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Old July 31st, 2019, 08:33 PM
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Default Re: Game Shutting down ?

Being serious this is surely a technical issue at his end without knowing what he is running that’s affecting it finding the culprit will be hard. Uses same antivirus so switch it off, what other programs do both share, what runs at startup, what extras does the operating system have like bonjour frame network and are they up to date. Has he checked windows 10 and repaired it?
Good luck guessing what is affecting it could be some third party hook.
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Old August 1st, 2019, 10:43 AM

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Default Re: Game Shutting down ?

I know a person who ordered an air conditioner and gave it back for refunding after the last heat wave in Germany was over. Because the device only works sporadically. Because it is too loud. Because he is afraid for the safety of his children.
The seller could have all the technicians in the world look for the reasons for the inadequate device, it would nevertheless only be wasted time. (That's why I wrote my last post how I did.)

[And because I had to buy two used notebooks and a computer which were damaged by water. On one runs Windows 7, on one runs 8.1 Embedded and on the other Windows 10 / Linux. That time I did not really know which computer I can occasionally use to play, so I have first installed SPWW2 on all three of them in addition to the different operating systems. I am anything but a specialist in software, but that does not mean that I am helpless because no one can help me. I just do it myself. That's why I know that I practically just need to copy the folders of the game and I now understand the meaning of Win7SPWW2.cmd too.]

What I want to say is, I never had any trouble running this game on any of those operating systems and different Hardware. So I do not think anyone could have problems.

However, if someone operates security suites whose procedure he does not understand or questioned, which may routinely upload an executable file and then block its execution just because it's not widely used ... then he should be ready to live with the consequences of this ignorance.

I am aware of some helpful little programs regarding science, whose developers have difficulties with security software every time they make a change to their exe file. They always have to beg the same security suite operators to put their program on a whitelist. And these, in turn create a raison d'être for those computer users who do not strain their heads. But now I've scolded enough.

I had good experiences and had no problems with Comodo Internet Security, Total Security 360 and Microsoft Security Essentials.

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