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Old January 17th, 2020, 11:39 PM
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Default Re: The FASTBOAT Patch page.


I mentioned that TAIWAN has a big issue so…
Pat, I feel certain that this has been discussed before. Open that unit up in the game or MOBHack......what do you see ? If you have the latest version of the OOB which seems that you do not you will see it named M1A2 Abrams-P and if you look at the unit class it is in you will see it along with one other tank in the "Prototype Tank" formation that can only be found if you dig it out of the Misc folder so yes, it could be removed but what's the point ?

What is bothersome to me is you reported it as "MIA1 ROC" and it's name was changed last release BUT it has been in a Prototype tank formation since 2008(!!) on the off chance someone might want to play "what if"......though admittedly that is doubtful. I can only assume these are old notes and you did not check the latest OOB's before posting them here

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Old January 20th, 2020, 12:15 AM

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Fallout Re: The FASTBOAT Patch page.

To Taiwan, yes it was and I had no issues. You will also find a couple of more like that as well soon like the CHANGE(S) made to the Ukraine's OPLOT- M and Thailand's OPLOT-T (Now) from the last patch.

The point of this exercise again is for me to get all those individual posts across almost 12 to 14 pages of them back together and grouped.

Even you said you printed out what I posted (I haven't yet, but will.) and it sounds like you "rediscovered" the SADF OLIFANT information from your Post #230 of the previous page bottom.

That's why this Thread has been here all these years because it's "Homeplate" or "Ground Zero" for the my inputs to you and others of what "might be" coming.

What happened in the 2017/2018 (Lesser extent and already fixed in this Thread properly.) and 2018/2019 Campaigns was a mess and reminds me of how I first started out which then was only with a handful of inputs by posts and easily managed.

However I seem to remember a call from "some of those close to me here" and one I recognized myself all those years ago, that due to gradual and steady increase of submissions that I had to organize myself in a more concise manner. Again the reason for this Thread.

All that went to **** during these last two campaigns and especially the 2018/2019 one as you know.

My final analogy, I promise.

When you build a car and please for some of you reading, the basic concept if you will , is you start with the Frame (This Thread) add the Engine (Thread Posts) continue to the Body (Our discussions etc. of the Patch Posts in this Thread as needed.) then we prep it for delivery to the showroom by Detailing and Inspecting the car fully (This you and Andy putting the Patch Release together). And finally off to the Showroom where the excited and anxious customers can't wait to see the new car!!

Oh yeah the customers is us!

So finally (And there was much celebration. ) in the 2018/2019 Campaign, the Engine came first without the Frame of the car, kinda makes it's tough to build the car that way, let alone drive it.

As already posted before I added that "Patch Post", I apologize for any inconvenience and confusion this may have caused, however...

I respectfully, would like to build that 2019/2019 Campaign Car right, before I move onto what will probably be the late model 2019/2021 Campaign Car.

And again this is to me the reference point "Home Plate", "Frame" or "Library" whichever you prefer, even "PITA" has worked here in the past and that's OK to! .

I intend to enjoy the rest of this evening as CINCLANTHOME just stopped in and see 1917 tomorrow. I love my weekends, though sometimes they don't seem long enough!

"If something is not impossible, there must be a way of doing it." - Sir Nicholas Winton

"Ex communi periculo, fraternitas" - My career long mentor and current friend -QMCM/SS M. Moher USN Ret..

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