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Old September 21st, 2006, 02:31 AM
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Default Seriously Bo- gus, dudes

So in this latest game (playing as Arco but you'd know soon enough), I get hit by Bogus and Co.
Attack with a 150-strong force led by Pathos... down to just Bogus. He's only MR of 12, so I got a plan.
Research to Evocation 6, trick out an Astrologer with an S random with Crystal Coin, Starshine 'Cap, Spell Focus, Rune Smasher, roll the dice on a Mind Hunt, fwa-ZAP, no more Bogus.
First random event in the same turn's report... on the other side of my nation... yes, it's BOGUS!
That ever happen to you? What's the fastest Bogus has reappeared after you've dropped him?
It's just a dogma-eat-dogma world...
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