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Old January 6th, 2005, 09:10 AM
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Default Re: Quick modding question , illwinter plz answer

Endoperez said:
Boron, I have to ask you some questions.

Why are you changing the game so that your favoured strategy, which the AI doesn't have an answer to, is easier AND you also mod the game so that you can always take free order 3 *every game*? If we also consider the fact that AI will not change its ways and choose Order 3 - Misfortune 3 (the ultimate combination after your changes), you have just given yourself *more* bonuses than even Impossible AI has!

As i said i play sp only for fun and mainly mp .

And more important :
Most boni were in favour of the ai : supply x5 + resources x5 give them the ability to recruit more stuff in their capitol and have almost zero starving .

Furthermore with 16 Ai nations on vh i am sure that at least 5-10 of them will either pick luck 3 turmoil 3 or order 3 misfortune x .
So the "stupid" Ais which chose bad scales get killed quicker but i think the scales are distributed more or less randomly so with 16 Ai's there will be at least a few good ones in it .
And resources x5 give the Ai enough opportunity to recruit finally lots of their sacred capitol only troops . Those can be really fearsome because sometimes the ai has 2 lvl 9-10 paths + a couple lvl 4 paths so ultrablesses .

About my clamhoard making easier : i have to pay 70 water for 10 pearls turnly income .
If i would forge clams by myself in sp i would probably have forge up quite soon and forge clams then for the price of only 5 or maybe even only 3 water gems each ... .

It is not easier but rather harder this way . I have enforced the houserule upon me that i may only hoard my new clams and not the normal ones any longer .

Btw my clam revenant is immobile so if the ai summons some they can't sacrifice them instantly and profit from them also .
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Old January 9th, 2005, 07:31 AM

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Default Re: Quick modding question , illwinter plz answer

Does it really matter if this mod makes his SP game easier or harder? It's an SP game So if this helps him enjoy it more, hey, more power to him.

Endoperez said:
Are you sure you can't try something harder for your SP games?
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