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Old October 1st, 2010, 03:00 AM
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Post Real Time Warfare With The October Monthly Specials!
Press Release Teaser: New Month Means New Specials At The Gamers Front!   

Real Time Warfare With The October Monthly Specials!
New Month Means New Specials At The Gamers Front!

Cary, NC, 01 October 2010

A new month means it is time to kick off the new monthly specials at the Shrapnel Games online store, the Gamers Front. Usually the sale involves two games but this month, because we think you guys and gals are the double rainbow of gamers, we're discounting three games! Even better, two of the three games can be yours for less than the price you paid for last night's dinner.

Our first game on sale is Air Assault Task Force from developer ProSIM. Air Assault Task Force is the flagship title in the latest generation of ProSIM titles, arguably the most realistic simulations of modern warfare commercially available. Which shouldn't be a surprise when you realize that ProSIM also uses their titles for real world training applications with defense departments and military contractors around the globe.

Air Assault Task Force is a "survey" game covering airmobile operations throughout history. There are three campaigns that include Vietnam, Somalia, and the current conflict in Afghanistan. Additionally, there are two mini-campaigns set at the training grounds of the JRTC. Scenarios are playable in any order, meaning you'll never get frustrated with being stuck on a particular mission.

If you're not familiar with the ProSIM family of games and you've always been looking for a real time strategy game that actually lived up to the genre's name, be prepared to experience greatness. Air Assault Task Force uses digital terrain maps to accurately portray the ground you're fighting over. An extensive database of weapon platforms along with outstanding damage modeling makes combat more than just a battle of grinding down arbitrary hit points. Decision point AI with no cheating means every victory will have to be earned.

Air Assault Task Force is available for Windows and is on sale for only $38.95 all month long.

Our second game is also a ProSIM title, Battle Group Commander: Episode One. Battle Group Commander uses the Air Assault Task Force engine (by the way, all current ProSIM titles are fully compatible with previous ProSIM titles and will even upgrade them to the current standards) but instead of airmobile operations it focuses on the British Army battalion-sized formation of armor, infantry, artillery, and other assets called a Battle Group.

In Battle Group Commander players command their British Battle Group against a Soviet-style opposition force on the Salisbury Plain. As an episodic game this does not have the extensive campaigns that Air Assault Task Force has, but with multiple AI battle plans and multi-player support replayabilty is extremely high. Not to mention that the price won't exactly set you back. For all October it's only $11.95!

That's right, for $11.95 you get all the great features of Air Assault Task Force, like real world maps, precise damage modeling, newly retooled munitions models, and more, all in a tasty little package. Battle Group Commander: Episode One is for Windows and is only available as a download.

If you own Air Assault Task Force AND Battle Group Commander: Episode One you can import the British unit database and the battlefield into the former game. So come on, grab them both!

Finally, another independent real time strategy game is on sale, Remote Assault. Unlike Air Assault Task Force and Battle Group Commander, this is a hypothetical, slightly sci-fi game set in the near future. Even still the developer, One Games, has made it a very realistic game.

Remote Assault uses three dimensional terrain and unit graphics for real effect and not just because everyone is doing 3D. Units need true line of sight for targeting. No mysterious fog of wars, if your unit can see the enemy it can spot it and shoot. Speaking of shooting, shells are modeled using ballistic trajectories that even take into account wide resistance.

Units can be ordered at the micro or macro level, allowing a flexible command structure. Damage is done on a per-system basis, meaning it's possible to knock a unit's movement out but it still go on fighting (albeit stuck in one place), or vice-versa.

Remote Assault is on sale all October for the low, low, insanely we must be out of our minds, low price of only $9.95. You read that correctly, we're not missing another digit. $9.95. And it's not even an iPad application, it's a full featured game for Windows!

To make your purchase on any or all of the October monthly specials head on over to the Gamers Front, where they are all collected in a one place for your viewing pleasure.


Of course be sure to stop by www.shrapnelgames.com to view our complete line of award-winning independent games, download demos and free games, our join in the conversation at the forums. It's also the place to hear our latest news, such as the recent announcements of two great looking upcoming games, Bronze and World Supremacy. Read more about them at their respective product pages.

For press related information please contact Scott R. Krol by using the following form: http://www.shrapnelgames.com/forms/c...nel_games.html

To visit our company blog go to: forum.shrapnelgames.com/blog.php
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