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Old December 28th, 2010, 03:48 PM

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Default Balance Mod

This is a mod that makes very few changes in order to make the game more balanced.

The changes in it-----

-Fighters have land attack reduced to 20%
-Attack subs have surface attack increased to 350%
-Destroyers have underwater attack increased to 180%
-ASW Helicopters have their underwater attack increased to 160%
-Transports have their HP reduced to 120 at leve1/170 at level 2/220 at level 3.

Using the max damage a unit can do these changes accomplish the following. An attack sub can kill a transport in one attack. A destroyer can kill an attack sub in one hit. An attack sub can ALMOST kill a destroyer in one hit. An ASW heli can kill a sub in one hit. And most important,....fighters arent as effective against ground forces.

Unzip the file and place the entire folder (titled Basic Balanced) into the GameTypes folder. Which is located in the World Supremacy folder.

I have played with the mod just enough to know that the changes give the desired results........however, I have not had time to judge how the AI handles the changes. In the test games I played the AI actually seemed to be doing just fine. Regardless,......any comments, criticisms, suggestions,...etc are welcome and encouraged.

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