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Old December 3rd, 2013, 06:32 AM
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Default A bit of nostalgia

For those of you that don't try out the different sides being having fun with Argentina vs Chile.
Default maps for the paring throw up enough armour friendly terrain to make playing about with tanks feasible.
Started in the 70s with Shermans, Chaffees & infantry riding about in M3 Halftracks & they are still on the battlefield in the mid 90s though there have been a few upgrades.

Sherman with a giro, 20 fire control & a laser rangefinder anyone!!

Guns have been beefed up but armour hasn't so you have armoured cars, RCL armed halftracks, light & medium tanks all running around & all capable of killing each other.
Beware of the long range kill penetration is often 3x the armour rating, ohh & beware
of infantry if they have RPGs a whiff of them & your tanks toast so do not go into the jungle with your armour.
In fact be careful going into jungle vs the Argies just in case there is a Jungle Company in there. They may not carry RPGs but they get a morale & experience boost & shotguns to play with.

Its a different prospect entirely to playing with your WW3 candidates & fairly well balanced sides in terms of equipment & troop quality. Keeping your armour alive can be a real challenge at times.
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