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Old August 31st, 2004, 06:34 AM

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Default Domionions II: Modding Project. Updated 17-03-2005

Look the post on the top!
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Old September 11th, 2004, 06:56 AM
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Default Re: Domionions II: Modding Project ... updated lin

EDIT: Weapons & Armor Database has been updated to include the statistics for all of the previously undocumented weapons (added Spiked Club, Great Bow and all of the [Effect] X weapons)

Here's a repost of what was a separate thread, so that modders won't have to go looking for the information any further than this thread:

I mentioned a few days ago that I had started working on a list of weapons and armor statistics. Well, task complete, so modmakers now have a new tool at their disposal, an Excel spreadsheet with all the weapons and armor currently found in the game with their complete stats listed.

Well, not quite all the weapons, as things like curse, false fetters and other possible bonus effects from weapons are implemented as weapons with their own weapon number and the existing weapons (such as Knife of the Damned) apparently tap into the functionality of that weapon effect. I don't have the stats for them, and no idea how to dig them out of the game. These effects are preceded by [Effect] in the weapon entry to differentiate them from proper weapons and make sorting more comfortable. Note that this list is more complete than the one that can be found in the current Modding.pdf document or in the Modding Projects thread on this forum.

You should also note that even though several magic item weapons and armor appear on the list, few if any have bonuses listed for them (e.g. starshine skullcap does not have +2 MR). The reason is that this file is a modmaking tool, and when you mod these things to be the native weapons and armor of a unit, all the extra specialties (such as 50% fire resistance from Flambeau) DO NOT TRANSFER to the unit. If you want the extra bonuses, you have to make an item and equip it to the appropriate slot.

For detailed item info, see Zen's Magic Item Quick Reference PDF.

The list (Weapons_&_Armor.xls) is attached to this post.

I would appreciate any feedback, especially from modmakers.
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File Type: xls 293486-Weapons_&_Armor.xls (107.0 KB, 518 views)
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Old September 11th, 2004, 09:35 AM
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Default Re: Domionions II: Modding Project ... updated lin

Visit my Dominions II site
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Old January 20th, 2005, 11:48 AM

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Default Just 2 ideas of mine :)

Test them at your leisure.

In Magocracy, I've taken away capital city mages, and troops - and put together some mages from nations, and summons.
The troops are unnatural, too.
There is almost no priestly power there, not even Monk.
It contains a new pretender, too.

The other came from a weapon type I found, and voila!
Jotunheim, after a meteor strike became a little different.
No cold resistance, but poison, and marsh survival, and poor amphibian.
There is one type of troop, and one type of mage - and, of course, the brain parasites.
They have a charm, and an immobilizer weapon, and a lot of movement in battle. But are small, exhaust quickly, weak, and the eggs have to be carried carefully - 1 map movement.
Except them in defenses over 10.

Try them out, get the ideas freely, and don't mention my part.
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Old February 18th, 2005, 07:43 PM

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Default omionions II: Modding Project. Updated 16-03-2005

updated 16-03-2005

Hi all,

I have updated the links to the mod projects ... I hope some moderatro make that sticky or just update the old post by Zen

Welcome to the Dominions 2 Modding Community!

This thread is to attempt to keep in order the various Modding Projects and Resources for Dominions 2. In order to have a more organized and Community impact we will be putting current Modding Projects here in order to keep interest and feedback alive as well as more complete Mods.

If you would like to have your Modding Project linked please contact a Moderator. For those looking for additional members or even initial modding partners please feel free to advertise.

This thread will be pruned and cleaned in order to keep it orderly.


Amazon Empire A ConVersion of Pangaea to the Amazon empire of Themiskyra, a combination of the four Amazon tribes with some additional units and historical Amazon names . Created by PvK NEW & COMPLETE VERSION 1.01


Last news 07/15/04

Arralen's Pangaea Mod Modifies the nation of Pangaea for minor inconsistancies, balance, and a new unit.

Last update 04/10/04

Arralen's Sidhe Goddess Mod Modifies the Man Pretender Mother of Tuatha to a more combat oriented Pretender appropriate for the Last of the Tuatha Theme

Last updated 25-02-04

Ashikaga Shogunate A ConVersion of T'ien Ch'i to the Ashikaga Shogunate period in Japanese History or "Warring States". Created by Potatoman NEW VERSION with 2.40


Last updated 06/09/04

Barbarian Kingdoms by quantum_mechani


Last update 07-16-04

Black Moon Chronicles Based off the Black Moon Chronicles, by Sube.


Last update 08-23-04

Screenshots of the Mod: http://www.dom2mod.i8.com/photo.html

Calrea Total ConVersion of New Nations/Units/World Map/Spells and Magic Items[/b] Contact: Zeikko


The project seems to be dead ... the web page of the project don't respond

Cho-ku-no, A mod that try to improve Tien-chi with the introduction of cho-ku-no v 1.4 by Horst


Conceptual Balance Series a mod that make a lot of balacne corrections, by Zen


always updated

Dracasia - The Land of Dragonkin (LoTD) By Thilock_Dominus A playable Draconian nation that replaces Atlantis.


Last news 13-08-04

Exalted Mod Based off the White Wolf Exalted Setting.
In Progress by Scott.


Last news 06-13-04

Forest of Lorien By Thilock_Dominus
A mod that replaces Pangaea with the Wood Elf from the Warhammer World


Close to be realeased 18-02-2005

GreyElfLite A Mod that replace Caelum with Grey Elf by RedRover


Last news 01-Nov-04

Griffins of Akkylannie The mod replaces Caelum with the Griffins of Akkylannie from Confrontation, a miniatures game with a great background, by Cegorach

in progress


Last updated 09-07-04

Kolum Mod Project Modifications that deal with converting nations of a D&D world that is based in part to Glen Cook's "Black Company" series of Novels and the George R.R. Martin "A Song of Fire and Ice" series.
This Project is looking for more participants


the project seems to be dead ....

Mod for Pythium odd_enuf


Last news 08-20-04

Ogala Sioux a mod that replaces Tien-chi with the Ogals by tinkthank


Released 21-02-2005

Persian Empire Mod (beta) a mod that replace Ulm turning them into the Persian empire by Verjigorm


Last updated 16-03-2005

Recrtuable Units Rebalance by Saber_Cherry


Officially Complete

Rise of Gollarn replace Vanheim with The Gollarn, pale, amphibious humaniods from the waterlaced caverns deep below the earth. by quantum_mechanic


last update 17-03-2005

Ulm beefe up a mod that gives Ulm a better chance by Arralen

[url = http://www.shrapnelcommunity.com/thr...6&page=0&view=]http://www.shrapnelcommunity.com/threads/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=320906&page=0&view=]http://www.shrapnelcommunity.com/threads/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=320906&page=0&view=[/url][/url]

Last updated 18-02-2005


Short folks with four arms by Agrajag


Last news 07-30-04
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