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Old March 20th, 2011, 10:37 PM

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Default German Long Campaign - With the Change of the Tides

It's been a while since I started my initial long German campaign. I have a bunch of hand written notes from back then, and had played like 2-3 more battles, but it was so long ago seems like I might as well start anew. That, plus finally cracking the code on screen shots. So.....................

24 December 1942

Operation Uranus has resulted on the destruction of Rumanian forces north of Stalingrad, and the 6th Army of General Von Paulus is surrounded. Operation Winter Storm, the German effort spearheaded by 57th Panzer Corps to relieve Stalingrad has been called off as the Soviets have responded by overrunning the Italian 8th Army in an operation dubbed Little Saturn. Soviet success in this operation could threaten Rostov, endangering two Army Groups, that of the Don Army Group and Army Group A in the Caucasus.

Field Marshal Erich von Manstein has assumed command of the Don Army Group and with it now clear that 6th Army will not attempt any form of a linkup based on Hitler’s stand-fast order, has directed his forces back to their start positions to meet the latest threat.

A company of 14 Panzer III-L tanks that was initially bound for Stalingrad has been redirected to Kotelnikovo. Two Ost-Infantry companies have joined them to form a new kampfgruppe, along with ancillary support units that have been scraped together.

Oberstleutant Kurt Remer has been given command of KG Remer consisting of the following

Panzer Kompanie (14 Pz III-L)
Ost-Infanterie Kompanie
Ost-Infanterie Kompanie
Flakartillerie Zug Vierling 20mm (x4) mit wagen
Morser Zug 8cm
Pionier Zug mit Opel
Spaehtruppe/scout sec mit SdKfz 250/1 x2
Kuebelwagen VB
SdKfz 251/1 Kommandwagen

Force Value: 2015

24 December 1942
Mission 1 Meeting engagement in sector
Visibility: 2100 meters. Length: 46
Time: 08:00 hours
Weather: Overcast
Temperature -5C

Lead elements of Russian 55th Mechanized Brigade supporting 3rd Guards Army are advancing in the Kotelnikovo area. These elements consist of armored cars, light and medium tanks and dismounted infantry.

Kampfgruppe will advance to contact, seizing three objectives to control Hills 141 and 142. This will deny the enemy high speed avenues into the rear areas.

Kampfgruppe Remer will move with 1st Company on the left, 2nd Company in the center and attached 3rd Security Company on the right. The Panzer Company will have its three platoons interspersed with the infantry so as to be able to provide immediate support should any of the companies encounter enemy armor.

The objective of 1st and 2nd Infantry Companies is the capture of Hill 141. 3rd Company has been tasked with securing Hill 142

Combat Support

Scout teams
Advance forward of 1st and 2nd companies to identify lead elements of enemy encountered. Continue reporting and avoid contact where possible.

20mm Vierling AA platoon
Enemy air activity in this sector is low. Trail 1st and 2nd Companies with one AA section and 3rd Company with another. Be prepared to provide suppressive fire against light ground targets

Mortar platoon
Lt Hoedel, the artillery FO is with me. Prepare Priority Target mission on Hill 142.

A 105mm battery is supporting the KG mission. 8cm mortar sections will trail infantry companies as needed to provide immediate suppression. 50mm mortars to remain assigned to support their companies.

Pionier platoon
Will initially remain in a concealed position and act as KG reserve behind 1st and 2nd Companies

Command and Signals
I will be between 1st and 2nd Companies. Chain of command is Hauptmann Loehmann of Panzer Co., Hauptmann Kurtz of 1st Inf Co, Hauptmann Langer of 2nd Inf Co.

Codewords in effect:
Albertstrasse- Panzer Company to re-form at my location
Bohemia 1, 2 or 3- Pionier Company advance towards that objective.
Conrad- All artillery to fire immediately on Priority Target.

Map of Operations Area

Mission log

8:09am Spot report from 3rd Company: 2 T60’s advancing , moving west @ 9mph, 300-400m north of our southern boundary.

8:12 Scout section 1 has occupied Objective 2. They report 3 T-26 tanks on north road headed west @ 7mph. 3 T-60s in trail @9mph

8:15 Scout 1 reports 4 BA-10 scout cars approaching objective 2 @ 9-11 mph

8:17 Scout 1 reports their vehicle has been hit by fire and is burning. Panzer Coy. opens fire. Vic Obj 2, Pz 121 kills BA-10 @ 450m. 124 kills BA-10 @ 400m. 133 kills BA-10 @ 550m. 102 kills T-34 vic Obj 1 @ 600m. 8cm mortars take dismounted inf under fire, creating additional casualties.

8:20 Russian 82mm mortar and 76.2mm artillery fire falling on our positions. Pz 102 kills T-34 @ 600m vic Obj 1. Pz 121 kills BA-10 @ 450m vic Obj 2.

8:23 Additional Red artillery strikes falling. Hptmn. Kurtz reports several units panicking.

8:24 Panzers again engaging enemy. 113 kills T-26 @ 400m vic Obj 2.

8:27 Pz 111 kills T-34 @ 400m vic Obj 1. Pz 132 kills T-60, as does Pz 131

8:30 Pz 131 scores another hit on a T-60, @ 600m vic Obj 3.

8:33 Pz 132 kills T-60 @250m vic Obj 3. Red artillery spotter killed by 3rd Inf Co vic Obj 3. Guards rifle section spotted vic Obj. 3. Panzers in action again, 114 hits T-26 on north road @ 800m. 113 does the same. 111 kills T-26 @ 750m. Pz 102 kills T-26 @ 550m vic Obj 2.

8:36 Pz 102 kills another T-26 @ 550m vic Obj 2.

8:38 1st Inf Co is again taking artillery fire.

8:39 1st Inf Co has rallied and is advancing east

8:42 Lt. Hoedel is killed in his vehicle by enemy infantry. Pz 111 kills T-26 vic Obj 1.

8:45 Pz 102 sets another T-26 ablaze at a range of 450m. Pz 111 kills another T-26

8:48 Pz 102 kills yet another T-26 @ 450m. Pz 114 drives off desant team

8:51 Pz 110 and 122 each disperses a cavalry unit. Pz 114 takes out a guards section

8:53 Pz 114 takes a direct hit from a 76.2mm ATG and 3 survivors escape the burning vehicle. On the east edge of hill 141, scout vehicle 2 is ambushed by a Red rifle section and destroyed with its section.

8:54 Pz 113 kills T-26 @ 250m. Pz 132 eliminates guards section. Pz 102 destroys GAZ-37-AA vehicle.

8:57 Pz 102 claims his second GAZ. Pz 132 eliminates another guards section.

8:58 enemy artillery falls, setting 2 of the pioneers Opels ablaze.

9:03 Pz 102 kills a rifle section, Hptmn Kurtz section eliminates MG and desant team.

9:12 2nd Panzer platoon has driven the enemy back across the stream east of Hill 141. Only 3 or 4 remnants of Red rifle squads are beating a hasty retreat in that direction.

9:14 artillery hits the HQ which we have situated in a barn on Hill 141.

9:17 The fight is over as the Russians have disengaged.

Score: 2815-351 Decisive Victory

KG losses
Artillery FO
1 Panzer Mk III-L Vehicle is believed to be recoverable.
1 security squad
2 scout vehicles, 1 scout section
1 vierling 20mm AA with wagon
50mm mortar section Ost-Inf Co
2 Opel trucks

104 men, 2 artillery, 3 soft vehicles, 2 APC, 2 AFV

Enemy losses
520 men, 27 AFVs

After the battle- Enemy forces in the previous battle included a guards rifle company and a reinforced rifle company. Enemy armor estimates- 3 T34, 5 T60, 4 BA10, 12 T26, 2 GazAA37. Artillery 76.2mm, 82mm, 120mm, 122mm in support.
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Old March 20th, 2011, 11:35 PM

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Default Re: German Long Campaign - With the Change of the Tides

Very nicely done! Reads like a military digest of the action, terse and to the point. The picture and the narrative made the battle very easy to follow. I also like the core force selection, very fitting with the theatre and time.

I noticed your time scale seemed shorter than what I normally use. It makes the action seem snappy, how many minutes per game turn on average are you using?

Looking forward to reading more.
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