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Old December 23rd, 2018, 06:40 AM
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Default Vision question

Is there any other data/stat that influences detection of enemy unit?

I am working on a scenario in which I wanted to include a long range observation system. These have ranges of 10km or more in detecting a single person. I was trying to use various stationary units such as ammo containers and bunkers as stand ins while giving them a value of 50 for vision. I also tried just putting a Merkava Mk4 FO. The location is 4 height while the map is very flat.

Still, the enemy units are not detected while moving around...

Is this just not possible to emulate?
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Old December 23rd, 2018, 09:44 AM
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Default Re: Vision question

Problem is while the vision range may be 50 and will probably see larger units at those ranges if they move still wont see size 0 or 1 units till much closer.
Try this possibly.

Adjust spotting for that side in preferences to say 150% to increase detection range.
Buy a unit and edit with D key as sensors and spawn.
Remove all weapons, set speed to zero increase experience to increase spotting.
Set size to zero? Give TI vision to negate vision hinderances if wish.

Do you want the network to degrade or last?
Degrade use a 2 man crew and reduce morale so suppression has more effect and destroyed easily.
Last perhaps a tank (not a bunker infantry fire can still damage)
Set armour to 190 all faces and increase morale.

This will just let you space further maybe 30 hex between to detect multiple hex move. Closer I am guessing to detect 1 hex move.
However with a network like this once they are detected will remain so if they have TI.

Possibly try editing booby traps or unit icon if you don't want them visible.
Will still cost an extra point to enter hex though.
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