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Old February 23rd, 2019, 05:39 PM
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Post Re: My first three maps

Originally Posted by Kailux View Post
Just starting with mapping but i really love it already, it's quite relaxing.

Did the following three last weekend mostly with some additional work over the week and today.

I tried to be somewhat accurate without going crazy on details. There is no elevation on this maps (well, most parts of Lower Saxony are kind of pretty flat anyways). I just recently discovered Venhola and how to use it, might just remake these three with elevation at some point.

Would love some constructive feedback: Glitches? What could have been made better? Maybe some technical mistakes i made or some special rules i missed being that mapping noob i am?

Map overview

Map overview

Map overview

Wow. A lot of effort in such a short amount of time. Let me say thanks for getting into map making, we can always use maps. Although, I am the least able to comment on your maps, may I offer the following:

1) Place a few identifiers, i.e. landmarks, for example: highway 244, Ohre Lake.

Otherwise, do I understand you created these maps without Venhola? If so, stop whatever you're doing, get up to speed on Venhola as the next patch should be "magical." And, let me say I find it impressive the inclusion of spmap txt files!

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Old February 23rd, 2019, 06:29 PM
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Default Re: My first three maps

Thanks for your feedback shahadi

I have to confess i play SP since 1997 or so but i've always been shut in playing the AI.
There's so many maps and scenarios that entertained me over all these years, i think it's time to step up and give a little bit back

So far, i took a screenshot of the map area and used Photoshops measuring tool on the 500m distance mark on the map (length in pixels).
Then just set the "grid overlay" option to that distance (and adding 10 sub divisions). Pretty straight forward, the result is the "topo" image i included for each map which i used as a reference.

But then i found out about Venhola, holy! Even easier

Originally Posted by shahadi View Post
1) Place a few identifiers, i.e. landmarks, for example: highway 244, Ohre Lake.
I included some map text on town centers, rivers, roads and such, i placed some * along the (former) border, but for some reason just some or none show up on lowest zoom. On second lowest zoom they should show up.
If not, there's something else going wrong too.

These spmaptxt files are great. Stumbled upon this earlier today and loved the idea of giving some info on the region. Most of the time you load up a map and got no real clue where the heck this place is exactly I'm into this kind of gimmicks.

(To be honest, i would have loved to include some pictures of how it looks like in reality too but i am afraid that's way out of the scope of whats possible with spmaptxt. SpmapHTML would be awesome)
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