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Old October 5th, 2018, 06:11 AM

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Default Smoke screens

These vehicles have no SD smoke at the moment. Maybe they should?

Rottmans book M3 Medium tank vs panzer III says this about the Grant tank.

A 2in. smoke bomb thrower was mounted in the right front of the turret.

In the book Italian medium tanks by Cappellano and Battistelli, they say

The italian M15 received a smoke box very early in its production run

Zaloga in his book Panzer 38(t) says this

Some modest changes were introduced during the production run, including the addition of a smoke grenade rack above the exhaust muffler beginning in July 39.

In panzer tracts 1-1 in the section 6.5 modifications after issue, it says this about mounting smoke racks on panzer 1s,

starting in 1937 mount a ... rack to deploy 5 smoke candles

In panzer tracts 1-2 for the VK 601 auf c there are pictures and diagrams showing 3 smoke candles mounted on the front right mudguard.

In panzer tracts 2-1 it says

Not all Pz.Kpfw.II Auf.B were back fitted with a N.K.A.V. (Smoke grenade rack)
Pz.Kpfw.II Auf.C ... not all were backfited with a N.K.A.V. (Smoke grenade racks)

nuts and bolts vol 24 by Duske Greenland and Terlisten says about the Flamenpanzer II Flamingo

On some of the Flampanzers two groups of three smoke dischargers each were installed.

In panzer tracts 13-2 about the sdkfz 231 it says

July 1942 ... Four Smoke generators were mounted on the front of each fender on each side.
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