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Old June 22nd, 2017, 06:22 PM

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Default SCENARIO: The Killing Grounds

I've taken this scenario about as far as I can so I've decided to post it. It's a WWIII WARSAW Pact V. NATO engagement in the summer of 1984, based on the books "The Red Effect", "The Black Effect" and "The Blue Effect" by Harvey Black.

This scenario is not in chronological order (for the books or for what I've been working on). I have four more that I have not reached a sense of parity with, so I'm posting this one first simply because this one is a simple assault/defend scenario and the others are delaying actions or involve chemical munitions (which I'm having problems adjusting to the game format).

This particular scenario is from the "Black Effect" and occurs in the third day of the conflict. The British 22nd Armoured Brigade occupies positions along the River Leine near Rossing. Delta Squadron of the 14/20th Royal Hussars is tasked to defend this line against elements of the 63rd Guards Tank Regiment and the 248th Guards MRR. As stated in the scenario description, that's 16 British MBT's against three battalions of Soviet MBT's.

I had to depart from the book in using Chieftain 10 MBT's rather than Challenger MBT's as in the novel. The play balance was too skewed to the British side with the Challengers due to the terrain. Also, I have included a platoon of British Mechanized Infantry, and SAM protection which is not detailed in the book. Again, a play balance decision.

I've limited the scenario to 26 turns. The mission for the Hussars in the book was to hit the attacking units, and then they fell back across the Leine. Due to the width restrictions of the game map, shortening the game (which in all my playtesting really isn't a factor)compensates for striking the attackers and conserving the defending forces in game results.

The map in the scenario was developed using the SPMBT Map Tool:


and backdating as best I could to 1984 using Soviet era military maps.

Since I've been jumping between my desktop and laptop, I've hopefully uploaded the final work files. If anyone has problems or sees blatant errors let me know and I'll check the files and resend them.

I have leave coming up in a few weeks and hope to get at least another two scenarios up to my liking to post.

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