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Old January 16th, 2010, 06:56 PM
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Default Suhiir's Revised USMC OOB #13

Believe it or not I've FINALLY gotten my OOB #13 (USMC) rebuild done!!!
((You may now applaud, or feint in shock.))
Now for the mandatory disclaimers.

This OOB will not - WILL NOT - work with the WinSPMBT picklists.
For those of you that are not technophiles, that means the game AI will not be able to buy forces if this OOB is installed. I was unable to utilize the existing game formations and built new ones from scratch. I think (hope) I avoided moving a few mandatory formation number formations so picklists can eventually be created for this OOB.
You can however manually purchase units/formations as normal.

This OOB should be compatible with any official WinSPMBT scenario/campaign.
It will probably work with any player created scenarios as well - no guarantee.
For those that are interested here's some explanation of what I did to the OOB and why.
First why.
The current OOB in WinSPMBT does a pretty darn good job of presenting the administrative organization of the U.S. Marine Corps. It requires the use of the game editor to create the actual combat organization of the USMC.
Unlike most of the worlds military forces the USMC is organized as building blocks.
The USMC always (99% of the time) task organizes combat units based on mission and opposition.
Each Rifle Company has a Weapons Platoon with light mortars, light anti-tank weapons, and medium machineguns. This organization that makes training, maintenance, and administration easier and presumably more efficient. This Weapons Platoon would never, under any but the most unusual circumstances be committed to combat.
Instead the light mortars are generally retained under central control by the company commander and used to support the companies Rifle Platoons as needed.
The light anti-tank weapons (bazookas, SMAWS) are attached to the Rifle Platoon (usually 2 teams each). Sometimes a given platoon will have three, or one, teams if the position they hold or their mission requires more, or less, anti-tank support.
The medium machineguns are attached to the Rifle Platoons the same way.
This company level cross-attachment is generally reflected in the current game OOB.
However - each Infantry Battalion has a Weapons Company with medium mortars, ATGM's, heavy machineguns/AGLs, and snipers. These are also attached, in ones, twos, whatevers, to the Rifle Companies as needed (with the mortars usually retained under central control by the battalion).
In the current OOB you can sometimes purchase these units in ones and twos and cross attach them, however in some cases you can only purchase whole platoons or sections. This means you either do without some weapons or wind up with far more then you should have.
In my OOB revision you'll find several alternate formations formations for the basic building block of the USMC - the Rifle Company.
Rifle Co(-) : Bare bones with zero weapons attachments.
Rifle Company : Includes all standard attachments NOT including forward observers and MPADs.
The MMGs are combined with the Platoon HQ into a two-gun "Marine Spt Sec".
Rifle Co(+) : This is the real combat organization of the USMC. With a forward observer, MPAD, Platoon HQ, MMGs in separate teams, and designated marksmen (since 2001).
Rifle Co [M] : Motorized Rifle Company (trucks).
Rifle Co(+)[M] : Motorized, fully cross-attached, Rifle Company (trucks).
Mech Rifle Co : Mechanized Rifle Company (LVTs).
Mech Rifle Co+ : Mechanized, fully-cross-attached, Rifle Company (LVTs).
Rifle Co [H] : Heliborne, fully cross-attached, Rifle Company (normally one company per battalion is air mobile).
SOC Rifle Co : Special Operations Capable Rifle Company (less AT weapons, more marksmen/snipers, mounted in Cougar MRAPs).
CJTF Rifle Co : Similar to the SOC Rifle Co with one SOC Rifle Plt replaced with a Mech Rifle Plt (normal AT weapons, less marksmen/snipers).
Rifle Plt (FT) : Fully cross-attached Rifle Platoon with the Rifle Squads broken down into Fire Teams.
Rifle Co (+Spt) : Fully cross-attached Rifle Company with it's "share" of higher headquarters attachments.
Normally the USMC creates its independent combat units at Battalion level, this is the sort of unit that was deployed as independent companies at fire bases in Vietnam.

In a few (OK, more then a few) cases I ran into the ten sub-unit limit in the WinSPMBT editor and did the best I could with compromises.

All you need to add is battalion mortars (81s), artillery, armor, scout and attack helos, and air support and you have combat organized USMC formations. I won't get into how much of each of these is "normal" here.
In the OOB you'll find some special characters used in some of the unit names.
<<"M41A1 Bulldog">> : The M41A1 Bulldog (and any other unit with its name in those symbols)was never used by the USMC, or was not used in the 1946-2020 time period (example: the LVT(A)1).
AC-47D*Puff : U.S. Air Force aircraft/helo that may occasionally support USMC operations (look for the *), these units are also usually set to availability code "3".
Most U.S. Navy aircraft are set with an availability code of "1". The Navy tends to support USMC operations more frequently then the USAF.
Many units and weapons have been renamed to their "correct" USMC, USN, and/or pre 1962 names.

Many availability dates have been altered to reflect the actual use by the USMC.
I did NOT include use by the USMC Reserve in the availability dates. First, the Reserve is only about 25% of the USMCs total strength. Second, with very few exceptions the small arms used by the Reserve at exactly the same as used by Active forces. Third, if you want to use Reserve aircraft, armor, etc. just alter the purchase date back one generation (i.e. in 1994 all Active USMC forces were using M1A1 tanks, the the Reserve still had M60s, so if you want Reserve armor buy it from the reset your scenario date to 1992).
Many. many people will no doubt have strokes over some of the alterations I made in "Weapons".

In many cases these were simple, name changes, or altering data on weapon #18 from M249 (2) SAW to M249 (3) SAW since Marine Rifle Squads carry three not two M249s.

Probably the alterations that will raise the most eyebrows are those I made to multiple weapon weapon slot data and infantry explosives (hand grenades). I increased the "Acc" ratings but decreased the "HE Kill" one.
So, in theory, if you're firing three M249s as opposed to one you'll hit more frequently but no harder. Hand Grenades are far more likely to hit, but don't blow entire squads away. Etc.
I assure you, these are not arbitrary changes, each has a good (from my point of view) reason for it. I have not found the game results playing with them unreasonable. I find they add the "proper Marine flavor" to battles!
I won't go into the "why" I made the changes I've made here.
I KNOW there are mistakes (and probably mistaken judgment) in this, I'll be happy to hear from anyone that spots one and points it out.
Comments like "You're wrong!" will be generally ignored.
Comments like "You're wrong because..." will be happily discussed.
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