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Old March 2nd, 2005, 10:56 AM
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Default New PBW Game: Power Game V: A Fool 4 Trek

Power Game V: A Fool 4 Trek

From the original game: We've all done it at least once, set up a game with 5000 racial points and other settings just to kick the crap out of the AI. But how well would you fare against other human players that have done the same thing?

Aprilís game will be using one of the best mods ever made, the Star Trek Mod! Yup, Atrocitiesí baby is about to be power gamed! Weíll use whatever version happens to be current at game start, currently

Rules for empire creation:
5000 racial points
You may choose any culture
You may only choose one race tech, but it does not have to match your shipset so you can have Ferengi with Borg tech!
PBW Advanced Research is allowed
Research Boost traits are allowed
Pirate Colony tech is allowed for pirate races only
Warrior Tech is NOT allowed!
No Monster techs allowed
Unlucky/Very Unlucky are allowed, thereíll be no events
You may min/max your characteristics

There will be no: Sabotage, Mines, or Weapons of Mass Destruction
Youíll start with three good homeworlds and 100,000 bonus.

The map will be resource rich, which has become a trademark of the series. The idea behind this is to eliminate economic problems from the equation and allow you to concentrate on other things. This particular game will be using a map that Iíve altered the settings files for but will still be random, so I can play in this one. Size will be dependent upon the number of players but will tend to be large with plenty of breathing room.

The whole idea behind the Power Games is to create games that new players can jump into and have a good time while giving experienced players a change of pace from the average game. The settings I've chosen for these games tend to level the playing field a bit but you still need to be at your best.

Some general rules: Please, no pre-arranged alliances. Make sure you can accept e-mail from gmail (bounced e-mails drive me insane! ) If you miss the first turn you will be kicked from the game. If you miss more than three turns in a row you will be kicked from the game (I would expect the same of any game I'm in, it's only fair to the other players.) If you need an extension of the turn deadline e-mail me, I'm very easy to get along with. Most important - Have a good time!

Iíll be starting this game April 1st so make sure you have your empires in before then.

On to the settings!

Starting resources: 100000
Starting planets: 3
Home planet value: Good
Score display: Own
Technology level: low
Racial points: 5000
Number of players: up to 20
Quadrant type: FQM modified dense paradise
Quadrant size: Depends upon # of players.
Event frequency: None
Event severity: N/A
Technology cost: low
Victory conditions: Last man standing.
Maximum units: 20000
Maximum ships: 20000
Computer players: None
Computer difficulty: High (in case we lose a player)
Computer player bonus: None
Neutral empires: No
Other game settings: As above

This one should be fun so join up!
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