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Old December 30th, 2017, 07:47 AM

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Default OOB92 Paraguay

From 1946 to 1970 the Rifle Company TO&E was:
CHQ (5 men)
3x Rifle Platoons (35 men)
Each PHQ (3 men) + 3x LMG Section (8 men) + 1x Grenadier Section (8 men)
ZB30 7,62mm LMG + Mauser 7,62mm rifle + Rifle Grenade Launchers + hand grenades
There was only one SMG in each Rifle Company, some were Bergmann MP28/II 9mm, others Thompson M1928
At Regimental level there was a HMG Coy with 4 HMGs and a Mortar Platoon with 2 81mm Mortars
The HMGs were Colt-Browning, Vickes & Maxim 7,65mm, the mortars were Brandt Mle.1927/31 & US M1 81mm.
There was only 1 Radio and 4 Trucks for each Regiment, each had 2 Infantry Battalions of 2 Rifle Companies each. The Trucks were mostly Ford AA models.

From 1971 there was already many US MAP equipment, so they reorganized:
CHQ (21 men) with Light Mortar, HMG & Bazooka Sections (2 weapons each)
3x Rifle Platoons (25 men)
Each PHQ (1 men) + 2x Rifle Sections (12 men)
ZB30 7,62mm LMG + M1 Garand 7,62mm rifle + Rifle Grenade Launchers + hand grenades
The Light Mortars Spanish ECIA 60mm or US/French 81mm, HMGs M1919 7,62mm and Bazookas M20A1
At Battalion level there was a Support Company with Mortar, HMG & RR Platoons (4 weapons each)
The mortars were the same Brandt Mle.1927/31 & US M1 81mm, the HMGs were old Colt-Browning, Vickers & Maxim 7,65mm and the RR were M18 57mm & M20 75mm.
The US send Radios & 2,5ton Trucks (delivered from 1963-77), these were the mainstay for long time. There were allready Willys Jeeps & Dodge T214 4x4 in service from 1946.
Scouts are in 4 men teams with 2 Rifles + 2 SMGs + Hand Grenades, in 1971 they received some UZI 9mm from Belgium made by Browning, but old types remained in service. From 1984 most were replaced by INA-IMBEL M953 from Brazil.
From 1984 some Infantry Regiments were equipped with the HK G3 7,62mm and from 1997 large numbers of T65K2 5,56mm arrived from Taiwan. In 12/2004 the M1 Garands were sent back to the US. The Mauser 7,62mm is still used as a training rifle by recruits.
From 2015 the Israeli Negev LMG 5,56mm replaced all ZB30s and from 3/2012 large numbers of M72 LAW arrived from the US.
From 1946 there were already some M2HB 12,7mm HMG for use in the AA and Ground role.
From 2009 M120 120mm Heavy Mortars came from US to replace the 81mm models at Battalion level. Some still used at Company level.
I will be posting more.
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Old December 30th, 2017, 09:48 AM
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Default Re: OOB92 Paraguay

I make no promises I will have time to check any of this. I had work NOT related to the OOBs scheduled for the new year so try to contain your enthusiasm.........
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