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Old November 2nd, 2008, 01:56 PM
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Admin Replace me! Choose from four games

I'm leaving to teach skiing for the winter, so I must quit all my games. They are all SEIV Gold unmodded games. If you want to get into a game, you can pick from the following in various levels and situations:

All Space 3: Late game, turn 144, 4th place of the remaining 5 empires. However I have a central position and peaceful trade agreements with everyone, which fund a navy far too big to otherwise support (almost but not quite comparable to those of the stronger empires,) plus stellar manipulation ships and the beginning of a galaxy-spanning intelligence network to see everything that's going on. Two of the strongest empires are at war with the third, leaving planets open to colonization. This empire's challenge will be to step lightly and maintain peace and neutrality with all the other empires while snapping up empty planets to expand its territory, and increase its resource production capacity.

Last Empire Standing: Late game, turn 165, large galaxy, 2nd place empire (was 1st when I got it) currently at war with an alliance of the three other strongest empires and two "passive partners" who serve as spies for them. This empire also has two weak allies to protect. Two of the opposing empires have good strategists and one holds at least three (probably more) star destroying weapons stockpiled which they won't hesitate to deploy. Still the outcome of the war is far from certain. As all techs are researched the player will need to continue replacing obsolete research centers with intelligence or resource facilities, to pay maintenance and reinforce his huge fully-deployed navy. The fleets are Talisman-equipped organic ships and undoubtedly the finest in the galaxy ship-for-ship. His main challenge will be to stay aware of the locations of the enemy fleets and keep his own fleets constantly on the move to intercept the enemy, defeat them in detail, and avoid star destroyers, as any losses could snowball. He'll need to employ complicated strategic thinking and warp manipulation ships extensively to warp fleets around and keep the enemies on their toes. This is a challenging high-stakes situation that will decide the outcome of the game and only very good, experienced players should consider taking over this empire at this crucial point. It takes hours to do turns but it's the most thrilling SEIV game I've been in.

Civland 1/08: Early game, turn 49, small galaxy, 1st place empire with a clear lead in research and a strong navy, and a very wide territory bounded by only three chokepoint systems (I played this one from the start.) The replacement player will get to crush his immediate neighbors to expand. This game progresses slowly at the moment as most of the original players have dropped out.

SGMS COL: Early game, turn 51, small galaxy, with "only colonize own planet types" and map apparently built with Fyron's Quadrant Mod (so tons of asteroids to mine.) My empire is 4th place but controls the gas giants in a good quarter of the galaxy behind a single-system chokepoint and shared with only one neighbor. It has a strong research lead and a network of resource mining ships, but no military. As an organic race with a good infrastructure, a strong navy can be built in two turns notice. This game is currently on hiatus anyway until two replacement players are found.

You can choose more than one game, heck, replace me in all of them if you want, the other players will thank you for it. Have fun!
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Old November 3rd, 2008, 11:44 PM
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Default Re: Replace me! Choose from four games

I should be able to help in All Space. I would like to run an Organic race as in SGMS Col, but if it got going most time I could not make a 30 hour turn around.
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