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Old June 28th, 2017, 07:20 AM
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Default Re: Op Fire Filters

If you have not been setting armour values then you have not been using this correctly....this bit of code is all Andys work and if he says you need to set min and max armour values then you need to set min and max armour values

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Old June 28th, 2017, 08:18 AM
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Potion Re: Op Fire Filters

Originally Posted by shahadi View Post
Originally Posted by Mobhack View Post
The op-fire filter requires you to set min and max armour values - otherwise it has nothing to filer on. This is unlike the "Y" key function which is a range-only filter.

All filtering in the game gets switched off (set to range +1 of the firer IIRC for the plain Y function) when the unit gets fired upon by some enemy, in order to allow it to reply to the enemy unit with reverse opfire if it survived the shot. This is SP 101, and has been since SP1 (Or maybe 2?) - whenever the "Y" key feature arrived anyway.

It also applies in reverse if you manually fire at an enemy unit, so that it is able to fire on it without you having to set filters- otherwise the unit would refuse to fire, resulting in confused end users.

So you may need to reset filtering if those circumstances occur, and you wish the unit to revert to being "choosy" once more when the threat is dealt with.
I follow you so far. But, I am telling you...I do not recall ever setting Armor values. But, then again, maybe I should tell the doc next time to check for some kinda dementia.

I remember we had this similar conversation with my Israeli Assault Boats issue. And, as suggested I set armor min/max values, but the Milan III team still let loose on an assault boat with only 1 armor rating.

I'll go over my settings in my ATGM test and report back.

I set op fire armor values as follows:
Armor Max 225
Armor Min 6
Armor Rng 35

Worked like a charm, as expected.


Now, back to my Israeli assault boat issue.

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