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Old October 13th, 2010, 04:22 AM

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Default Re: Danish TO & E

While trying to reconstruct the 1. LOPESK as well as I can (to be modified when I get the proper intel from its sources), I ran into a problem. There core of 1. LOPESK (and any, 1st is merely stronger) consists of

-Cmdr in MOWAG Eagle IV
-SiC in GD G270 CDI
-1st Platoon in MOWAG Eagles
-2nd Platoon in GD G270 CDI
-3rd Platoon in MOWAG Eagles
-Additional units (those are the ones I have trouble pinning down what is except that they have a Piranha ambulance).

Each Platoon consists of a commander with two others in a vehicle and three groups each of two vehicles with 6 men/women (Anika Pedersen "Combat Barbie" was rather popular with the Brits in MQ) shared between them. They can function mounted or dismounted and the MGs can be disattached from the vehicles (especially the LSW and LMG of the GD G270 CDI are easy) to be put in emplacements (as in MQ) or carried on foot patrol.

This organisation seems to not be possible to dublicate in the SPMBT engine where a Grp/Sec can only be one unit, so when I try to create a Scout/Recon Platoon it cannot encompass the Sections as they are, for they have four subunits in them and if I work around that by making the Platoons = Company, I cannot create 1. LOPESK as a Cmp cannot be part of a Cmp.

What can be done about that?

And how to model the fact that the guys can work mounted, with two from each vehicle dismounted (securing the vehicles) or all three dismounted and with weapons disattached to be put in emplacements like at MQ?
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