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BlanketThief July 30th, 2011 09:24 PM

Re: MA -Myconos- Last of the Fungi
Because of the starting ages of the royal palace units, their chain of secondshape units all have old age.

Infected Winds looks like it's bugged potentially, especially the 2 commanders bit. The scaling could use a fair bit of improvement as well (Unless you're aiming for a static number)

GFSnl July 30th, 2011 09:38 PM

Re: MA -Myconos- Last of the Fungi
Tnx for taking the time to look and evaluate my mod :).

I know about the old age problem. I made the granite warriors young for that reason. But thematically I did want to have the guards old. It's not like you'll get a lot of 2nd shapes from them as they are really expensive and capital only.

About the Blood Stained Land spell. I don't know a good solution to the multiple commander problem. I searched the forums for info but it seems that if you use far summoning 10037 you'll always end up with an extra commander. Their might be a solution by suicide-ing one of the commanders after summoning units in battle. But I don't think it's possible to summon permanent units as battle summons. <- if anybody knows I would by very happy :happy:.

I can change the scaling of the spell though. Did you think there are to many or to few units that you get for the price? Or that you should get more units for every level above casting requirements?

GFSnl August 1st, 2011 08:37 PM

Re: MA -Myconos- Last of the Fungi
Whoohoo finished with content. Now only balancing. Who's taking up the gauntlet and tries it in Multi Player.


- Fixed more spelling errors
- New unit: Anemone Fungi
- New unit: Polyp fungi
- 5 new Hero's
- Changed underwater fungi for sacred freespawn.
- numerous tweaks

GFSnl August 13th, 2011 08:30 PM

Re: MA -Myconos- Last of the Fungi
Myconos Version 2.0

Total revamp. Lots and lots of new content and changes.
Myconos is a lot more difficult to play but more rewarding (I think).
The Auto summons from the three major mushroom mages probably needs balancing.

- Dominion causes unrest. ***Major Change***
- No more Astral from the beginning.

- New Pretender: Myconid Queen
- New Unit: Giant Tick
- New Unit: Blood Beast
- New Unit: Celestial Bandar
- New Unit: Hell Hound
- New Unit: Hell Spawn
- New Unit: Infected Elephant
- New Unit: Infected Tiger
- New Unit: Infected Moose
- New Unit: Infected Markata
- New Unit: Infected Winged Monkey
- New Unit: Infecetd Spider
- New Unit: Infected Wolf
- New Unit: Infected Harpy
- New Unit: Infected Imp
- New Unit: Infected Demon Jester
- New Unit: Infected Spine Devil
- New Unit: Infected Devil

- auto summon on 2nd stage Mushroom mages. Air,Nature and Blood Fungus. ***Major Change***
Fly Amanita: Infects (summon) various forest creatures
Enokitake: Infects various plains/other creatures
Blood Fungus: Infects various demons
Water Fungus: Summons sacred baby Fungi.
- Possession now 2N instead of 1S
- Lots of minor tweaks.


Q: This domain causes unrest thingy costs a *LOT* of money. How could you?
A: It has been empirically proven parasites increase unrest.
I released some flesh eating parasites at work and almost no money was being made.
These weren't even the mind snatching kind.

Q: Where's my Astral. I need Astral. I'm entitled to it dammit!
A: You can't handle Astral, Sonny boy.
If you really want it you'll have to earn it.
Celestial Bandars and Mold Demons have Astral.

Q: I can play with the Queen Myconid. Where's the King?
A: The King is busy rescuing various Fungus settlement.
And it sets the stage for a late age Myconid nation let by the King against the infected Queen.

Q: Why would I take the Queen pretender anyway.
A: She's actually and immortal pretender.
On death she'll re-emerge as another unit in the capital.
She can also be used to cast Possession without killing her. She will shape into another form.

Q: What am I doing here, and what's the meaning of life.
A: Ehh... ?

Juzza August 27th, 2011 06:01 AM

Re: MA -Myconos- Last of the Fungi
I noticed the Polyp fungi when killed leave a permanent unit that has no name and has the appearance of a gladiator I think, needless to say I think it is a bug.

I also have to say that I really like this mod and that I'd love to see more additions to it, Cave and Wasteland specific Fungi. And of course a Early and Late age.

Also I think it would be cool to have some sort of basic Myconid Soldier, the soldier itself doesn't have to be particularly good, on par or worse then the Myconid Commander, I believe it would add a little more variety to buildable armies.

It certainly has promise and has earned a place in my permanently active mods list.

GFSnl September 1st, 2011 01:12 PM

Re: MA -Myconos- Last of the Fungi

the gladiator thing is a bad id number. I'll fix it in the next version, probably somewhere next week.

I agree the lineup from purchasable units is a little bit meager. I was thinking of adding some sort of ranged mushroom with some kind of poison arrows. Ideas welcome.

There will be one more fungi in the next iteration. The Bombardier Fungus as a mountain specific summon. I'm planning to also make a waste- and swampland specific summon in the future.

jimbojones1971 September 3rd, 2011 01:37 AM

Re: MA -Myconos- Last of the Fungi
This mod looks very cool.

I'm planning to set up another MA game in the next week or so (having been bless-rushed into early oblivion in one of my games), so I'll give this a spin at the same time - I'll PM you when the game starts, and let you know how I go.

GFSnl September 3rd, 2011 06:45 AM

Re: MA -Myconos- Last of the Fungi

I'll make sure and update is posted shortly with all the latest tweaks and bug fixes.

jimbojones1971 September 5th, 2011 05:59 AM

Re: MA -Myconos- Last of the Fungi
Let me know when you are good to roll and I'll set up an MP game so I can kick the tyres. :-)

From looking at dom3minions, I think you are making it compatible with other mods (the big mod compatibility project thingo). Is that right? I'd like to use CBM 1.84 in the game for sure, and possible lesser holy war too.

GFSnl September 5th, 2011 06:17 AM

Re: MA -Myconos- Last of the Fungi
Made a small update.

Version 2.1

- Starfish fungi no longer immobile. So a Starfish commander with a flying carpet is an idea.
- Fungi Polyp second shape fixed.
- Polyps have a little upkeep now. But only half of other freespawn.
- Removed Glamour from large Chrysalis. Survival rate was to large with glamour.

It should work with CBM 1.84 and I see no reason it shouldn't work with Holy wars. The only problem might be with running it with other mod nations with the same ID usage. But this will be easily fixable.

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