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Old August 2nd, 2006, 08:45 AM

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Default Re: Hrmmm

When I plaied Mictlan I used 9F9S9W4B oracle with 10 in dominion. And build 10 eagle warriors every turn. It works very well. Your eagle warriors will kill anything. An once you get your income up you may start building Jaguar warriors at non capital fortresses or start blood hunting.

I remember a MP game. First C'tis attacked me and I finished him off pretty fast. Then Pangaea attack me and I pushed him back, While fighting them Ulm attacked me and I crushed him. But did not manage to capture all his fortresses before Arcocephale and Marignon attacked me. The deathstroke was Marignon casting fire from afar killing off my eagle warriors, but I gave it a good shot.

Against the AI any bless strategi will work as they have no way to adapt.

In general I have found that the eagle warrior is the best sacred unit. Flying and with two attacks for 15 gold.
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