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Old January 10th, 2009, 10:05 PM

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Heart Souls of Shiar, Shards of a dead world - a nation for dominions and dominions 3K

The Nation:

Brief: "Remnants of a destroyed world have landed in a province the undead souls of the dead, blessed by a god and cursed by another, want to take over the galaxy creating an undead leadership over all life."

Description: "The people of Shiar had a long culture of ancestor worship next to the worship of their benign pretender, they had researched ways of easy communication with the souls of the dead, leaving the bodies resting. This benign death magic was widely practiced on Shiar and supervised by the clergy of their pretender to avoid evil use of necromancy. The world of Shiar was recently destroyed by demon invaders and their terrible pretender god. In the moment of destruction the pretender god of the Shiar, not strong enough to battle the demon pretender, tried to save his people by blessing them with eternal life using all his powers including his lifeforce. The demon pretender warped his spell and now the souls of the inhabitants of Shiar live on, undead. The spells also affected the dying pretender and he too was changed, now undead, and less benevolent. Shards of Shiar have fallen in a distant province and are now the centre of a new nation and religion. The new Shiar nation does not want to extriminate all life but want leadership of selected suitable undead souls over the unbalanced and often unthinking forms of life in the galaxy. They use their still powerfull death magic abilities in their old, but also in new ways."

Summary: "Restless undead souls of inhabitants of Shiar are going to conquer the universe. An undead religious nation."

The God

name: "The Lord of Souls"
description : "The Shiar pretender used to be weak, but was willing to give everything including his own live for his followers. When he died giving his live with his greatest casting untill that moment, securing immortality for all Shiar souls he was still twarted by his demonic opponents spells. The backlash of those combined powerfull spells changed the pretender god of Shiar. He is now also an undead immortal and still wishes the best for the souls of his people. More powerfull now he intends to maximize the use of his immortality by helping his followers with magic and in battle. In his new religion souls unbound by mortal bodies are meant to be the ruling class above those confined by earthly bodies, with himself ruling all. "

- LA
- undead
- focus on dead magic and holy magic
- a few usefull holy spells (nation specific)
-- more powerfull demon killers
-- holy buffs
- all troops and commanders are souls of the dead, ethereal, blind, darkvision 100, cold res 100, siegebonus 1 (if you can move through walls you should have that), AN ghostly touch attacks of different calibers.
- no ranged weapons
- no protection
- immortal capital only troops (3 types, one sacred) and commanders (all priest/mages)
- high magic variety (all except blood) in non capitol mages (since those are souls of random mages) but low in power.
- FESD randoms on the capital only immortal mages (next to death and holy magic)

- added 3 heroes
-- The High Preacher
-- The Consort
-- The Master of the Hunt
- added a multi hero
-- Exarch

- new battlefield wide versions of the holy spells (air/holy and death/holy so they can cost gems, needed because they are very powerfull)

- some summons
-- Shiar dragon
-- Shiar hounds of the collossi
-- a remote convert souls spell

I consider the nation pretty fleshed out now with appropriate summons, heroes and spells. Their story feels good to me and though their units are limited in number I think it covers all flavor and theme I came up with. Unless I get good idea's adding units can't really be defended flavor wise.
SO for now the nation is ready...

EXCEPT for final balancing for which I need it play tested. So I'll call this version 0.9, going to 1.00 once it's been through some playtesting and balancing.

now v .91 some changes
Attached Files
File Type: zip Shiar v91.zip (12.8 KB, 517 views)
Want a blend of fantasy and sci-fi? Try the total conversion Dominions 3000 mod with a new and fully modded solar system map.
Dragons wanted? Try the Dragons, Magic Incarnate nation.
New and different undead nation? Try Souls of Shiar. Including new powerfull holy magic.
In for a whole new sort of game? Then try my scenario map Gang Wars.

Last edited by Aezeal; January 13th, 2009 at 08:12 PM.. Reason: updating to V0.91
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