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Old September 30th, 2008, 11:14 AM
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Default Re: Tips for Yomi, Oni Kings

"Other troops" are weak bandits, they`re quite useless. Banishment...yes, it`s bad - but not deadly, one priest can banish 3-4 demons before they kill him (If you use army of 70-100 demons in early game and 300-400 in mid-stage such casualties is not a problem)
Dai Oni also can use some buffs and gear - and with their magic skills it`s easier to do. Research is just problem of Oni - you must pick Magic for your dominion or search for Sages/Loremasters
=little grammar fix=
Plz sorry for my english - I`m Russian, and have no time to practice. If you want to discuss the game - well, let`s do it. If you want to discuss mistakes - write pm
Also grammar nazis must say sorry to my sick duck, yeah

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Old September 30th, 2008, 11:43 AM
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Default Re: Tips for Yomi, Oni Kings

You can gamble, and go without an awake SC pretender in exchange for excellent scales (you certainly don't need much of a bless, or much help with magic paths).

In this case, Kuro-Oni can make excellent early expansion troops, in conjunction with other forces. Very expensive, yes (hence the need for good scales), but they have MR 15, comparable to other elite recruitables, and thus wont be bothered much by indy priests. They've got ranged fire and poison attacks (both magic attacks, by the way), an Attack score of 14 (with their awesome weapon), Strength 16 and a weapon that does 8 damage (awesome again), and 24 HP - in their first life (their 2nd life is ethereal)! Meaning, they've got staying power, despite their meager 6 Protection and lack of shield, plus the offensive power to hack through the heaviest armor similar to giants.

Yes, they're very vulnerable to missile weapons, so use decoys. Anything will do, but indy infantry with shields are best (meaning, they'll last longest). Place them front and center, with 'hold' orders. Put the Oni on the flank - they'll throw fire and poison as the enemy advances, and then close. Back them up with a pack of cheap bakemono archers to suppress enemy archers. Works against most indy types, and you can mix it around for outliers like barbarians and cavalry.

One downside? You can't lead them with an indy commander, you'll need a Demon General, hurting your early research. But you can make up for it later with your ability to forge all research boosters, and hopefully with building other castles quickly.

Another downside, depending on your foe, is that you may have trouble with an early war (I said it was a gamble). But with luck and good diplomacy, you can still expand fairly rapidly in the early game, and have the good scales to power you into the mid and late game.
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