu (63, 110) at Stryker at 700m – ND
CTAK ABA returns on AGS at 1000m – D
CTAK ABC at tribal 550m – ND, ND
Stryker at tribal 850m – nd, nd, nd

CTEN Moved into forfront of Breach. BA (MECH) Platoon in position to exploit. CTPL right behind with AZ (MECH) Platoon right behind. CTPK overwatch. BB (MECH) reserve. All other eng assets widing breach.

APAH A at Strela 2150m – nd

Streall at BHAH B – M SPOTTED (47, 132)
Strela at BHAH B – M SPOTTED (48, 133)
Strela at BHAH B – M (Miss Click)
Artillary plotted on Strela group near ALPHA (105mm, 81mm and 120mm Smoke also plotted.)

BHAH A at tribal 200m – 1, 1
BHAH A at tribal 200m – nd, nd, nd

DSK HMG at BTSC SN at 1300m – ND
BTSC SN at tribal at 150m – 1
DSK HMG returns at 1300m – ND SPOTTED (58, 152)
CTEO AEB at DShK HMG 650m – 1, nd
STSC SN at Tribal 150m – nd, nd.
CTRA BDC at triabl 50m – 1
CTRA BDC at tribal 50m – 1
DShk HMG at CTRA LMGB 110m – ND
CTRA BDC at DShk HMG 1100m – ND
CTRA LMGB at tribal 50m – 1
DShK returns – ND (rallied)
CTRA LMGB at tribal 50m – 2
DShK returns – ND
CTRA SCC at tribal 100m – nd, D
CTRA SCC at tribal 100m – ND.
CTRA BDB at tribal 50m – ND, D
CTRA BDB at strela 1400m – nd, nd

(MISS CLICK) tribal assaults CTEO AEA – ND CTEO AEB returns at 350m – ND.

S Flank Loaded and moving towards breach. Almost all units evac.

2 Strela at BHAH B – ND, ND
Strela at BHAHB – ND SPOTTED (43, 130)

CTHQ moved up to overwatch Strela park (area around ALPHA). MC moved up into RAVINE for reserve.

RC moved up and reforming ranks in anticipation of pick up.

SAMA moved up into overwatch of RC

Afghan turn 10
82mm on SFlank, BREACH and reserve. 76m.. and 122mm on Breach. 76mm on Resere.
Lots of other stuff else where. CTPJ lears path

Artillary not bad on ALPHA
Could have been better.

Needs to be done.

Adjust fire to fore and flanks of advancing units (AOPB and BTSC AOP and CTHQ).
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Default Re: War of Final Resolution

Back to the fray!

Turns Story
Corporal Shockley or CTEN AEB watched as men and AFVs swarmed around his position. He was right at the edge of the PIT looking across the desert towards ALPHA, the first cluster of suspected arms caches. His IR let him see though the smoke that was billowing. He could see the MANPADs, unable to get a lock on the two birds hovering 50m behind him because they were too close. He could see the RPG team that had supprised one of the MECH squad franticly scrabbling, not sure whether to go or stay and fight. The LMG team that had taken out Platoon BA’s sniper and chopped the MMG team back was due east of him on the hill. He heard the chatter as McGee of AOPB replotted the steel rain that would advance with them. The noise of gunfire was load despite the thick armor. This was it! He was in the middle of driving wedge that would split this Afghan dessert fortress and he was proud to be there. He heard Lt. Burr of CTEO AEA call out that the Southern Flank engineers were evacuated to the south side of the PIT. There was still a platoon of Bradleys from CTRA there to support Burr’s damanged tank and CTEO AEB. They had eyes on the Clanker that Rattled Burr’s ride. Shockley smiled as he remember taking the shot that impacted on the Afghan tanker. It didn’t take it out, but the crew had to be as rattled at Burr’s was. Peering out of the scope, Shockley kept his eyes peeled and his ear open to any command from Fox and told his driver to move forward.

Jan 31, 2011
CTEN AEB at T-62E Brezhnev at 1750m - M, M, H
Tribal at MECH at 250m – 1
CTEN AEB at tribal 300m – 1
Tribal at CTEN AEB at 300m – ND
CTAL ABD at tribal at 200m – ND
Strella at MECH at 350 – ND
RPG 7V at MECH at 200m – ND
CTEN AEA at RPG at 250 m – ND
RPG returns – M
CTEN AEA returns – ND
RPG returns – M
LMG at MECH at 350m – ND
INF at CTAL ABC at 150m – ND
Stryker returns at 550m – ND, ND, ND
Assault eng at INF at 200m – 1
Again at 100m – 1, ND
CTAL ABC at BTR 60PB at 200m – D
MECH at RPG at 200m – 1
Strela returns at 350m – ND
Strela t a400 and 200m – Snipter D LMG at 300m 3, 1
CTEN AEA returns at LMG at 300 – ND
ESV at Strela at 250m – ND
CTAL ABC at Streala at 600m – M, ND
CTAL ABB at RPG 350m – ND, ND
CTAK ABA at LMG at 1200m – ND, ND
ZSU at APAH A at 950 and 1050m – M, M
APAH A at Strela at 700m – ND
Zsu returns at 1050 m – M
APAH A at ZSU at 950m – H, D
ZAU at APAH at 1050m – M
APAH A Returns at 1050m – M
ZSU returns – M
APAH a returns – H
Strela at BHAH B – M
BHAH B at LMG at 350m – ND, ND
Artillary reploted around breach.

Assault ENG casualty from mine at (57,134).
CTPI ETB at Strela at 450m – ND, ND
CTEO AEB at Tribal at 350m – 1, 1, ND
CTRA BDB at Tribal at 500m – ND, ND,
CTRA BDC at tribal at 500m – ND, 1
BHAH A at tribal at 250m – ND, ND,

S Flank evac. Remain forces holding against possible threat. APAH B moved south to take out T-62 if needed.

Ranger moved up. MC moved up as well. Hopefully out of artillery placement.


Afghan turn 11.
82mm on MC
122 just west of reserve 76mm on forward MC
Other on 2nd road north of pit.
INF at CTAL ABB at 100m – ND
CTAL ABC at inf at 150m – nd
CTAL ABD at IN Fat 300 m – ND
BHAH B and APAH A at inf at 250m – ND
Strela at MECH – M
CTAL at Streal – ND
APAH A and ABAH B at streala – ND
APAH at LMG – 1
BHAH at LMG – nd
Triabla at M113A3 – ND, M
MOTOR at CTAL ABB at 250 – ND
SPOTTED NW of breath
Multiple attackes on LMG – ND
Bombardment on APLHA
Passing. Direct more NW

Need to do
Support Right flank of Breach. Enemy units incoming.

Shift bombardment

Get MC through and establish beachhead on west side of PIT

Clear out Strelas to give APAH, BHAH and AC room to move.

Consider packing up Airborne.
Move S. Units along to support S. Flank of PIT.
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Howard Tayer
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Played two turns since I last posted.

1st Lt. Walker of MCPD MRA was more than a little uptight. It began when the artillery barrage dumped on them blew one of the tracks off their ride. S. Kingsley of MCPD TA was not happy either. He and his gunner were trying to ascertain the damage. All the while Walker could hear the sounds of battle around him: the Abrams of CTAK firing in support of the troops on the other side of the PIT, the radio buzzed with constant commands from Major Fox, whose tank was parked a mere 200m NE of them, and the swearing of the men as they tried to come to terms with their damaged ride. Just then Kingsley shouted back, “I’ve got a S. Perez of one of Divisional MECH ENG platoons here. Says that he’d be happy to give you a ride. He’s been playing ferry this whole time and would love to take combat troops.” Walked didn’t need to think twice. “Alright squad, let’s move!” They bailed out under fire from Afghan units to the NW. His men kept to cover and moved fast, making poor targets for the enemy. He heard small arms fire and saw a couple of misses with what could have been medium caliber AGLs, but didn’t stop to see. His men dove into the back of the M1126 Styker even as they heard rounds bouncing off of the armor. There wasn’t as much room in here as in their M113A3 Slat, but as Perez gunned the engine and they moved out, Walker could tell this think could move. He used the radio in the Stryker to tell the rest of his platoon to follow Perez into the PIT. As they left they could hear Kingsley’s gunner open up on the units that were firing on them. The enemy was so well dug in, Walker doubted it would do anything, but hey, Kingsley’s man might get lucky. As they descended into the PIT with the rest of the Platoon close behind them, Walker thought about what awaited them when they would stop.

1st Lt. Perez of BHAH A looked over the smoke covered battleground. They had made significant progress in the last few minutes. The divisional MECH troops had moved through the softened Afghan troops with little difficulty. While new troops would pop out of the smoke, they were dealt with in good order from CTAL and CTAK units, as well as Perez and Damato in their Blackhawk attack choppers. Even McGraw and Turner in the Apaches were able to make good use of their 30mms. The only danger at this point was enemy artillery. Those ground troops better keep moving or they were going to get hit. Perez heard his co-pilot inform him that units of MC were moving up to begin the final push. He rechecked his ammo loads and prepared to support anybody that needed it.

APAH A at ZSU at 1100m – D
APAH A at T-62 at 1750m – D
BHAH B at LMG at 350m – ND, 1, ND
CTAL ABB at inf at 100m – ND, 3,
CTAL ABB at inf at 250m – ND
Motor at pioneers at 400m – ND
Assault at INf at 100m – 1
Inf returns at 50m – 1
Assault returns at 50m – 1
Assault at inf at 50m – 1, 1
CTAL ABC at motor at 350m – 1
Tribal returns at 350m – m
CTAL ABC at motor at 350m – ND
Tribal returns at 350m – M
CTAL ABC returns – ND
Tribal returns – M
CTAL ABC returns – 1
Tribal returns –M
CTEN AEA at RPG at 250m – ND, D
CTEN AEA at Tribal at 250m – ND, 1
CTAL ABD at strela at 300m - ND
CTAL ABD at Tribal at 200m – 1, 2
CTAL ABD at lmg at 300m – ND
Motor at ctenaeb at 350m – ND
CTAL ABB at Motor at 250m – ND
BHAH B at motor at 400m – 2, ND
Motor at Pioneers at 200m – 1
HMG at pioneers at 750m – m
Pioneers at inf at 50m – 2
Pioneers at inf at 50m – nd
Pioneers at inf at 50m – D
M113A3 at LMG at 300m – ND, ND, ND
STreal at MECH at 150m – ND
MECH returns at 150m – ND
Strela returns – ND
MECH returns – D
ESV at LMG at 150m – ND, ND, ND,
LMG returns at 50m – 2 (to passanders)
Pioneers returns at 50m – 1
INF at MECH at 150m – ND
Strela t MECH at 150m – ND
MMG at Tribal at 200m – ND
APAH A z fire on suspected INF – 3 rounds
CTEN AEB z fire on suspected INF – 1 round
Motor returns at 350m – m
CTEN AEB at INF at 300m – ND, ND
CTAK ABA at INF at 1100 m – ND, ND, ND
CTAK ABB at tribal at 600m – ND, ND, ND
MECH at tribal at 300m – ND, ND, ND
MECH at tribal at 100m – ND
ZSU at BTSC AHB at 2500m – M
BTSC AHB moved up to support ASSAULT
MECH at Tribal at 50m – 1
Heavy militia at MECH at 100m – 2 SPOTTED
BHAH A at Heavy militia at 350m – 1, ND
MECH at Heavy Militia at 100 – ND
Heavey returns – M
MECH returns – 1
BTSC AHB at Motor at 1500m – ND, ND
HMG at MECH at 1400m – ND
Tribal at MCPD MRA at 600m – ND
AHU at 950m – ND
AHU at Stryker at 950m – ND
AHU at MCPD TC at 900m – ND
CTHQ at Ahu at 950m – M, D
MCPD TA at tribal at 600m – ND, ND
Moved RC
MECH Transports moving back to pick up RC
ABPR and ABPS loading up preparing to move south.
CTRB BHB moving south to cover hill vacated by ABPS. CTRB will remain in north to support ABPQ in event of counter attack. AOPA repositioning to over look ABPQ in case of needed evac.

S Flank moved. CTRA maintaining presence to oversee.
CTEO moving to assist in mine clearing and support

Artillary reploted around ASSAULT, Smoke in the north. MC moved into BREACH along with CTAK ABD and CTAK ABC. Other AFVs of CTAK overwatch on East side of Pit. CTHQ and CTST BRAD overwatch as well.
MECH AZ platoon moved to base of TURRENT. MECH BB Platoon still loaded preparing to move out. CTAL and CTEN forming primiter at overwatch. APAH B moved into south side of PIT to overwatch. BHAH A moved to pair with BHAH B in support.

Need to do
Secture base of TURRENT and begin move towards Alpha.

Position MECH in defensive perimeter around Turret

Prepare to advance through ALPHA with MC in lead.

Bring in ABPR and ABPS in for reserve

Ferry RC forward

SF Engineers prepare to assist in Mine Clearing efforts and push through ALPHA

Replot Artillery in to secure Alpha.

Possible counter battery on known enemy guns.

Afghan turn 12
Bombadment on SF 82mm
Triba at MCPD TB at 350m – ND
Motor at MECH – ND

Not bad. Pretty much on mark. Smoke good on north side.

CTRA BDB at inf at 250m – 1

TURN 13 – Feb 7, 2011
Tribal at CTEN AEB at 100m – ND
CTEN AEB returns – D
INF at CTEN AEB at 150m – ND
CTEN at DShK HMG at 100m – 1, 1
CTAL ABD at Heavy Militia at 300m – ND, 1, 1
CTAL ABA at LMG at 400m – 1
Militia at MECH at 50m – 1
MECH returns – 1, D
CTAL ABB at motor at 250m – 1, ND
BHAH B at Motor at 400m – 1, 1
MECH at LMG at 150m – D
CTAL ABA at INF at 300m – 1, 1
BHAH A at INF at 350m – ND, ND,
Scouts at MECH at 100m – 1
Streala at MECH at 150m – ND
Tribal at MECH – ND
ESV at Scouts at 150m – ND
BHAH A at Scouts at 250m – ND, ND
CTEN AEA at tribal at 300m – 1, 2
MECH at Scouts at 100m – 1
Scouts return – ND
MECH returns – ND
Scouts return – ND
MECH at Sconts at 150m – 1, D
PKM MMG at MECH at 200m – ND
CTAL ABA at PKM MMG at 350m – ND, ND
APAH B at PKM MMG at 950m – 1, 1
MECH at DShK HMG at 100m – ND
MECH at INF at 150m – ND
BHAH A at Strela at 550m – ND
Pioneers at Motor at 200m – D
Strela at MMG at 100m – D
M113A3 at strela at 100m – 1,
Strela at M113 at 50m – M
M113 returns – ND, ND
MECH at Strela at 50m – D
Strela at M113 – ND
M113 returns – 1 (1)
M113 Z fires – 3 rounds
Tribal firs at MECH at 200m – ND
CTEN AEA at tribal at 250m – ND, ND
MECH at Tribal at 50m – 2
Tribal returns at 200m – ND
MECH returns at 200m – 1
Tribal returns – ND
Strela at MECH at 200m – ND
INF at MECH at 250m – ND
BHAH B at INF at 650m – ND, 1
CTAL ABD at INF at 450m – 1
MECH AT DShK HMG at 50m – 4
Strla returns at 250m – ND
MECH at INF at 50m – 2
Strela returns – ND
M113 at PKM MMG at 100m – ND, ND, ND
Sniper at PKM MMG at 100m – ND, ND, 1
MMG at HMG at 50m – D
MMG at INF at 50m – ND
Pioneers at INF at 100m – ND, 1
CTEO AEB at Motor at 800m – ND, ND, ND
CTAL ABC at Motor at 200m – 1, 1
CTAL ABB at Motor at 250m – ND, ND
Stryker at inf at 50m –D
MCPD TA at Tribal at 650m – ND, ND, ND, ND, ND
CTHQ at INF at 1600m – 1
CTHQ at Motor at 850m – ND
CTAK ABB at Tribal at 600m – ND, ND
CTST BRAD at Tribal at 1450m – ND, ND, ND
CTAK ABA at Tribal at 1350m – ND, ND

RC moved
MECH M113s moving rear to pick up RC (2 platoons)

MCPD moved to support north flank of ASSAULT and secure TURRENT
MCPC moved to support south Flank of ASSAULT and secure ALPHA
MCPE in reserve

S Flank moving to support South flank of ASSAULT. 4 ENG loaded in Strykers
Artillary replotted.

ABPS moved south to support Assault

ORSB resupply mortors
ORSA resupply Paladins
ORSC moving into RAVINE to support Assault

Keep moving to avoid Artillary

Move through ALPHA with MECH a MC

S Flank secure Flank
Beware of mines

Soften North Assault and secure TURRENT

ID what CT units need resupply

Afghan turn 13
82mm on SF and rear units 122mm on rear RC
82mm South of SF. 122 on prvious SF
Clearing mines E of Alpha
Strela t MECH
Strela at MECH
Tribal at MECH – ND
Mech at tribal at 200m – ND
Tribal at MECH – ND
CTEN at tribal – ND
Tribal at meck – nd
INF at M113 – ND
CTEN at inf – 1, CTAL Abb at inf – 1,
Pionners at MMG – D
Strela at mech – ND
Tribal at MECH – ND

Bombard – GREAT PLACEMENT. They’ll be running now.
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Default Re: War of Final Resolution

I love your passion. A few armored humvees around a flank usually takes care of any artillery within the first ten turns. It also helps me to use Z-fire on hills and rough hexes if you have any shots left over at the end of a move.
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