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Old October 18th, 2004, 10:06 PM

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Default Re: The Dominions 3: \"Wishlist\"

A few of my personal wishlist is:

A.) A more dramatic battlefield impact of Leaders or Leadership upon normal Troops during battle..

B.) More impact of Pretender Blessing on normal troops and/or more sacred or more game spanning Sacred troops (This could play well with NGF's idea)

C.) Movement Phase Initiative System based on troop composition, troop type, leadership, special abilities, survival, dominion, province ownership and whatever other factors to create more of a dramatic 'group' strategy phase.

D.) Mitigate Flying's Strategic strength.

E.) Dynamic Event System based on Nation, Scales, previous events, battles, etc.

F.) Advanced Squad AI based on battlefield conditions. Flank Support, line breaks, etc.

I have quite a number more.
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Old October 18th, 2004, 10:13 PM
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Default Re: The Dominions 3: \"Wishlist\"

i am a new player and one small thing i would like to see. It appears to be very easy to kill off population but impossible to increase pop. expecially in repopulating ermor bLasted lands.
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Old October 18th, 2004, 11:31 PM

ioticus ioticus is offline
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Default Re: The Dominions 3: \"Wishlist\"

Nagot Gick Fel said:
Way on top of my own wishlist:

Please, please, leave that 'Något gick fel' error message as it is (untranslated) in Dom 3.
What the hell does that mean?
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Old October 19th, 2004, 12:21 AM

deccan deccan is offline
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Default Re: The Dominions 3: \"Wishlist\"

It seems that quite a few people have requested that fast armies be allowed to catch up with slower ones on the strategic map. Why not use the movement system in SEIV?

For example, assuming that you want to impose a hardcoded maximum strategic movement of 10, then you would sub-divide each turn into 10 movement phases, and each movement phase can have its own battle if at the conclusion of the phase, more than one army occupies a province.

So, a Doom Horror with strategic movement of 10 would be able to move 1 province during each phase. A heavy infantry unit with strategic movement 1 would only move 1 province each turn and get to move only on phase 10 (the Last movement phase of the turn). A heavy cavalry unit with strategic movement 2 would get to move 2 provinces each turn, meaning that it moves once on phase 9 and again on phase 10. A light cavalry unit with strategic movement 3 would get to move on phases 8, 9 and 10 and so forth.

This way a heavy cavalry unit chasing a heavy infantry unit would catch up with the heavy infantry unit because it moves on phase 9, before the HI moves.
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Old October 19th, 2004, 01:42 AM

silhouette silhouette is offline
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Default Re: The Dominions 3: \"Wishlist\"

I want multiple fort building options.

It's apparent that the fortification selection for a nation is a key balance factor in the nation, but it seems excessively and artificially limiting to me to only allow exactly one fort design for the whole nation.

Maybe reduce the cost of forts in the design phase by 20% or so and allow you to 'buy' multiple fort plans -- as many as you want to pay for. Then in play when you construct the thing you get options of all the fort designs you paid for. Is it a bad thing to have different design and building strategies for different needs: high defence fort in those chokepoints, quick building tower when you need it NOW, high admin for production centers, etc.? Maybe when you seige/capture an enemy fortress you can learn that design and add it to your nations build list, or have certain heroes or site-recruitable units which come with 'plans' for other forts. I guess I hear the howls of agony from the anti-mad-castling contingent now....

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Old October 19th, 2004, 02:36 AM
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Default Re: The Dominions 3: \"Wishlist\"

Edit: fixed an improperly coded list

Pretender Design
Would it be possible to make the following change to pretender design: Selecting first nation, then special theme, and only then pretender chassis? This way it could be possible to perhaps assign different pretender lists for each nation according to theme if desired, though the current system works quite well.


Terrain Types

Currently we have:
  • Plains
  • Farmlands
  • Fresh Water (not visible in-game, please change this?)
  • Forest
  • Mountain
  • Swamp
  • Waste
  • Sea
  • Nostart (switch, but acts like a terrain type)
  • Manysites (switch, but acts like a terrain type)

I think the following would make great additions, especially if a couple of the existing ones are modified a bit:
  • Tundra
  • Glacier
  • Jungle
  • Hills
  • Road (switch, but acts like a terrain type)
Right now, Waste terrain type covers everything from real hot sand and rock deserts to tundra and glaciers. This can lead to such bizarre things as having Plains of Perpetual Drought in and so forth in glacier regions, Cold Lands in the middle of Sahara and so forth. That's why I at least feel that Tundra and/or Glacier (less necessary, but would be nice) would be good additions.

Right now all provinces that should be hills have to be listed as mountains, but it would be great to be able to throw a hill terrain type in conjunction with e.g. forests or farmlands instead of having a whole Himalaya in there, and jungles and temperate forests are also rather different from each other.

The addition of new terrain types would allow for a greater variety of population type assignment by terrain (especially if there will be more units and more population types), more specific correlation of certain types of magic sites with certain types of terrain (Cold Lands and Blizzard Vale more likely in Tundra, not possible in Waste, for example, and the reverse for e.g. Plain of Perpetual Drought).

The new terrain type system would also work very well if the strategic move system is slightly modified, perhaps by increasing the range and assigning different terrain types different strat move costs (without relevant survival, moving through that terrain will cost X start moves, or if not enough strat move, than the units will move just one province).

Example strat move cost suggestions (off the top of my head)
  • 0.75 Plains/farmlands
  • 1 Tundra/waste
  • 2 Forest/hills
  • 2.5 Swamp/jungle/glacier
  • 3 Mountains
  • Roads would subtract 1 from base strat move cost for terrains with move cost greater than one, works like the manysites and nostart switches.


Combat System

I'm pretty happy with the current combat system, but there is one order I would really like to see added: Hold and Fire. This would allow for a better use of javelin and throwing axe troops, instead of having them charge immediately to combat if you want them to use their missile weapons, they would wait for three turns before they start firing. This is my single biggest source of frustration for regular unit orders.

Wouldn't mind having a commander script that was one or two orders longer than the current five either.



There was a suggestion in here about enabling scripts to be stored system wide, instead of specific to a game, but how about this: Having a script file for each nation, where scripts stored when playing that nation are recorded, and every time you play any game where you are that nation, Dom3 references that script record file automatically? Problem solved and you can specify the necessary scripts just the first time you play a nation without needing the micro every time you start a new game. If scripts contain orders that are not available (such as casting spells that are not yet researched), the unit does something else that round.


Random Map Generator

If possible, would you please make the random map generator in a fashion that allows people to enter the default map colors they desire as hex codes? Have some default values, but allow them to be altered from RMG settings?


These are my humble wishes/suggestions, and I would be definitely overjoyed if IW will see fit to implement any parts of them. The mapmaking related stuff (terrain and the RMG request) are the ones I would most like to see, because they would allow me to produce better maps. However, I can't judge whether or not any of that is feasible to implement, so I will no be devastated if they don't appear.

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Old October 19th, 2004, 03:39 AM

Ranger Ranger is offline
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Default Re: The Dominions 3: \"Wishlist\"

D3 Wishlist

I would like to see a leader class units (King,Queen,Etc.) and one way to win would be to elimination all the leaders of an enemy nation. Each side would get 4 leaders/family members and if you lose your leaders you lose. This would help eliminate the need to conqure all of a enemies territory, if you take out the leaders, their empire falls.
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Old October 19th, 2004, 07:34 AM

Foom Foom is offline
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Default Re: The Dominions 3: \"Wishlist\"

There's the more or less obvious stuff, like UI improvements, less micromanagement and so on. But for me, the most important things would be:

More actual diversity. Dom2 has hundreds of spells, items and troops, but after a short newbie phase it seems like only a fraction of these are ever used. It would be very hard to keep us damned players from doing this, but I think an approach could be made with some sort of a rock-paper-scissors system. Perhaps by dividing leader traits in three Groups (items slots, magic power, physical strength) and making sure no leader is ever good at all of them. Just generally make it harder to make a "best" choice that fits most situations.

More of the same, but better. Dom2 is a great game. Please keep everything that makes it awesome and only add things that make it better. This is probably harder than it sounds.
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Old October 19th, 2004, 07:38 AM
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Default Re: The Dominions 3: \"Wishlist\"

Err, how is 'measured' what most folks like and dislike? I just urgently need to agree to some of the suggestion made and repeat and comment further on them:

- I would really like to see terrain affecting battles in both ways: terrain affecting e.g. mounted units in tactical ways (e.g. have some obstacles within the battle field like those castle moats), and effecting stats (Why are Pangaea's units as effective in Wastlands as in Forests?).

- Also I like to see that the survival skill for each terrain would enable a unit to attack one province further into enemy territory if both provinces have the proper type - or maybe roll over slightly defended provinces (ie. if the battle was resolved in less than X turns, then move to the second target province, where the auto-route will happen Y turns earlier, where Y is the number of battle rounds the previous battle Lasted. Fatigue,HP,etc. should be kept as well).

- I also support a proper not-so random movement initiative system, encouraging the use of light cavalry! Quick-moving armies having sufficient scouting fascilities should also be able to patrol more than one province and defend them against slower moving attackers!

- Dom3 definitely needs a waypoint system! I would not require the PC to figure out the shortest route, but I want to manually set way point(s) for each commander. They do not need to affect anything, all they would do is reminding the player where he planned to move his units the turn before... (generally add reminding-fascilities for the feebleminded players like me! Its a pain to write down all my plans for each commander on paper!)
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Old October 19th, 2004, 08:46 AM
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Default Re: The Dominions 3: \"Wishlist\"

Oh, wait, instead of adding to much terrain, why no add a scale for humidity/aridity which similar to the heat scale and also affected by the existing seasons?
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