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Old September 17th, 2017, 08:51 AM
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Default Re: Greek OOB31 v.9

1/38 would be more correct......that type of error we don't have a quick and easy way to check for ( I do now and that was the only one in the ww2 OOB's plus one in the NK MBT OOB's now corrected in both.... )

The good news, FWIW, I found a number of much better photos for it but also some conflicting information from a Greek website about Greek Military vehicles.....I suspect a bad translation


This vehicle was manufactured in a small number (378) between 1937-41 and used only by the German army. They were bought in 1936 by contest. The motorized cavalry constitution used 44 (according to other sources 31) G5 as personnel transport vehicles but was also used as an identification vehicle.
I have seen other websites that claim the German army had no interest in it....for now 1/38 start date will do

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Old September 19th, 2017, 07:31 PM

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Default Re: Greek OOB31 v.9

Thank you for your attention to last year's notes.
I didn't mean to go back to Greece, but on the occasion, just a few updated notes (this time without artillery and stuff):

36 Anti Tank Rifle - there's no sign of such weapon. Possibly it's meant to be Polish 7.92mm wz.35 Ur, which was considered to be bought before the war, but obviously wasn't.

345 Peerless A/T - in its final version it had an armoured roof
Armament was 1 or 2 Hotchkiss LMGs sticking out from a side (and possibly rifles), not Vickers TMG. It could also carry 10-14 men. And size should be bigger (5?) - it was huge, especially with a houselike roof.

350 CV 33 - earliest CV.33 were armed with a single 6.5mm MG (not twin) (weapon 218 from Italian OOB)

(However, from 1935 they started to be retrofitted in Italy with 8 mm MGs, and I doubt if the ones with 6.5mm were used in combat, and moreover captured by Greece...)

352 CV.38 - proper photo is 20642. This vehicle has been correctly changed to 1942 year (tankettes with a new suspension were modified in 1942-43) - but there rather aren't known any armoured vehicles captured after 1941, and its formation ends in 1941... It should be removed IMO.

365 Vickers M1936 - I believe it should be class 12 Light tank, so that they are used in two-tank sections, not alone (reportedly 10 were delivered, making them most numerous Greek tanks)

365,366 Vickers Mk E(a)/(b) - both should be Infantry Tank class, so that they are used in single-tank formations (only one each was bought).

Among scarce tanks, that the Greeks did use, were two Carden Loyd VI tankettes, bought in 1930-31 (might be 1/30 without great error). Photos on https://grvehicles.wordpress.com/201...n-lloyd-mk-vi/ show, that they had an interesting armoured roof (this page however claims the date was 1935).

373-375 Humber Mk.I-III - this page https://grvehicles.wordpress.com/201...n-lloyd-mk-vi/ mentions only Mk.IV, and used from 1946.

It seems, that Marmon-Herrington III was used instead in North Africa https://grvehicles.wordpress.com/201...k-iii/#more-92

391 Ford Otter II - it should be GM Otter (or just Otter), but according to https://grvehicles.wordpress.com/201...otter/#more-96 it was used after 1945.[/quote]

476 20mm SPAA - possibly a better photo for wheeled Resistance SPAA would be eg. 30160 (used for 475 unit) instead of halftrack SdKfz-6/2..
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Old September 21st, 2017, 05:42 PM

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Default Re: Greek OOB31 v.9

26 47mm AT-Gun - maybe it's better to name it Cpt 47mm AT-Gun?

28,460,469 6.5mm Fiat MMGs - a photo is hard to say what MG. An Italian 2391 might be used instead.
I've found out - the photo 16206 is apparently Hotchkiss LMG on a tripod https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-T7SvmuEkh...1600/greek.JPG . Nice photo of Greek MG, but we haven't such unit, and Fiat was quite different, without a stock and pistol grip. Maybe a generic photo 2391 would be better?

102, 103 P.Z.L. P-24F,G - maybe it's worth to create earlier entries (1/38 to some 12/39), so that a beautiful icon 2968 won't be wasted?.. According to a drawing http://alternathistory.com/files/res...08-640x905.JPG, until 1940 they were silver.

Surprisingly, there exist no good photos of undamaged camouflaged P-24 (current one is silver) - I'm attaching the best one found, that could go to camouflaged entries.

107 Blenheim Mk.IV - standard fixed armament was only 1 MG, now it has 3 (and it isn't even clear, if it had any https://www.haf.gr/en/history/histor...lenheim-mk-iv/) Possibly there's no reason, why it ends at 12/40 instead of 3 or 4/41 (until a fall of Greece).

122 BR Blenheim IV - the unit has been changed from Blenheim I to IV, but a photo remained I - should be 30139.

110 BR Gladiator - a photo is Belgian, it should be British 12552 or 3651 instead.

Gladiators were used also by the Greek AF since 12/40 (not counting two bought around 1937) https://www.haf.gr/en/history/histor...ladiator-mk-i/

This time that's all.
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