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Old October 7th, 2004, 12:08 AM
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Default Re: Cohen Mod 0.1 modifies.

Peter Ebbesen said:
... there is another pretender I am even more stumped by..

MASTER ALCHEMIST: Named "Arcane Blacksmith", Forge Bonus 40, Fire 2 Earth 2, HP 19, Enc 1, Prec 12, Cost 60.

Forge Bonus 40?? Add a hammer and you have 65, work at the steel ovens (if you find them) and you have 85. Forge the Hammer of the Forge Lord or kill the Cyclops (if you can get them) and you have 90.

How ... nifty. Cost 60? So you could take this Big Cheeze and for just 360 points forge _everything_ that didn't require Astral at obscene discounts. This is with taking Fire and Earth to 4 each, and everything else to level 3 except for Astral, to avoid Magic Duel. 360 pretender points for great magic paths, and then .... Points level over for a castle and for scales. Or toss the Astral magic on as well - you probably have Astral 7 or 9 before anyone tries to Magic Duel you. (Ring of Wizardry, Tome of Power or the Forbidden Light, Starshine Skullcap, Robe of the Magi - takes 3 to 7 or 8 in the end game. Early to Mid-game, Starshine, Crystal Coin, ring of sorcery, takes 3 to 6, and you can actually afford to start with S4 or S5 with this guy, _PLUS_ all the other paths.)

Safe bet Ulm can have the Hammer of the Forge Lord before anyone else, if they try for it. Likewise the Forge of the Ancients. This "Blacksmith" is ... nuts.

Putting a forge bonus on something like the Cyclops, with his 50 point paths, isn't in the same league. The Cyclops will never have all magic paths - more likely just 2, maybe 3, making the forge bonus nice, but hardly heavensent, especially since it's so likely to also be getting used for an SC or for summonings, rather than forgings.

And a druid with Nature-4??? Higher than any of the beings that actually have elemental / mystical ties to nature. Nifty.

Cohen - did you really say you were planning to play this mod MP?
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Old October 8th, 2004, 03:33 AM

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Default Re: Cohen Mod 0.1 modifies.

0.2 in Attachment to download.

All changes in first post, as attachment.
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