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blazejos April 5th, 2021 10:21 AM

P-51 Mustang Icon
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Based on Don's nice icons with small improvments (tail&engine&some lines on wings) I build series of P-51 in various paintings based on aircraft model painting schematics. This series of Icons covers Mustangs in WW2.

P-51 Mustang with Alison engine


P-51 Mustang with Merlin engine


blazejos April 22nd, 2021 09:19 AM

Re: P-51 Mustang Icon
Question in subject of aircraft scale?

I just found looking on on aircraft icons that since previous version of SPWW2 especially but also in SPMBT from last version of both games that some aircraft especially fighters and utility are repainted by Don as a smaller one. Is that some trend and plans are to repainted them all to fit more to bombers in scale. Also some bombers were repainted to make them smaller probably fit in scale to the rest. If that is general trend are some aircraft icons for reference for this new Scale. I just d'like to make this P-51 mustang fit in scale to game. Because looking now especially on Bf-109 and other fighters in game also some bombers icons have feeling that they are to big to the rest what we have?

DRG April 22nd, 2021 12:15 PM

Re: P-51 Mustang Icon
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Generally, aircraft Icons have grown a little bit ( the P-47's for example are larger than what used to be in the game )but in some cases, the wingspan and overall size has been slightly reduced to keep them in line with similar types but there has and will continue to be a difference in scale between fighters, twin-engined bombers and four-engine bombers but I am trying to keep a relative scale for each type. Those three types cannot be the same scale and fit into the game and there is no need for them to be the same scale as aircraft are only seen on map singly.

BUT that said your comment/question is hardly useful without examples.

I have found some older aircraft icons to be a bit too large but some a bit too small and in redoing them have made adjustments and these adjustments are NOT just "re-paints" they are totally redone from scale drawings.

The latest twin-engined bombers should be close to the same scale as should the single-engined fighters but twin-engined bombers and single-engined fighters do not use the same scale and I have tried to come up with a formula but it all comes down to what was the wingspan of the last twin-engined bomber or single-engined fighter I built or rebuilt and is the new one the same or slightly smaller or slightly larger and then the wingspan for the new one is adjusted a bit one way or the other when I reduce the outline of the aircraft down from the scale drawing to create a template for the icon but there is no consistent scale across all aircraft types as there is generally with vehicles that have to co-exist in the map together.

An example of "scale" for single-engined aircraft


The wingspan of a 109 is less than a P-51. The P-51's in the game have a wingspan of 69 pixels the 109 is 59 pixels. I try to keep to odd numbers as a general concept as creating a balanced fuselage is easier when it's an odd number and since wings are in almost all cases the same the icons tend to be odd-numbered wingspans. There is a slight difference in ratio between the two....1.81 vs 1.86.

If the 109 was scaled to 1.86 like the P-51 it would average to 60.... 60 is an even number. If it was scaled to 61 it would a pixel too much but that's what the 109 on the right side is, in comparison, what it might be if the P-51 had been created to the same "formula" as the 109 it would be 67 wide instead of 69 but it's 69 and I can live with that as the difference shown here the one on the right is 67 and if you look real close you can see the difference...... you won't in the game and ultimately these things are built for the game and nothing else and in the game, they enter the map, make their attack and are gone and if the wingspan is 1 pixel less than "ideal" or two pixels "too much" it's nothing anyone PLAYING THE GAME is going to notice because only one aircraft can ever be on the game map at any one time and the only time real differences can be seen is when they are not in the game .

DRG April 23rd, 2021 09:35 AM

Re: P-51 Mustang Icon
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Originally Posted by blazejos (Post 849966)
Based on Don's nice icons with small improvments (tail&engine&some lines on wings)

Błażej...... Please tell me how changing the tail to look like one no Mustang ever had is a "small improvement"



The inner part of the horizontal stabilizer ( the tail for non pilots ) that connects to the fuselage is 60% greater than the end cap. It's not the same at both ends

blazejos April 23rd, 2021 04:49 PM

Re: P-51 Mustang Icon
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Is not exactly as should be looking on schematics you point a weak part of icon :doh:. for my defence I can said that I try model pointed shape o fuselage.

Is hard with small number of pixel have exactly correct shape. That is other variation proposition meaby closer to correct shape?
If you will be happy I can repaint to that fuselage rest of the icons.


Generally based on your icon on beginning I rebuild some lines on wings and add a fuel tanks valves were painted in red on all British aircraft and also not always but often on American. Engine is slightly streamlined more like in your Spitfire icon with exhausts and fuselage which I try to model to be like on schematics but as you pointed that isn't easy task.

Changes made in original icon

based on plans

BTW great page with different aircraft blueprints

In case of Mustang always come to my mind citation from Reichsmarshal Hermann Göring
"The day I saw Mustangs over Berlin, I knew the jig was up"

DRG April 23rd, 2021 05:27 PM

Re: P-51 Mustang Icon
When building at this scale there will always be tradeoffs that have to be made and everyone makes tradeoffs differently as well different drawing programs will reduce in different ways depending on the method used I always find one half reduces better than the other and that's the side I copy and flip but sometimes it's a combination and sometimes it has to be touched up by hand

And yes, that drawing source is very, very good.

blazejos April 29th, 2021 09:37 AM

Re: P-51 Mustang Icon
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All this icons related to P-51 Mustang during WW2 in one Shp file. Also an folder with Bmp. Tail already improved.

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