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Tanus March 20th, 2008 05:28 PM

New game you know you want to play!
Game is using SEV 1.66 w/ BM 1.14 at the moment. Game description:

Looking for some intrigue? Choke point turtling not your style? Play Diplomacy, where only the savvy survive!

This game will require some deft political maneuvering, and it's unlikely any single race will be able to project power on a galactic scale.
The Pseudo-FTL map makes it almost impossible to bunker in, and the small galaxy means that everyone will be in close proximity to other races. Some game rules:

--Homeworlds cannot be attacked during the first game year (10 turns). Note this is not a very long time, but will help prevent insta-gibbing. Defend your Homeworld!!

--Can only colonize home planet type. If you wish to have other colony types, you'll have to capture or trade for them.

--Tech and Colony trading is allowed.

--Please join only if you can consistently make the turn duration. It's possible this can be lengthened for short periods of time, but only by majority agreement.

--Playing in character is strongly encouraged.

--When creating your empire, please choose a distinct shipset and flag. Also ensure to set tech cost to High, and note that we're starting with Medium tech points (which should be enough for a couple techs to lead off with)

Starting resources: 100000
Starting planets: 1
Home planet value: Good
Score display: Own
Technology level: Medium
Racial points: 3000
Quadrant type: Pseudo-FTL
Quadrant size: Small
Event frequency: Medium
Event severity: Catastrophic
Technology cost: High
Victory conditions: Allied Victory
Maximum units: Max
Maximum ships: Max
Computer players: None
Neutral empires: No
Other game settings: Have fun

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