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RetLT April 27th, 2021 12:37 AM

Fire (Flame) damage
I just finished one of the Iwo Jima scenarios and due to the number of flame throwers, many of the hexes were left burning.

My A0 unit and one of my Observers were stuck in burning hexes due to heavy suppression.

After several turns of trying to rally and move them they disappeared and were listed as destroyed. They were not fired on or hit with artillery.

Does remaining in a burning hex now cause damage and not just suppression?

This is what it did in the original SP but I had not seen this happen in a long time.

Mobhack April 27th, 2021 07:58 AM

Re: Fire (Flame) damage
It happens much less in our games as we have turned down the damage from being in a fire hex, much less than the old SSI games where it was quite frnkly suicidal to stand around in a fire hex.

However it may still happen, if rarely. It tends to happen to static things (bunkers) that are left to cook over time and even then, the crew usually abandon and run off when the suppression builds up.

I cant think of any example that I have seen in the last 10 years myself.

RetLT April 27th, 2021 10:25 PM

Re: Fire (Flame) damage

Originally Posted by Mobhack (Post 850206)

I cant think of any example that I have seen in the last 10 years myself.

This was a first for me too.

Their suppression kept building so I could not move them out of the burning hex and then they were gone. I did not notice that they were taking damage.

If it makes any difference, the burning hexes were all caused by flamethrowers. Maybe they are more likely to cause this than a fire from other causes.

I will have to run an experiment to see.

RetLT April 29th, 2021 02:24 PM

Re: Fire (Flame) damage
1 Attachment(s)
Did a test and I can confirm that fires started by flame throwers will cause suppression/damage to units that remain in the burning hexes.

I started 6 fires with z-fire from flame throwers on turn 1 and moved units into the burning hexes.

36 turns later all had taken damage but none more than 4 with some only 1 (See attached screen shot).

It did not seem to matter if the hex had been flamed once or twice, nor did it matter if the fire was burning in a wooded or a clear hex.

I am guessing that if the units in the burning hexes had suffered further suppression from other factors or if they had not rallied away the suppression they got from the flames, the damage would have been greater.

zovs66 April 29th, 2021 02:32 PM

Re: Fire (Flame) damage
Sounds like a good scenario maker...(saving the title in my mind for later use).

Mobhack April 29th, 2021 06:07 PM

Re: Fire (Flame) damage
There is a maximum fire level per hex. Adding more does not bake the pizza any faster.

Napalm bombs and vehicle FT get to the max very quickly, infantry flame less, and rocket RPG less still.

The Warhead size of the flame weapon has a lot to do with the size of fire added to the hex - as well as damage to anything fired at. All flame can ignore armour, but bigger WH does make a difference. A molotov is less likely to waste a Challenger than a stonking big napalm cannister delivered from above..

RetLT April 29th, 2021 06:51 PM

Re: Fire (Flame) damage

Originally Posted by zovs66 (Post 850226)
Sounds like a good scenario maker...(saving the title in my mind for later use).

What was the old proverb? Only a fool fights in a burning house.

Now that is a scenario title.

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