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MarkSheppard March 16th, 2015 08:57 PM

Converting SP1 Scenarios (was Blitzkrieg Banzai)
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Map is straight from the SP1 version through a long and convoluted automatic process (SP1toWW2.exe --> SPWW2 version 2.2 -> WW2Map.exe).

The OOB for both sides was rebuilt from scratch; with a few more toys present in this version that weren't in the SP1 version.

I still need to do more work here, such as editing the Japanese OOB to make the formations more in line with a mechanized unit; as I had to buy the APCs in a separate formation.

Right now, I'd say it's more of a PBEM only scenario until I can get more experience; this was just a quick "can we convert SP1 scenarios over?" proof of concept that I threw together; because a Japan v Germany throwdown has always intrigued me since I beat the German campaign in Iron Storm for Sega Saturn; which was... Germans v. Japanese in India for control of the world. :p

glaude1955 March 17th, 2015 11:13 AM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
This is a very good idea to revive old scenarios.
Congratulations for the work done


MarkSheppard March 18th, 2015 04:45 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
From a "How To" Guide I am working on for converting scenarios:

"The scenario quality for SP1 overall is much lower than with SP2; because scenario designers could only have 48 units per side, of which one was the HQ unit.

It basically meant that if you wanted mechanized/motorized infantry; you really couldn't have much in the way of other units.

SP2 improved on this by allowing I think up to 200 units. This meant that scenarios in SP2 could become much more varied.

With the limit of 48 units per side in SP1; many scenario designers in that era went overboard with the pure tank combat (well, that and Infantry was undermodelled in SP1).

A lot of extra steps are required for a SP1 to WinSPx conversion; as opposed to a simple(r) SP2 to WinSPx conversion; so save your SP1 scenario conversions to only those scenarios that are truly interesting.

Essentially, for both games; you want to find a scenario worth your time -- you should expect to spend about 3 to 4 hours per scenario conversion; because while the map transfer can be automated; the OOB transfer can't be; and in many cases, you may want to slightly redesign parts of the scenario to be better."

MarkSheppard March 27th, 2015 09:01 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
Slight non Blitzkreig Banzai (but SP1 related) post.

I think I have figured out how to convert SP1 campaigns over. It takes a LOT more steps; but it's feasible.

MarkSheppard March 27th, 2015 09:38 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
Here's a quick precis I just wrote:'


Each SP1 Campaign is made up of multiple files:

The DAT files are essentially scenario files; but with the player's side OOB blank; making it impossible to convert directly as-is.

The campaign files are laid out as follows:



X is the campaign letter. Theoretically, you could have up to 26 campaigns in SP1; but neither SSI nor Novastar ever went that high.


Y is the scenario letter. This means that apparently the maximum number of scenarios in a campaign in SP1 is 26.


CAMPGA.DAT and it's associated text files (see below) are related to the seventh (G) campaign, first battle (A).

A campaign has several text files attached to it; with the following syntax:

IN : Intro text.
MV: Marginal Victory Text
ML: Marginal Loss Text
LO : Losing text

To convert; you have to rename the CAMP_X_Y.dat files to more conventional SCENxxx.dat files; so that they can be opened in the SP1 in-game editor.

E.g; you rename them as:


In order to successfully dump/convert these files with SP1toWW2.EXE; you need to open them up in SP1's in-game editor, hit the BUY button for PLAYER 1; add a few random units; then SAVE the scenario again.

The re-saved SCEN file will now successfully show up and be convertable/dumpable in SP1TOWW2.EXE.

MarkSheppard March 30th, 2020 11:09 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
1 Attachment(s)

I have successfully managed to rebuild, using:
  • Borland Builder 5.00
  • Fred Chlanda's Source Code
Some of Fred Chlanda's old programs, in particular his rather finnicky SP1toWW2.exe

I've managed to at least streamline it to make converting maps from SP1 format to SP2 format (aka SPWW2 Version 2.2) easier, from whence on you can convert to present SPCAMO Map Format with WW2Map.exe

I've also begun work on a Python program to strip data from SP1 scenarios; it's...very much a WIP.

Some examples of the output so far are:


Scenario Month,5
Scenario Year,40
Scenario Length,15
ScenarioType,Player 1 Assaults
Map Size,Large-(99x80)
Map Weather,Summer
Map Visibility,15


VLOC_ID, XLocation, YLocation, Value, Control


UnitSide, UnitNumber, Unit Name, XLOC, YLOC, Experience, Morale, Formation Number, Size, Country ID
Player1,0,GE SMG Sqd,90,38,82,87,1,1,0
Player1,1,GE Rifle Sqd,88,43,90,84,2,1,0
Player1,2,GE Rifle Sqd,86,40,98,76,2,1,0
Player1,3,GE Rifle Sqd,87,43,92,80,2,1,0
Player1,4,GE Rifle Sqd,88,45,85,86,2,1,0

What I did with SP1toWW2 was I didn't know how to remove things without breaking the program (at least not yet); So I simply moved the non relevant functions under a new drawn panel and covered them up.

MarkSheppard March 31st, 2020 09:09 AM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
Updated it further to work with SP1 Campaign files -- it was a simple matter of changing the mask on what got loaded from "SCEN*.DAT" to "*.DAT"

My Scenario dumper also works on SP1 Campaign files :D

MarkSheppard April 3rd, 2020 07:56 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
I've got my dumper set up for SP1; and while I don't have the leader dump board set up completely; it's close enough.

This is the sequence:


################################################## ###########
################################################## ###########
################################################## ###########
0.) Stock SSI Scenarios
1.) 6th Panzer Scenarios
2.) Cyberboard Scenarios
3.) Early European Scenarios
4.) East Front 1941 Scenarios
5.) East Front 1942 Scenarios
6.) East Front 1943 Scenarios
7.) East Front 1944 Scenarios
8.) East Front 1945 Scenarios
9.) East Front - Finland Scenarios
10.) Japan/PTO Scenarios
11.) Scenario Pack 1
12.) Scenario Pack 2
13.) West Front - Early War
14.) West Front - Desert War
15.) West Front - Mid-War
16.) West Front - Late War
Select Folder:10
Select Folder: 10
#0: Koga, Tokyo, Japan, 25 Mar 1946
#1: Kagoshima, Japan, 2 Nov 1945 42K
#2: Port Moresby, 15 Feb 1942 45P
#3: Blitzkrieg Banzai, ???
#4: Drive to Manila
#5: Fight to the Finish
#6: Through the Maze
#7: "Coming Again!"
#8: Split Down the Middle
#9: The 1,000 Yard Stare
I integrated Hapschott's SP1 collection of scenarios, it takes up about 700 MB on the hard drive lol. :shock:

The dump files are:

Dumped_Briefing.txt - Consolidates the .TXT and .CMT files into one file for quick reference.

Dumped_Scenario_Data.csv - Consolidates Month/Year of scenario, Length of Scenario, Type of Scenario (Meeting Engagement or Advance), Selected Countries, Map Size, Map Weather, Map Visibility

Dumped_Bombardments.csv - Lists all preplanned bombardments, who is firing, and who is spotting.

Dumped_Leaders.csv -- Lists all leaders, Ranks, names and rally, infantry/artillery and armored ratings. I don't know how to figure out the formation/leader board for SP1 and am not gonna put time into it for now.

Dumped_VLocations.csv -- Lists all Victory Locations (VLOCs) with their X/Y location, value, and who controls them at scenario start.

Dumped_Units.csv -- Lists unit number, formation ID (A0, etc), are they a passenger (and on what unit) or off map? X/Y Location, Experience, Morale, and Ammunition Stock levels.

################################################## ######

Future Goals: Figure out some way to decompress and then recompress the SPWW2/SPMBT DAT files.

Rather than trying for a seamless automatic conversion (too much time and effort to figure out things), the general concept will be that you:

1.) Convert the Map from SP1 to SP2 then to SPWW2 standards via WW2Map and my hacked version of SP1toWW2.

2.) Dump the Scenario information

3.) Start SPWW2 and create a scenario in the editor by using the information in the dumped files; i.e. instead of trying for an automatic translation, you simply see that the US pick list for this SP1 scenario is:


A0        Battalion HQ       
A1        M3-Halftrack       
B0        M24 Chaffee       
B1        M24 Chaffee       
C0        M24 Chaffee       
C1        M24 Chaffee       
D0        M4a3e8 Sherman       
D1        M4a3e8 Sherman       
D2        M4a3e8 Sherman       
D3        M4a3e8 Sherman       
D4        M4a3e8 Sherman       
E0        Sherman Flame       
E1        Sherman Flame       
F0        Sherman 105       
F1        Sherman 105       
G0        US SMG Sqd        Passenger - D0: M4a3e8 Sherman
G1        US SMG Sqd        Passenger - D1: M4a3e8 Sherman
G2        US SMG Sqd        Passenger - D4: M4a3e8 Sherman
H0        US Rifle Sqd        Passenger - F0: Sherman 105
H1        US Rifle Sqd        Passenger - E0: Sherman Flame
H2        US Rifle Sqd        Passenger - E1: Sherman Flame
I0        US Rifle Sqd        Passenger - D2: M4a3e8 Sherman
I1        US Rifle Sqd        Passenger - B0: M24 Chaffee
I2        US Rifle Sqd        Passenger - B1: M24 Chaffee
J0        US Engineer Sq        Passenger - C1: M24 Chaffee
J1        US Engineer Sq        Passenger - C0: M24 Chaffee
J2        US Engineer Sq        Passenger - F1: Sherman 105
K0        B-25h Mitchell        OFF MAP
K1        B-25h Mitchell        OFF MAP
L0        P-38j Lightnin        OFF MAP
L1        P-38j Lightnin        OFF MAP
M0        8 in Battery        OFF MAP
M1        155 Gun Batter        OFF MAP
M2        155 Gun Batter        OFF MAP
N0        155mm Battery        OFF MAP
N1        105mm Battery        OFF MAP
N2        105mm Battery        OFF MAP
N3        105mm Battery        OFF MAP
O0        155mm Battery        OFF MAP
O1        155mm Battery        OFF MAP
O2        155mm Battery        OFF MAP
O3        155mm Battery        OFF MAP
P0        Calliope        OFF MAP
P1        Calliope        OFF MAP

and you purchase things as needed to approximate the scenario in SPWW2.

4.) Save Scenario to disk.

5.) Use hypothetical ScenSlicer to edit the saved SPWW2 scenario with:

a.) Automatic VLOC relocation and point numbering; since they're small and simple.

b.) It then goes:

B0: M24 Chaffee -- enter X LOC: [input] enter Y LOC:

so on, since one of the tiresome tasks is finding and placing everything to the right X/Y locations.

You can then edit final "chrome" such as facings, etc in the SPWW2 editor, or in SCENHACK.

MarkSheppard April 4th, 2020 03:39 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
Improved the dump system to now do SP1 Campaigns, and made sure all the SP1 Expansion stuff was included now.

The Dump menu is now:


################################################## ###########
################################################## ###########
0.) Stock SSI Scenarios
1.) ---Campaign: Poland 1939
2.) ---Campaign: France 1940
3.) ---Campaign: Normandy 1944
4.) ---Campaign: Operation Market Garden 1944
5.) ---Campaign: Warsaw 1944
6.) ---Campaign: Battle of the Bulge 1944
7.) ---Campaign: World War III
8.) ---Campaign: Barbarossa 1941
9.) ---Campaign: North Africa 1942
10.) --Campaign: Russia Attacks 1943-45
11.) --Campaign: Patton's Third Army 1944-45
12.) --Campaign: Panzer Command 1939-45
13.) --Campaign: Philippines 1941
14.) --Campaign: Japan Attacks 1939-42
15.) 6th Panzer Scenarios
16.) Cyberboard Scenarios
Selecting a campaign gets you this:


#0: Campaign Scenario A
#1: Campaign Scenario B
#2: Campaign Scenario C
#3: Campaign Scenario D
#4: Campaign Scenario E
#5: Campaign Scenario F
#6: Campaign Scenario H
#7: Campaign Scenario I
#8: Campaign Scenario J
#9: Campaign Scenario K
#10: Campaign Scenario L
######Max Index: 10 #######
Most of the campaigns are very simple for SP1, but the ex-Novagames stuff like "Barbarossa 1941" uses virtually all of the available scenario slots in the campaign (up to X scenario), whereas SSI scenarios only go up to like H Scenario or so.


Further improved the briefing text so it intelligently identifies if it's a campaign or scenario file. If it's a campaign file, it pulls together all the text files related to that scenario (formatting not exact yet):


The File we opened is: SCEN/Stock_SSI/Camp_WorldWar3_1945\CAMPGA.DAT

Campaign Scenario Intro Text:
May 20th, 1945 -

The Grand Alliance between the U.S. and Russia is dead. Already
units from both sides have fought small skirmishes along the DMZ between the
two armies. We have just received reports that units of the 12th Mechanized
Corps are advancing near Chemitz. The U.S. 2nd Armor Division is to intercept
and engage the Russians. As part of the 2nd Armor, your combat team has been
ordered to secure the roads and villages near Chemitz. As this is a meeting
engagement, you will not have a full intelligence report.


No Campaign Scenario Marginal Victory File!



No Campaign Scenario Marginal Loss File!


Campaign Scenario Losing Text:
The Russians have broken through our lines. The U.S. 3rd Army has been
forced to withdraw in face of overwhelming numbers. Your failure to stop
the Russians has resulted in the loss of Germany. From now on the Russians
will have the power to control the rest of Europe.

MarkSheppard April 4th, 2020 10:38 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
Here's version 1.00 -- I think it's good enough for initial beta testing.

66~ MB ZIP

It decompresses to about 5,500~ files and 931~ MB due to the nature of how messy SP1 scenarios are (uncompressed files largely).

I've discovered that Python 3.6.3 has built in support for zipfiles and am doing initial tests. If they're successful, a later version will be much, much smaller on disk.

Brief HOW TO:


So, here's how it all works.


Step 1.) Run SP1_Dump_v100.exe (It's 4.9 MB because it's a python executable, and thus has a self contained python install in it).

Select your file that you want to dump via selecting folder and then the scenario.

In the _Briefing.txt file there will be a line similar to this:

"The File we opened is: SCEN/Early_Europe\SCEN030.DAT"

That's because for the purposes of this tutorial, I dumped the Early European Scenario "Croatia, April 1941"


2.) Now run SP1_Map_to_WW2.exe




Navigate to the "SCEN/Early_Europe\SCEN030.DAT" folder. Select a DAT file and Click OPEN.

In the file menu on the LEFT, select:

"SCEN030.DAT->Croatia, April 1941"



Click SAVE SPWW2 v2.2 Map

I like to save my raw maps in \OUTPUT, usually under something like "Croatia_Raw.dat"

Close SP1_Map_to_WW2.exe.


3.) Run WW2Map.exe

Click on
FILES -> LOAD MAP and select "CLRWW2v3.DAT" in the main folder. This is a blank SPWW2 map compatible with later versions.

Once it's loaded, click on
CONVERT->WW2 2.x Map

Go into \OUTPUT and select "Croatia_Raw.dat"

The map should now change to the converted SP1 map.

Save it via:


And choose something like "spmap999.dat"


Copy your converted "spmap999.dat" to your WinSPWW2 or WinSPMBT \Maps folder.

Start the respective games and load the map in the scenario editor and begin buying/placing stuff.

MarkSheppard April 6th, 2020 12:14 AM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
Well, I think I have a decompression routine that works for SPCAMO version games. Now comes the hard part of reversing it.

MarkSheppard April 8th, 2020 05:37 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
1 Attachment(s)
A compressed section is made up of multiple interspersed compressed and uncompressed run-length encoded data blocks.

Each run-length coded data block consists of:

[N] a run-length coding byte (RLB)
[b] one or more data bytes.

The Run Length Coding Byte (RLB) is the trigger that tells us what type of data block it is:

If the RLB is equal to or less than 127, it's a uncompressed run-length coded (URLC) data block, which is used for sequences with mixed values:

[N] The RLB indicates the number of data bytes that follow, which can be from 1 to 127 bytes.
[b] Individual Data Bytes that can be copied/edited as/is.

If the RLB is equal to or greater than 128, it's a compressed run-length coded (CRLC) data block, which is used for large sequences of identical data bytes to save space.

[N] The RLB indicates the number of identical data bytes that follow from 1 to 127 bytes.

To get the true RLB for a CRLC block, you need to subtract 128 from the initial RLB. For example, if your CRLC has a RLB of 250, it's true length is actually: 250 – 128 = 122 Byte RLB. (This is what tripped me up; I was assuming 250, 0 meant 250 bytes of identical 0 value.)

[b] Data Value for All the Bytes in this block. The decompressed data is the sequence of N times the data byte B.

A visual representation of the typical sequence of a compressed data block is attached.

RED: Section Header. 4-byte Header Marker (37 0 0 0) followed by compressed size (33 0 0 0) and the compressed flag (1).

GREEN (Uncompressed) and BLUE (Compressed) Blocks You can see how the RLB says 16 bytes, followed by 16 bytes, then you have a compressed block of 86 bytes (214 - 128 = 86) with a value of zero; and so on so on.

MarkSheppard April 8th, 2020 05:40 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
With both compressed and uncompressed datablocks both taking up 127 bytes, it looks like a quick and dirty compression method would be:

read chunks of 127 bytes. If bytes all match, compress. If there's mismatch, run as uncompressed.

EDIT: And of course, you don't need to recompress; you can just insert the newly uncompressed section into the scenario file and change the section header to account for the new length and change the COMPRESSED flag from "Y" to "N" and it'll load in game :D

DRG April 8th, 2020 06:53 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
Both the game code and the code Fred uses have a mixture of " we start numbering from zero here but 1 here"..........it makes life "interesting"

MarkSheppard April 9th, 2020 09:34 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
So far I have:
  • Automated Victory Hex placement, value setting, and control setting
  • quick unit placement via "[UNIT NAME: A0] XLOC:? YLOC:?"


It's an early proof of concept so far; I need to figure out some way of simply typing in a formation number, e.g. A0 and the editor automatically places that unit on the same hex as that unit.

I won't bother with load/passenger tables. Let SPWW2/SPMBT do that in the editor. Too many things to screw up in an undocumented game file.

Basically, you still have to manually edit facings with mouse right clicking, but that's OK; it's a lot less work than having to "hunt and peck" across a map looking for hex locations off a spreadsheet.

MarkSheppard April 9th, 2020 09:56 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
Naturally, since I've cracked the compression code; this means that SP2 support isn't *that* far off.

There are a few interesting ideas in Hapschott's SP2 collection like:


When Bear meets Jew*
______Israel Defend*
______Russia Assault*
Date: October 21, 1974*
Location: Sinai*
Time: At night*
Before the cease-fire that ended the Yom Kippur war, the Soviet Union threatened to intervene in the war when the IDF surrounded the Egyptian Third Army. The Russians didn't intervene, but what if they did? This scenario pits the Russians invading an Israeli base at night. Although prepared for armoured combat, the Israelis were not aware that they were facing airborne troops as well. Will Israel still repel Russia? This scenario was made by Ambush. (orion@travel-net.com or www.travel-net.com/~orion/) *

Israeli 202nd Parachute Brigade*
__Jordanian Police Contingent*
Date: Oct 10, 1956*
Location: Kalkiliah Police Fort, Jordan*
Units from the 202nd parachute brigade attack the Jordanian Police fort
at Kalkiliah backed by 4 Sherman tanks.
Note: The "Raid on Kalkiliah" scenario that comes with Steel Panthers II
puts the date of this action at June 5, 1967. Avalon Hill has it as a
much earlier date of October 10, 1956. I'm not sure who is actually
correct but I chose to stay with the Avalon Hill model of this battle.*
___Based on the Avalon Hill game*
______"The Arab-Isaeli Wars"*
____________Created by*
__________Keith Heitmann*

Keep Feeding me! Keep Feeding me!*
The Invasion at Pearls Airport:*
Operation Urgent Fury*
the United States invasion of Grenada.*
This is a "What-If" scenario. The actual events do not make a good wargame scenario, but a minor adjustment to reality changes that entirely and makes it a desperate struggle for both sides.*
On 25 October 1983, while the 75th Rangers were occupied trying to take the Cuban-built airport at Point Salines, the 2nd/8th BLT USMC battle group hit their first objective -- Pearls Airport in northern Grenada. Details were sketchy on the opposition they would face, but figures bandied about in the hours before the Marines landed had the Grenadan force at battalion strength reinforced by elements of the Cuban military. Even though the Marines had no solid intelligence about what to expect, they were amazingly close to predicting what was -supposed- to be there waiting for them.*
This "What-If" scenario is based on the premise that Maurice Bishop was able to thwart the coup, stay alive and remain in power. That, remaining in power and faced with U.S. aggression, Bishop and Castro coordinated a quick, ahead-of-schedule airlift of some of the military hardware that would have arrived in Grenada over the next few weeks. More Cuban military advisors would, of course, have come with the equipment. And, most important, with Bishop alive the people of Grenada most probably would have turned out en masse to defend their island -- and in this scenario they do.*
This scenario played from either side is a vicious battle.*
Please read the included "PEARLS.TXT" for more detailed information.
This is the third of a series of scenarios by the author depicting Operation Urgent Fury.*
This is version 1 of this scenario. I welcome any and all comments -- please e-mail moonwolf@earthling.net*
Then there are some old scenarios which are surprisingly prophetic, like this one from 1996:


Ukraine (Red) Defend*
___Russia Assault*
Date: June 12, 1998*
Location: Sarny, Ukraine*
By the late 1990's, relations between Russia and Ukraine had worsened. Facing economic and nationalistic pressures at home, the Russian government demanded Black Sea port rights from the Ukraine. The Russians also insisted that the Ukrainian government turn over all potential nuclear weapons. Feeling that their legitimacy as a sovereign nation was at stake, Ukraine refused and mobilized its large army. The Russians struck swiftly, launching several strikes at various military bases and airfields near the border. Soviet Special Forces and the Ukrainians battled it out over an airbase.

MarkSheppard April 10th, 2020 10:14 AM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
Conversion Guide Part II:
################################################## ###

Copy your converted "spmap999.dat" to your WinSPWW2 or WinSPMBT \Maps folder.

Start your game of choice (MBT or WW2), load the scenario editor:

Hit MAP-CUSTOM button and load the map (999).

(NOTE: Unfortunately, it appears that smoke/damage conditions get wiped clean during conversion)

While you're in there, set up the initial conditions of the scenario:

Player Nations, Date, Visibility, Type of Battle, etc.

This information will be in the _Scenario_Data.csv file for handy reference.

and buy the OOBs for each side.

OOB information for the original scenario will be in the _Units.csv file for handy reference.


One of the big reasons why I didn't design an automatic conversion of the OOB/unit list is this:

SP1 OOBs were very simplistic; while SPWW2 OOBs are much more realistic and have more granular detail with 25~ more years of research in them, plus the larger size of OOBs allowing more detail.

Case in point; for Japan in November 1945 in Steel Panthers I; you have the following infantry formations available in the OOB:

Infantry Plt
Cavalry Plt
Engineer Plt
Engineer Sec
Spec Atk Force
Machine Gun Sec

Meanwhile, in Steel Panthers: World War II, you have for the same time period in the Japanese OOB:

Para Spd Co[A]
Paratroop Co[A]
Para Platoon[A]
Para Mor Sec[A]
Para HMG Pl [A]
Para Enq Pl [A]
Gldr Spd Co[G)
Glider Co[G]
Glider Pl [G]
Gldr Mor Pl [G]
Gldr HMG Pl [G]
Gldr Enq Pl [G]
Para Pl -[A]
Rifle Platoon A
Mot Recce Co
Mot-Inf Platoon
Rifle Platoon C
Rifle Platoon E
Infantry Co A+
Infantry Co B+
Infantry Co C+
Infantry Co D+
Infantry Co E+
Infantry Co F+
Infantry Co A
Infantry Co B
Infantry Co C
Infantry Co D
Infantry Co E
Infantry Co F
Infantry Co G
Infantry Co H
Rifle Platoon D
Rifle Platoon B
Para Pl -
Paratroop Co
Para Platoon
Para Special Co
Para HMG Pl
Imp Guards Co
Imp Guards Pl
SNLF Company
SNLF Company -
SNLF Platoon
Mountain Pl
Mountain Co
Ski Company
Ski Platoon
Militia Company
Militia Platoon
Mot Patrol Sec
Mntd Patrol Sec
Mot Scout Sec
Mntd Scout Sec
Mountain Scouts
Imp Gds Scouts
SNLF Scouts
Ski Scouts
Sniper Group
SNLF Sniper
Mountain Sniper
Inf-AT Section
Special Atk Det
Engineer Pl
Para Eng Pl
Imp Gds Eng Pl
Machinegun Sec
Machinegun Pl
Regt HMG Co
Bn HMG Co -
Regt HMG Co -
Heavy Wpn Pl A
Heavy Wpn Pl B
Heavy Wpn Pl C
Para Mortar Pl
AAMG Section

You can now get a much more closer approximation to reality than with a simple "auto convert" -- more work for you in figuring out what the new scenario OOB should be, but in return getting a much more improved scenario -- a "Gold" scenario, so to speak.

Once you've bought your formations, save the game as slot 999.

Copy that savegame file over into the conversion tool folder.

The current version of SPCAMO slicer forms a file list of the files in it's directory, and picks the first one with the string "_VLOCs.csv" in it's list -- so if you have two scenario dumps in the tool directory, only the alphabetically first CSV file will be used by SPCAMO slicer for VLOC automatic editing.

Run "SPCAMO Slicer.exe"

It's currently hardcoded to load "spWW2scn0999.dat", in this initial release.

It'll spit out a bunch of debug information:


Analyzing spWW2scn0999.dat
Section 0 offset at: 15
Section 1 offset at: 20
Section 2 offset at: 5959
Section 3 offset at: 69968
Section 4 offset at: 70985
Section 5 offset at: 73281
Section 6 offset at: 81107
Section 7 offset at: 82318
Section 8 offset at: 84857
Section 9 offset at: 135069
These are the file offsets for each section in the scenario file.

NOTE: Currently, I have no idea how to program it so that it displays section 48's offset correctly, but that's for another day.

It will then display more debug information.


Unpacking Critical Scenario Sections....

Block Analyzed. Data is as follows:
Block IDNUM: 1
Block Header Offset: 20
Block Type: Compressed
Block Size: 5930 bytes (compressed size).
What's happening is that the program is now identifying and dumping those sections into the following files


The original compressed versions are for debug purposes.

It'll then tell you it's found the VLOC.csv file:


....loading external data files to edit Scenario....

match: West_Front_Early_Scen_038_VLOCs.csv

Victory Hex CSV file Loaded into memory!
VLOC#0 10,30 Value: 50

Editing Victory Locations!
VLOC#0 10,30 -- 50 Value -- 1 Control
VLOC#1 30,30 -- 50 Value -- 1 Control
VLOC#2 50,30 -- 50 Value -- 1 Control
VLOC#3 10,50 -- 50 Value -- 1 Control
VLOC#4 30,50 -- 50 Value -- 1 Control
VLOC#5 50,50 -- 50 Value -- 1 Control
VLOC#6 70,50 -- 50 Value -- 1 Control
VLOC#7 10,70 -- 50 Value -- 1 Control
VLOC#8 30,70 -- 50 Value -- 1 Control
VLOC#9 50,70 -- 50 Value -- 1 Control
VLOC#10 70,70 -- 50 Value -- 1 Control
VLOC#11 80,70 -- 50 Value -- 1 Control
VLOC#12 80,60 -- 50 Value -- 1 Control
VLOC#13 70,40 -- 50 Value -- 1 Control
VLOC#14 60,20 -- 50 Value -- 1 Control
VLOC#15 10,22 -- 50 Value -- 1 Control
VLOC#16 74,14 -- 50 Value -- 1 Control
VLOC#17 76,20 -- 50 Value -- 1 Control
VLOC#18 83,20 -- 50 Value -- 1 Control
VLOC#19 84,14 -- 50 Value -- 1 Control
VLOC#20 80,16 -- 50 Value -- 1 Control
Victory Locations Edited!
Then it brings up the locations of the units:


Numbers of Note:
255 -- OFF MAP (Artillery, etc)
777 -- enter when done with editing locations

Canadian HQ - A0
XLOC: 35
YLOC: 15
Kommandeur - B0
As said before, if you don't feel like editing everything, or you've edited everything and the program starts displaying blank unit location fields; just punch in 777 and it will break that editing loop and continue on.

It will then reassemble everything via inserting the edited sections (sections 17 and 32 currently) into the original scenario file.

Because of the way Python handles file input; I basically have to reassemble the file from scratch from:

File Data Before Segment
Edited Segment
File Data After Segment

And repeat it so on.

The newly edited file will be named "spWW2scn0998.dat"

It will be like 892 kB (versus about 320 kB for the original file).

This is because I inserted uncompressed sections into the file via changing the header flags.

But don't worry!

Simply copy "spWW2scn0998.dat" over to your SPCAMO scenario folder and load it up in WW2/MBT's Scenario editor.

Change a few things, like move a unit 1 hex away; change the facing, etc and then save it as normal in the scenario editor.

When you check the newly saved file, it'll be back to a "normal" file size as the built in game compression re-compresses it for us, with no work needed on our end.

MarkSheppard April 10th, 2020 10:28 AM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)

Originally Posted by MarkSheppard (Post 847144)
It's an early proof of concept so far; I need to figure out some way of simply typing in a formation number, e.g. A0 and the editor automatically places that unit on the same hex as that unit.

Simpler solution. Modified the SP1 dumping to output things like:

C0 SO Rifle Sqd Passenger - B9: T-34/76c at Location 82-10

MarkSheppard April 10th, 2020 10:40 AM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
73.8 MB ZIP

Current version of the SP1 Conversion tools.

Still includes the full scenarios for SP1; so unpacked size is 946 MB (!!!) :eek:

I'll work on figuring out a way to work with ZIP files so that the next release isn't so massively huge on disk space. (Plus, I need to do that so that it doesn't break when I add the SP2 stuff).

MarkSheppard April 10th, 2020 12:53 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
So it looks like:

Stock SSI SP2 Scenarios are uncompressed at 689kb.

SP2 Scenarios saved with the in-game editor have their compression turned "on" and are arranged like "SPCAMO" scenarios and I can use some of what I created to edit SPCAMO scenarios there.

Given that the original concept was for SP2 to be run with a disc in the CDROM Drive (to show movies and to act as copy protection); and given the original requirements:

486 DX/2 66 MHz
8 MB RAM + 1 MB SVGA Card
2x CDROM Speed (330 kb/sec)

They possibly ran some tests with computers using the original Steel Panthers I requirements (486 DX 33 MHz) to see how well it would run on the older hardware and figured out that having the game read uncompressed scenarios from the CDROM drive was faster than trying to have the slower PC decompress scenario files.

They probably figured from an "emotional" perspective, people would tolerate slower load times for save games or user created scenarios on older hardware.

MarkSheppard April 12th, 2020 12:01 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
So I think I've figured out what happened with the differing file formats in SP2; after trying to convert a SP2 map in WW2Map -- it gave me an error: "This is not a SP2 version 1.1...file!"

I think now with that, plus some looking in at the SP2 patch history for version 1.1:

PBEM games can now be saved to any open save slot. With this change, the old "E-Mail" folder becomes no longer available from the save menu. A result of the change to the PBEM function is that the "Player Preferences On/Off" switch no longer appears on the preferences screen. Preset player and realism preferences are now automatically locked in when the user selects to play in two player mode, as in STEEL PANTHERS III: Brigade Command.

I think they switched PBEM compression on to everything as a stock function, due to the popularity of PBEM.

Karagin April 12th, 2020 10:48 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
I am giving this scenario a run now. I recall the original, it was fun, well right up to the point of your air-support coming in and NOT hitting anything you selected for it. :smirk:

So far what I have seen, playing as the Germans, is that I have taken the upper VP in the village from the Japanese, who took but didn't leave anything but one tank and one Halftrack to guard it.

The bottom VP village is under contestation and the infantry of both sides is slugging it out in that area.

Overall it's been fun and I am enjoying the contrast of forces.

One thing I do find to be a pain is the game asking if I really want to take my tanks up a hillside of rough terrain that has a road on it. No Karl, I really don't want to, I would rather they fly to where I want or need them, but since they can't...

scorpio_rocks April 13th, 2020 05:50 AM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)

Originally Posted by Karagin (Post 847226)
One thing I do find to be a pain is the game asking if I really want to take my tanks up a hillside of rough terrain that has a road on it. No Karl, I really don't want to, I would rather they fly to where I want or need them, but since they can't...

This "issue" was fixed in the 2018 Version 11 patch - are you sure you are using latest version?

MarkSheppard April 13th, 2020 09:32 AM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
When SP2 originally shipped, it came with two sets of RAM recommendations:

8 MB of RAM (16 MB for PBEM replay)

The minimum RAM needed was about 6~ MB.

Additionally, they had special unique email-only save slots:

Regular save games got saved in \STEEL2\SAVE\
PBEM save games got saved in \STEEL2\EMAIL\

When SP2 was patched to version 1.1; they removed the "save email games only in special slots" requirement, and made all save game slots email useable.

Also, what I think they did (as an undocumented feature); was they introduced PBEM savegame compression in v1.1 as a result of feedback from PBEM players asking them to please do something about file sizes!

1996/1997 have been so long ago, a lot of us have forgotten modem speed limitations.

But back then at 14.4 kbit/s:

690 kb = 7~ minute download/upload time.
190 kb = 2~ minute download/upload time.

Additionally, AOL (remember them?) and others used to charge by the HOUR of connected time.

Because the SSI programmers were lazy, when they made all save game slots email compatible; they also by default made save game compression the new defacto standard.

The compression routines might been "backported" from the SP3 codebase, which was actively being developed at the time; and some SP3 stuff was actually put in SP2 v1.1 per the README:

The patch automatically provides the user with enhanced infantry and artillery routines much like those used in SSI's new Steel Panthers III: Brigade Command, which, without compromising any of the playability of Steel II, allow a more effective role to both.

Unfortunately for programmers like me, the capability of SP2 v1.1 to read both compressed and uncompressed SP2 save game files meant that SP2 scenario/save files can be of two types (Compressed/Uncompressed) because in pre-internet days, not everyone patched/updated to the latest game; so you had a frankensteined scenario collection, some being compressed, some being uncompressed.

Fred Chlanda's WW2Map.exe only can take SP2 v1.1 compressed files for input; so in order to convert a SP2 map to SPCAMO for use in SPMBT, it has to either be in 1.1 format or converted before hand. Otherwise, Fred's program throws: "NOT A VALID SP2 v1.1 or SPWW2 FILE!"

So I'm looking at having to make a map converter so people don't need to run SP2 v1.1 in DOSBOX to get a map converted over...

Karagin April 13th, 2020 06:24 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)

Originally Posted by scorpio_rocks (Post 847229)

Originally Posted by Karagin (Post 847226)
One thing I do find to be a pain is the game asking if I really want to take my tanks up a hillside of rough terrain that has a road on it. No Karl, I really don't want to, I would rather they fly to where I want or need them, but since they can't...

This "issue" was fixed in the 2018 Version 11 patch - are you sure you are using latest version?

I just bought the game, last week since I couldn't get my older version to work with WIN10, so I would think that the lastest patch would be with the full CD version yes?

DRG April 13th, 2020 06:45 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)

Originally Posted by Karagin (Post 847238)

I just bought the game, last week since I couldn't get my older version to work with WIN10, so I would think that the lastest patch would be with the full CD version yes?

NO it will not....... you need to patch any game bought they are not automatically updated. Start your game and look on the bottom of the page that appears and will probably be winSPWW2v10-CD...... if you just got it, it won't be V13 which is the update we release at the beginning of the month and that updates any game from Version 9 and up to Version 13

Go here http://www.shrapnelgames.com/Camo_Wo.../WW2_page.html

and DL the winSPWW2 V13 Upgrade (2020) patch. If you installed the game into the recommended directory the patch will go there too but if you put it someplace else the patch needs to go into the same place

There are three patches that update the game right from the first windows version to the most current. You need to check which version you have then apply the patch that falls within that range. In your case because you just bought it the link I provided to the 2020 patch should do it and when you install it you will find you suddenly have twice as many scenarios and a lot of updated graphics and added zoom in levels

MarkSheppard April 17th, 2020 09:44 AM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
Finally cracked (I think) the leader assignment code in SP1.

Now we have nice pretty lists of:


Sergeant Skulsky        A0: SO SMG Sqd
Major Boychuk        A Formation Leader

EDIT: Cracked P2 assignment.


Sergeant Okano        A0: JA Infantry Sq        95        76        21        24
Major Yura        A Formation Leader        69        67        60        68
Sergeant Yojimbo        B0: JA Infantry Sq        85        79        28        25
Sergeant Koyama        B1: JA Infantry Sq        54        65        20        15
Sergeant Tanaka        B2: JA Infantry Sq        39        74        33        18
Sergeant Onishi        B3: JA Infantry Sq        64        71        25        17

God, SP1 had so many "unique" situations. :sick:

MarkSheppard April 17th, 2020 12:13 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
Fixed formation numbering code for SP2 dump:


Side        UnitNum        FormID        UnitName        MapLoc        Altitude        Status        Speed        XLOC        YLOC        Facing1        Facing2        Exp        Morale
P1        1        A0        Leopard 1A6                Ground/Landed        Ready        0        1        53        0        0        70        50
P2        2        A0        GDR KG HQ                Ground/Landed        Ready        0        26        39        135        135        85        83

MarkSheppard April 17th, 2020 02:37 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
One of the things I'm probably gonna have to do is a translation appendix.

What for?

Well, SP2 was written in the mid 1990s; when fragmentary information was only coming out of the ex-Soviet Union, we knew some information about their stuff, but for the most part it was still the wild west, and such SSI's MOB designers stuck with "known" NATO/ASCC designations:

Example in SP2 encyclopedia:

Mi-24 Hind-A
Mi-24 Hind-E
Mi-24 Hind-D

SPCAMO's OOB has taken advantage of two decades of free exchange of information, to the point that we now know; per Wiki:


In SP2
Mi-24 Hind-A --> Mi-24A
Mi-24 Hind-E --> Mi-24V
Mi-24 Hind-D ---> Mi-24D

Not in SP2
Mi-24 Hind-F ---> Mi-24P

MarkSheppard April 18th, 2020 01:25 AM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
So I just figured out and debugged semi-automated CSV editing of SPCAMO DAT files.

Apparently compressed DAT files as handled by the game, allow for one section out of the ordinary to be uncompressed; I guess maybe for debug reasons?

If you try to load more than one uncompressed section out of the ordinary, the game throws an error.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, this is possibly an anti-cheat feature to prevent unscrupulous players from scum-hacking their save games in PBEMs or tournament play; because game data is spread across multiple sections.

So the trick is to load one section at a time and resave each time:

Load/Edit Section 34 (Save as Scenario 998)
load Scenario 998 in SPCAMO engine and resave, copy over

load/edit section 37 (Save as Scenario 997)
load Scenario 997 in SPCAMO engine and resave, copy over

load/edit section 1 (Save as Scenario 996)
load Scenario 996 in SPCAMO engine and resave, copy over

load/edit section 1 (Save as Scenario 995)
load Scenario 995 in SPCAMO engine and resave.

it sounds complicated but isn't that hard-ish in Windows to do.

It's a lot less work and less complicated than hunt-and pecking for the X/Y coordinates of say, 100 units on a spreadsheet or on a printed sheet of paper.

MarkSheppard April 18th, 2020 02:08 AM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
1 Attachment(s)
So I'm inspecting this old SP2 scenario:


West Germany Advance*
_East Germany Delay*
Date: August 9, 1986*
Location: West of Fulda,*
_________West Germany*
In this hypothrtical scenario, the West Germans had tenaciously held at Fulda, but were surrounded and cut off. The 15th West German Panzer Brigade was instructed to break through to the defenders at Fulda. Opposing them was the decimated East German 7th Panzer Division. As the West German Leopard tanks came into view, war between the two Germanys was about to begin. The GDR commander touched his fingers to his cap in salute and murmured, "Guten tag, Mein Bruder."
And a lot of the tanks in the OOB dump are "Leopard 1A6s".

Going into google reveals it was a one shot prototype with a bit of extra armor and the 120mm shoved into a Leopard 1.

I guess a "remaster" might reduce that down to a single unit example, with the remainder being replaced with some Leopard 2A1s.

MarkSheppard April 18th, 2020 05:48 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
Writing the guide now; and I have gotten side tracked detailing the East German NVA. :eek:

MarkSheppard April 18th, 2020 10:35 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
Here's version 2.0 of the conversion tools.


94~ MB Download; unzips to 117~ MB, of which 73 MB are scenario ZIP files.

I've included:

Fred Chlanda's:
WW2Ed (edits SPWW2 v3 Scenarios)
FSP_Ed (edits SP2 and early SPWW2 scenarios)

as bonuses, along with the full source for Fred's:




SP1 Scenarios are contained in SP1_SCEN

If you wish to load your own custom scenarios for dumping, place them into the zipfile SP1_USER_SCENARIOS.zip.


SP2 Scenarios are contained in SP2_SCEN

If you wish to load your own custom stuff for dumping, place them into the zipfiles:



Dumping/Prepping a SP2 scenario

Let's dump a SP2 scenario from the original stock SSI list.

Run SP_Unified_Dumper_v2.exe

You'll see


################################################## ###########
################################################## ###########
################################################## ###########
1.) Dump Steel Panthers I
2.) Dump Steel Panthers II: Modern Battles
################################################## ###########
4.) Partial CSV Load into SPCAMO WW2/MBT
################################################## ###########
Select Game:
Select #2.


################################################## ###########
0. Stock SSI SP2 Scenarios
1.) --Campaign A: Korea 1950
2.) --Campaign B: Golan Heights 1973
3.) --Campaign C: Germany 1980
4.) --Campaign D: Desert Storm 1991
5.) --Campaign E: China War 1997
6.) --Campaign F: Korea 1998
7.) --Campaign G: Okinawa 1998
8.) --Campaign H: B.E.F. 1999
9.) --Campaign I: Rhineland 1999
10) --Campaign J: Bulge 1999
11.) Libya 1998 Campaign (repl. Okinawa 1998)
12.) Western Scenarios
13.) European Scenarios
14.) Middle East Scenarios
15.) Asian Scenarios
16.) South America/Africa Scenarios
Hit #0.

You'll get a long list of scenarios:


#58: Rollin' on the River : (SCEN058.DAT)
#59: Hot, Wet Pursuit : (SCEN059.DAT)
#60: Brothers in Arms : (SCEN060.DAT)
#61: Lang Vei Is Lost : (SCEN061.DAT)
#62: The Black Panthers : (SCEN062.DAT)
#63: The Black Horse : (SCEN063.DAT)
#64: Good Day, My Brother : (SCEN064.DAT)
Let's choose Good Day, My Brother : (SCEN064.DAT)

It outputs:


This is an uncompressed SP2 Scenario File!
You'll now see in the main directory a bunch of new files:


These are the original SP2 files extracted from the ZIP file.


These contain the dumped SP2 information.


Step 1: Convert the Map.

Since this is a SP2 v1.0 scenario, we first have to resave it in a working SP2 v1.1 installation to convert it into a format that Fred's WW2Map.exe can use.



Into a working DOSBOX installation of SP2 v1.1.

Start SP2, load the scenario in the editor and:

1.) jiggle the visibility up or down one or two.
2.) save the file in one of the save slots.

In our DOSBOX STEEL2\SCEN folder, we find:

SCEN138.DAT which is the resaved copy.

Renaming it to SCEN064_Compressed.DAT we copy it back to our SP Conversion folder.

We now load WW2Map.exe


and select CLRWW2v3.DAT -- this is a premade blank SPWW2 v3 map.


and select SCEN064_Compressed.DAT


I prefer saving it as spmap999.dat to simplify tasks, but you can name it whatever you like as long as it's descriptive of what it is.


Step 2: Create a Skeleton SPCAMO MBT Scenario

1.) Copy your spmap999.dat into your SPCAMO MBT \Maps folder and load up MBT.


Hit the CUSTOM map button and load map 999. If you you then hit the EDIT map button, you'll see the map in MBT. Nice, no?

2.) Start sketching out the basics of the scenario.

Because of the dumping of all revelant scenario information, our job is now much easier than a "by hand" conversion.

Opening SP2_Stock_SSI_064.DAT_Scenario_Data.csv we see:


Scenario Month,8
Scenario Year,86
Scenario Length,9
Scenario Type,Player 1 Assaults
Player1,West Germany
Player2,East Germany
Player3,West Germany
Player4,West Germany
Map Weather,Summer
Map Visibility,30
Map Location String,Near Fulda, W.G.
Hint: to add the Map Location String, hit the NAME button in the scenario editor main screen and type in Near Fulda, W.G. when prompted.

We now open:


The Formations is the most useful as it contains the following list in CSV format; which we can open in excel and sort in the first column to get this nice list:


Player 1
Battalion HQ
Panzer Company
Panzer Platoon
Panzer Platoon
Panzer Platoon
FO Vehicle
Jpz ATGM Sec
Jpz ATGM Sec
SPAA Section
SPAA Section
PzGr Platoon
PzGr Platoon
Armor Engr Plt
Gunship Section
Strike Element


Player 2
Battalion HQ
Tank Company/4
Tank Platoon/4
Tank Platoon/4
Tank Platoon/4
Tank Company/4
Tank Platoon/4
Tank Platoon/4
Tank Platoon/4
Amphib Tank Plt
Amphib Tank Plt
BMP Rifle Plt
BMP Rifle Plt
Engineer Plt
Engineer Plt
Rifle Platoon
Rifle Platoon
Strike Element
FASCAM Battery
Gunship Section
Gunship Section
Strike Element
Strike Element
Tank Platoon
Gunship Section
Gunship Section
Strike Element
Lt Howitzer Bn
Likewise, opening SP2_Stock_SSI_064.DAT_Units.csv and sorting by SIDE and UNITNUM in Excel gets us a nice list:


Player 1:
A0 Leopard 1A6
B0 Leopard 1A6
C0 Leopard 1A6
C1 Leopard 1A6
C2 Leopard 1A6
C3 Leopard 1A6
D0 Leopard 1A6
D1 Leopard 1A6
D2 Leopard 1A6
D3 Leopard 1A6
E0 Leopard 1A2
E1 Leopard 1A2
E2 Leopard 1A2
E3 Leopard 1A2
F0 M113-FO
G0 Jaguar 2
G1 Jaguar 2
H0 Jaguar 2
H1 Jaguar 2
I0 Gepard
I1 Gepard
J0 Gepard
J1 Gepard
K0 GE Rifle Squad
K1 Gustav Team
K2 GE Rifle Squad
K3 Gustav Team
K4 GE Rifle Squad
K5 Gustav Team
K6 Marder 1 A2
K7 Marder 1 A2
K8 Marder 1 A2
L0 GE Rifle Squad
L1 Gustav Team
L2 GE Rifle Squad
L3 Gustav Team
L4 GE Rifle Squad
L5 Gustav Team
L6 Marder 1 A2
L7 Marder 1 A2
L8 Marder 1 A2
M0 GE Rifle Squad
M1 GE Engineer Sqd
M2 GE Engineer Sqd
M3 GE Engineer Sqd
M4 Marder 1 A2
M5 Marder 1 A2
M6 Marder 1 A2
M7 Marder 1 A2
N0 BO-105/HOT
N1 BO-105/HOT
O0 F-4E Phantom II
O1 F-4E Phantom II


Player 2:
B0 T-72M
C0 T-72M
C1 T-72M
C2 T-72M
C3 T-72M
D0 T-72M
D1 T-72M
D2 T-72M
D3 T-72M
E0 T-72M
E1 T-72M
E2 T-72M
E3 T-72M
F0 T-72M
G0 T-72M
G1 T-72M
G2 T-72M
G3 T-72M
H0 T-10M
H1 T-10M
H2 T-10M
H3 T-10M
I0 JSU-152
I1 JSU-152
I2 JSU-152
I3 JSU-152
J0 PT-76
J1 PT-76
J2 PT-76
K0 PT-76
K1 PT-76
K2 PT-76
L0 GDR Rifle Squad
L1 GDR Rifle Squad
L2 GDR Rifle Squad
L3 BMP-1
L4 BMP-1
L5 BMP-1
M0 GDR Rifle Squad
M1 GDR Rifle Squad
M2 GDR Rifle Squad
M3 BMP-1
M4 BMP-1
M5 BMP-1
N0 Spigot Team
N1 Spigot Team
N2 Spigot Team
O0 GDR Engineers
O1 GDR Engineers
O2 GDR Engineers
P0 Sagger Team
P1 GDR Rifle Squad
P2 GDR Rifle Squad
Q0 GDR Rifle Squad
Q1 GDR Rifle Squad
Q2 GDR Rifle Squad
R0 Su-22 Fitter-D
R1 Su-22 Fitter-D


L0 GE Sniper
M0 GE Sniper
N0 GE Sniper
O0 Earthen Bunker
O1 Earthen Bunker
O2 Earthen Bunker
P0 Concrete Bunker
P1 Concrete Bunker
P2 Concrete Bunker
Q0 Leopard 1A6
Q1 Leopard 1A6
Q2 Leopard 1A6
Q3 Leopard 1A6
R0 M48A2GA2 Patton
R1 M48A2GA2 Patton
R2 M48A2GA2 Patton
T0 FASCAM Section
T1 FASCAM Section
U0 BO-105/HOT
U1 BO-105/HOT
V0 BO-105
V1 BO-105
W0 F-4E Phantom II
W1 F-4E Phantom II
X0 F-104G
X1 F-104G
You might wonder what S0 (Blank) through X1 (F-104G) are.

The full unit CSV dump shows that they're OFF MAP.

Basically, they're "ghosts" from the scenario creation.

The original designer added them, and later subtracted them from the scenario, but their digital afterimages remain; revealed by scenario dump programs such as this.

There are also other issues.

We try to buy a Panzer Company for the West German player and we get:

Leopard 1A1A1
Leopard 1A1A2
Leopard 1A2
Leopard 1A3
Leopard 1A4
Leopard 1A5
Leopard 2
Leopard 2A1
Leopard 2A4

but no Leopard 1A6

Inspecting the original SP2 encyclopedia reveals no Leopard 1A6 either there.

Checking online through Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leopard_1) reveals:

Leopard 1A5 had an all new turret, which had the option to mount the 120mm gun; and that there was a single prototype Leopard 1A6 which was a Leopard 1A1A1 modified to mount the 120mm as a testbed.

I think the original SP2 scenario author tried to make "Leopard 1A6" by using Modify Unit Data and changing Weapon 1 on Leopard 1A5s to be the 120mm gun of the Leopard 2.

He later found that it broke the scenario, making it too easy for the W. German player, so changed it back; but it was too hard to change all the unit names, so they remained, like ghosts in the machine.

So after some deliberation , the new West German OOB will be:

Panzer Kompanie of Leopard 1A4
1 x FO (VB) Vehicle (KanJagPz VB) -- because M113 are boring.
2 x Jpz ATGM Sec (Jaguar 2)
2 x SPAA Sec (Gepard A1)
2 x PzGren Platoons (Marder 1A2)
1 x Armored Engineer Platoon (TchPz Fuchs with Milan)
1 x Attack Helo Section (PAH-I BO-105)
1 x Strike Element (MBB F-4F with CBU and Maverick)

I've decided to add some "General Support" Artillery to support the German Commander as part of the "Gold" enhancements; because in a true "Cold War Gone Hot" environment, you'd have some access to artillery; though limited and heavily rationed. The "General Support" fits this; its available, but slow responding (because everyone else wants fire support as well).

2 x Medium Batteries (155mm FH155)
1 x MARS Minelet (Rocket Mine Battery)

Moving over to the East German OOB, looking at the units in the original OOB, there's issues:

T-72M (yes, but did East Germany have enough?)
T-10M (never exported outside of USSR)
JSU-152 (never gotten by NVA)
PT-76 (reconnaissance battalions got this starting in December 1956)

Analyzing the AFV park of the NVA in 1986 (LINK to DDR AFV 1950-1990) the following numbers shake out:

T-34/85: 60 in reserve
T-54: 208
T-54A: 278
T-54AM: 278
T-55: 376
T-55A: 1,357
T-55A(P): 330~ (P for Polen - Poland)
T-72: 133 (1984) to 549 (1989)
PT-76: 101
PT-76B: 54

BMP-1SP2: 878 (1984) to 926 (1988)
BMP-1P: 187 (1988)
BMP-2: 24 (1985)
SPW-152W1 - 750~
SPW-40P: about 300~
SPW-40P2: 1,468~
SPW-60PA: 259
SPW-60PB: 1,633
SPW-70: 319 to 400?

2S1 Gvozdika (122mm): 266~
2S3 Akatsiya (152mm): 78~
ZSU-23/4: 123 to 132
ZSU-57/2: about 30

So it appears from sheer numbers that a 1986 East German Force would be:


With a few "elite" units of:

Thus, my redesigned DDR force would be:

18 x T-55A variants
8 x T-72

So we have:

2 x Tank Companies of T-55AM
2 x Tank Platoons of T-72M
1 x Recon Detachment Group
1 x Amphibious Tank Platoon (to attach to Recon Detachment Group)
2 x SpZ Platoons (BMPs)
2 x Eng Platoon
1 x Motor Inf Plt (SPW-60)
1 x FAGOT ATGM Platoon
1 x MiG-23BM Striek Element

And for Direct Support:
1 x 122mm Battalion
1 x RM-70 Rocket unit

I buy everything and save. Normally, placing everything (from units to VLOCs) would be an atrocious experience in hunt and pecking.... but now that we have the utility, it's much easier.


Step 3: Dump your Skeletal/SPCAMO scenario

Copy over your SPCAMO scenario and place it in \SPCAMO_SCEN

NOTE: Your SPCAMO scenario is going to have to be named either:


I've hard coded it for now; because this is meant to help design scenarios, not convert them to Steel Panthers 5 -- now in 3D -- in the year 2040.

Don't Forget to Save Backups to Backups of your scenario!

Load up SP_Unified_Dumper_v2.exe again and select:


3. ) Dump SPCAMO WW2/MBT
Then select the game type, WW2 or MBT.

It will then unpack/dump everything.

In your /DUMP directory, you'll see a bunch of files with names like:


These are the scratch files used to edit/view the compressed sections in the SP v1.1 format.

In your main directory, you'll see the following files:


These are the files that you'll edit in order to edit the SPCAMO game.

Load up SPCAMO_VLOCs.csv and SP2_Stock_SSI_064.DAT_VLOCs.csv in excel.

Copy 'n paste the values from the SP2 csv over to the SPCAMO csv and save.

Open up the SP2_Stock_SSI_064.DAT_Briefing.txt and save it as spMBTscn0999.txt with changes to reflect the converted scenario.


West Germany Advance*
_East Germany Delay*
Date: August 9, 1986*
Location: West of Fulda,*
_________West Germany*
In this hypothetical scenario, the West Germans had tenaciously held at Fulda, but were surrounded and cut off. The 15th West German Panzer Brigade was instructed to break through to the defenders at Fulda. Opposing them was the decimated East German 7th Panzer Division. As the West German Leopard tanks came into view, war between the two Germanys was about to begin. The GDR commander touched his fingers to his cap in salute and murmured, "Guten tag, Mein Bruder."*
More accurate GDR OOB more in line with reality.*
We're not going to change Leaders, because we'll go with the stock SPCAMO values/distribution for leaders, as opposed to the older SP2 values/distribution.

Bombard doesn't need to be changed, as this isn't a heavy bombardment scenario. In fact there's no pre-mission bombardment of any kind.

Scenario_Data -- loading of this data isn't currently implemented. . We've already entered all the data we need to in the SPCAMO Scenario editor anyway, except for Scenario Length, we have to remember to change that to 9.

Now we come to the hard part.

Open up SPCAMO_Units.csv and SP2_Stock_SSI_064.DAT_Units.csv

We're going to have to transfer the following values over from SP2 to SPCAMO CSV files:


These control the location on the map and the facing of the units. The other stuff we don't care about. We'll just go with SPCAMO values for unit experience, etc.

Don't forget to copy the XLOC/YLOC of transport units over to the units that they carry!

A suggestion -- in the SPCAMO CSV file, highlight the fields you're gonna edit with something bright, like yellow cell backgrounds, so that when you copy the values from the SP2 CSV, they'll overwrite the formatting and make it easy to remember "I changed that."


Some of the stuff, we'll have to do by hand, such as:

Loading Units onto Transports as the transport code is a bit complicated -- best not to muck that up.

Placing 'extra' units -- I ended up with about 6 extra T-55AM over the ones in the SP2 scenario, so I'll have to place them by hand.

So we close our CSV files after saving.


Step 4: Load your CSV edits into your SPCAMO scenario

This is where it gets tricky.

Start up SP_Unified_Dumper_v2-2.exe again.



4.) Partial CSV Load into SPCAMO WW2/MBT
And the type -- MBT or WW2. Hit enter.


It will take a while as the form of CSV loading I chose is easy to implement in python but very slow. Likewise, editing 1,000s of individual bits is slow. I can implement a faster, less computationally intensive solution, but it's good for now.

You'll see a line go:

Leader Section Done and Waiting for you to load and resave in SPCAMO (Scenario 998)

Go into SPCAMO_SCEN and you'll see a new file.

spMBTscn0998.dat It's bigger than 999, because it has an uncompressed section in it.

Copy that file to your MBT Scenario directory.

Load it in SPCAMO, move a unit around or wriggle and resave in the same scenario slot (998).

Copy that resaved file from MBT Scenario directory to SPCAMO_SCEN and overwrite your old 998.

Hit enter in the python console window.

VLOCs Done and Waiting for you to load and resave in SPCAMO (Scenario 997)

You now have a new file -- spMBTscn0997.dat Do the same (Copy to SP MBT directory, load in WinMBT, move around, resave, copy back.)

Units/Bombardment Done and Waiting for you to load and resave in SPCAMO (Scenario 996)

Repeat with spMBTscn0996.dat

Unit X/Y Locations Done and Waiting for you to load and resave in SPCAMO (Scenario 995)

Repeat with spMBTscn0995.dat


Ok, and that's it. It's all now loaded into your game.

We now change the game length to 9 turns; as well as do final chrome (placing "extra" units), loading troops onto transports, etc saving in a final scenario slot, etc.

-------------------BIG NOTE:---------------
If you buy a new unit -- if you forgot to buy a transport APC for a HQ, and you buy one -- it makes all the unit facings zero out. :-(

So carefully plan your purchases and OOBs before you do the whole "uploading" to the SPCAMO dat.

MarkSheppard April 18th, 2020 10:36 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
1 Attachment(s)

1995 vs 2020...

MarkSheppard April 19th, 2020 03:21 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
1 Attachment(s)
Another slight modification of the SP2 Good Day My Brother scenario.

Changes: A few more units to each side, for balance reasons.

MarkSheppard April 20th, 2020 12:19 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
looking into implementing SPWW2 version 2 to 2.2 dumping, since while all the official stuff was ported forward, some user created stuff got "lost", like cyberboard scenarios (I hand converted one scenario years ago).

MarkSheppard April 20th, 2020 04:23 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
SP2WW2 works fine, since it's basically SP2 with EXE hacks to display icons.

Running into some weird issues with some SPWW2 early stuff meriting investigation further.

MarkSheppard April 20th, 2020 05:55 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
I redownloaded all the Cyberstratege CDROMs and pulled stuff from them, Some nice gems like a SP2 Campaign with the French in Bosnia!

MarkSheppard April 21st, 2020 12:16 AM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)

Originally Posted by MarkSheppard (Post 847332)
looking into implementing SPWW2 version 2 to 2.2 dumping, since while all the official stuff was ported forward, some user created stuff got "lost", like cyberboard scenarios (I hand converted one scenario years ago).

I can easily dump SP2WW2 and SPWW2 v2.2 stuff, but there is a proviso.

(once again), you will need a a copy of SP2WW2 / SPWW2 v2.2 because some files I've found are in corrupt/nonstandard formats.

Basically, trying to dump them direct from the cyberstratege CD images throws all sorts of errors...BUT if you load them and then resave them in SP2WW2/SPWW2v2.2; they dump correctly.


version 2.2 -- 109~ MB

The SP2WW2 and SPWW2 v2.2x stuff is under SP2 for now.

Also added some more stuff to the scenario collections.

EDIT: Just did a small update to v2.3 now.

What I did in this was I started to clean up the user input; to add more error trapping in the program to make it more user friendly and not error out if you push "a" instead of "1" in a menu screen...

4.6 MB ZIP

MarkSheppard April 15th, 2021 07:24 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
So here are the basic OB11 changes from SP2 and SPMBT for conversions:

SP2 --- --- --- SPMBT
Mi-24 Hind-A --- Mi-24A
Mi-24 Hind-D --- Mi-24D
Mi-24 Hind-D --- Mi-24D
Mi-24 Hind-E --- Mi-24V

FO Vehicles
SP2 --- --- --- SPMBT
ACRV-2 --- --- MT-LBu 1V12

Self Propelled Guns
SP2 --- --- --- SPMBT
SO-120 Anona --- --2S9 Nona-S
SO-122 Gvozdika --- 2S1 Gvozdika
SO-152 Akatsiya --- 2S3 Akatsiya / 2S3M Akatsiya / 2S3M1 Akatsiya

Fixed/Mounted SAM
SA-2 Guideline --- S-75 Dvina
SA-3 Goa --- --- S-125 Neva / S-125 Neva M
SA-4 Ganef --- --- Krug A / Krug M
SA-6 Gainful --- Kub / Kub M1
SA-8 Gecko --- Osa / Osa AK / Osa AKM
SA-9 Gaskin --- Strela-1 / Strela-1M
SA-13 Gopher --- Strela-10SV / Strela-10M/ Strela-10M3 / Strela-10Gyurza
2S6 Tunguska --- 2S6 Tunguska

Manportable ATGMs
Sagger Team --- Malutka Team / Malutka-P Team
Saxhorn Team (AT-7 Saxhorn) --- Metis Team
Metis Team (AT-13 Metis-M) --- Metis-M Team
Spigot Team (AT-4A) --

Su-7B Fitter-A --- Su-7B / Su-7BM
Su-7B Fitter-A --- Su-7B / Su-7BM
Su-7B Fitter-A --- Su-7B / Su-7BM
Su-17 Fitter-C --- Su-17M
Su-17 Fitter-C --- Su-17M
Su-17 Fitter-D --- Su-17M2
Su-20 Fitter-C --- Export version of Su-17M

MarkSheppard April 17th, 2021 02:38 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
I think I have completely reverse engineered the compression format used for SP2 and onwards savegame/scenario files.

Previously, I only had reverse engineered decompression; while recompression didn't work.

I think I have an acceptably working algorithm now for recompression; which may mean loading values into SPCAMO from CSV files may be sped up.

i.e. no having to open SPWW2/MBT and resave over and over and over....

We'll see.

MarkSheppard April 17th, 2021 07:28 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
Successfully programmed it, still chasing down a few minor bugs.

Since I can now make a compressed file; making a conversion automatically happen for SP2 version 1.0 maps to SP2 v1.1 maps is now possible, no need to have SP2 installed to do this anymore.

MarkSheppard April 17th, 2021 09:03 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
Latest version (3.0 -- some 118 MB)

LINK to v3.0

I'll add eventually, SP2 uncompressed to compressed conversion by version 4.0; but I need a break -- I can't spend all my free time on this thing. :eek:

MarkSheppard April 18th, 2021 10:00 AM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
Oh, if you have old CDROMs with Steel Panthers scenarios lying around, might want to dig through them to send to me for inclusion in this.

I was looking through internet archive and found these listed on an old polish SP website:


Scenariusze cz.1 -3 scenariusze:

Task Force Smith ( autor Superxdude69 )
Tank regiment training ( autor Vadinhonz )
1978 USA vs. East Germany ( autor Blprice 61 )

Scenariusze cz.2 - 3 scenariusze:
Firstshots - hipotetyczny scenariusz przedstawiający początek III WŚ ( autor Wulfir )
Maikop - atak na Grozny ( autor Jamesrapkins )
Black Hawk Down ( autor Superxdude69 )

Scenariusze cz.3 ( 113-115)
Day of Red Storm ( autor Dinort )
Echo of change ( autor Echo )
Desperate Defence ( autor Wulfir )

Kampania Szwecja kontra Finlandia (autor Rami Sihvo)
Kampania Red Storm (w oparciu o książkę T. Clancy i L. Bond)
Kampania Europa 2008

ONZ w Somalii (A UN Campaign)

MarkSheppard April 19th, 2021 03:53 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
Something I need to add (I only just realized this) is a weapontype dump field; because this is crucial for proper conversion of infantry between versions; and also for custom user created "what ifs" that might have been lost in the 20 years between SP2 and now.

MarkSheppard April 19th, 2021 04:55 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
I coded a simple HTML5/Javascript OBAT name dumper and ran off these for all 5 OBATs that shipped with SP1. These are the weapons used for all nations in SP1:


[1]: Rifle
[2]: SMG
[3]: MG-34 LMG
[4]: MG-34 MMG
[5]: MG-42 MMG
[6]: MG-34 TMG
[7]: 20mm Quad
[8]: 20L55 Gun
[9]: 25L72 Gun
[10]: 28L61 Gun
[11]: 37mm Flak
[12]: 37L21 Gun
[13]: 37L33 Gun
[14]: 37L40 Gun
[15]: 37L46 Gun
[16]: 37L53 Gun
[17]: 40mm Flak
[18]: 45L46 Gun
[19]: 45L66 Gun
[20]: 2 Pounder
[21]: 47L32 Gun
[22]: 47L34 Gun
[23]: 47L40 Gun
[24]: 47L43 Gun
[25]: 50L42 Gun
[26]: 50L60 Gun
[27]: 57L52 Gun
[28]: 57L73 Gun
[29]: 6 Pounder
[30]: 60mm Mortar
[31]: 65L17 Gun
[32]: 75L12 Gun
[33]: 75mm FH
[34]: 76L16 Gun
[35]: 3 in Howitzer
[36]: 76mm FH
[37]: 3 in Mortar
[38]: 17 Pounder
[39]: 75L17 Gun
[40]: 50mm Mortar
[41]: 75L24 Gun
[42]: 75L31/m2 Gun
[43]: 290mm Spigot
[44]: 75L34 Gun
[45]: 75L38 Gun
[46]: 75L43 Gun
[47]: 75L48 Gun
[48]: 75L70 Gun
[49]: 76L26 Gun
[50]: 76L35 Gun
[51]: 76L41 Gun
[52]: 76L51 Gun
[53]: 76L54 Gun
[54]: 77L49 Gun
[55]: 75L36 Gun
[56]: 81mm Mortar
[57]: 82mm Mortar
[58]: 85L53 Gun
[59]: 88mm Flak-18
[60]: 88L56 Gun
[61]: 88L71/kwk Gun
[62]: 88L71/Pak Gun
[63]: 25 Pounder
[64]: 90L50 Gun
[65]: 90L53 Gun
[66]: 152L20 Gun
[67]: 95L22 Gun
[68]: 105L30 Gun
[69]: 100L60 Gun
[70]: 100mm FH
[71]: 105mm FH
[72]: 4.2 in Mortar
[73]: 120mm Mortar
[74]: 122mm FH
[75]: 122L43 Gun
[76]: 122L22 Gun
[77]: 128L58 Gun
[78]: 150L10 Gun
[79]: 150mm FH
[80]: 152mm FH
[81]: 152L32 Gun
[82]: 132mm Rocket
[83]: Flamethrower
[84]: Satchel Charge
[85]: Molotov
[86]: Anti-Tank Mine
[87]: Hand Grenade
[88]: PzB 39 AT-Rifle
[89]: Panzerfaust
[90]: Piat
[91]: Bazooka
[92]: Panzerschreck
[93]: Rifle-Grenade
[94]: Breda LMG
[95]: F.M. 24/29 LMG
[96]: Lahti LMG
[97]: Bren LMG
[98]: DP LMG
[99]: MG-42 LMG
[100]: Hotchkiss HMG
[101]: 15mm Besa TMG
[102]: 4.5 in FH
[103]: 8 in Howitzer
[104]: 155mm Gun
[105]: 75L52 Gun
[106]: 50 Cal HMG
[107]: 2 in Mortar
[108]: Flamethrower
[109]: 4.6 in Rocket
[110]: 155mm FH
[111]: 149mm FH
[112]: Semi Auto Rifle
[113]: BAR
[114]: Pistol
[115]: Maxim AAMG
[116]: 49mm Mortar
[117]: 150mm Rocket
[118]: Vickers HMG
[119]: Breda HMG
[120]: 30 Cal MMG
[121]: 30 Cal HMG
[122]: Maxim HMG
[123]: SGM MMG
[124]: DShK 12.7mm HMG
[125]: MG-15 TMG
[126]: MG-37(t) TMG
[127]: Breda TMG
[128]: F.M. 31 TMG
[129]: DT TMG
[130]: 7.9mm Besa TMG
[131]: 30 Cal TMG
[132]: MG-42 AAMG
[133]: Lahti AT-Rifle
[134]: Boys AT-Rifle
[135]: Wz 35 AT-Rifle
[136]: PTRD AT-Rifle
[137]: Vickers TMG
[138]: MG-34 AAMG
[139]: 30 Cal AAMG
[140]: 50 Cal AAMG
[141]: DShK 12.7 AAMG
[142]: Solothurn ATR
[143]: Hotchkiss ATR
[144]: Carbine
[145]: MG-42 TMG
[146]: Sniper Rifle
[147]: 20mm Flak
[148]: Bren AAMG
[149]: F.M. 24/29 AAMG
[150]: 88L71/Pak43 Gun
[151]: NbW92
[152]: DShK 12.7mm TMG
[153]: Assault Rifle
[159]: 7.62mm MG
[160]: 7.7mm MG
[161]: 7.92mm MG
[162]: 30 Cal MG
[163]: 12.7mm MG
[164]: 50 Cal MG
[165]: 13mm MG
[166]: 20mm Cannon
[167]: 23mm Cannon
[168]: 30mm Cannon
[169]: 37mm Cannon
[170]: 75mm Cannon
[173]: 82mm Rocket
[174]: 3 inch Rocket
[175]: 5 inch Rocket
[180]: 110 lb Bomb
[181]: 250 lb Bomb
[182]: 500 lb Bomb
[183]: 1000 lb Bomb
[187]: 4.7in Naval Gun
[188]: 5 in Naval Gun
[189]: 130mm Naval Gun
[190]: 5.5in Naval Gun
[191]: 6 in Naval Gun
[192]: 180mm Naval Gun
[193]: 8 in Naval Gun
[194]: 12 in Naval Gun
[195]: 305mm Naval Gun
[196]: 14 in Naval Gun
[197]: 15 in Naval Gun
[198]: 16 in Naval Gun
[199]: 18 in Naval Gun
[200]: 127mm Naval Gun
[201]: 150mm Naval Gun
[202]: 203mm Naval Gun
[203]: 280mm Naval Gun
[205]: Rifle
[206]: Taisho 11 LMG
[207]: Type 96 LMG
[208]: Type 92 HMG
[209]: Type 97 TMG
[210]: 25mm Flak
[211]: 37L21 Gun
[212]: 37L33 Gun
[213]: 47L40 Gun
[214]: 57L17 Gun
[215]: 75mm FH
[216]: 75L17 Gun
[217]: Knee Mortar
[218]: 75L34 Gun
[219]: 70mm FH
[220]: 70mm Mortar
[221]: 90mm Mortar
[222]: 105mm FH
[223]: 150L10 Gun
[224]: 150mm FH
[225]: Flamethrower
[226]: Satchel Charge
[227]: Hand Grenade
[228]: Type 97 ATR
[229]: Pole Mine
[230]: Type 91 TMG
[231]: Type 99 LMG
[232]: Pistol
[233]: 13mm TMG
[234]: Type 92 AAMG
[235]: Sniper Rifle
[236]: 7.7mm MG
[237]: 12.7mm MG
[238]: 20mm Cannon
[239]: 50kg Bomb
[240]: 120kg Bomb
[241]: 250kg Bomb
[242]: 5 in Naval Gun
[243]: 8 in Naval Gun
[244]: 14 in Naval Gun
[245]: 18 in Naval Gun

MarkSheppard April 19th, 2021 07:51 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
Some banging around results in this for SP1:


Some more trial and error for SP2:



I also realize, belatedly, that it is also kind of important for aircraft units -- to select the type of weapon they bomb/strafe/rocket you with.

MarkSheppard April 19th, 2021 08:57 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
Version 3.1 with Unit Weapon Type Dumping.


It may interest you to know that the python file that I created to handle all the transliteration tasks for the weapon types is 786 kb and 13,500~ lines of IF codebreaks that are like this:


if MOB_NUMBER == 12:
if WEAPON_NUMBER == 1: WeaponName = "Sniper Rifle"
if WEAPON_NUMBER == 2: WeaponName = "Pistol"
if WEAPON_NUMBER == 3: WeaponName = "M2 Carbine"
if WEAPON_NUMBER == 4: WeaponName = "M1 Rifle"
if WEAPON_NUMBER == 5: WeaponName = "M3A1 SMG"
if WEAPON_NUMBER == 6: WeaponName = "Colt SMG"
if WEAPON_NUMBER == 7: WeaponName = "M14 Rifle"
if WEAPON_NUMBER == 8: WeaponName = "M16A1 Rifle"
if WEAPON_NUMBER == 9: WeaponName = "M16A2 Rifle"
if WEAPON_NUMBER == 10: WeaponName = "M4 Carbine"
if WEAPON_NUMBER == 11: WeaponName = "BAR"
if WEAPON_NUMBER == 12: WeaponName = "M14 SAW"
if WEAPON_NUMBER == 13: WeaponName = "M249 SAW"
if WEAPON_NUMBER == 14: WeaponName = "7.62mm M60 LMG"
if WEAPON_NUMBER == 15: WeaponName = "Bazooka"
if WEAPON_NUMBER == 16: WeaponName = "Super Bazooka"
if WEAPON_NUMBER == 17: WeaponName = "Rifle-Grenade"
if WEAPON_NUMBER == 18: WeaponName = "RPG-7"
if WEAPON_NUMBER == 19: WeaponName = "Blindicide"
if WEAPON_NUMBER == 20: WeaponName = "M72 LAW"
if WEAPON_NUMBER == 21: WeaponName = "PZF-44"

MarkSheppard April 20th, 2021 09:46 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
Some things from looking at SP2 stuff.

1.) A lot of OOBs were simply cut and pasted over as "base" starter OOBs during development; there's a lot of "residue" left over, like non US weapons in the US Army OOB, etc.

2.) I can see where Andy and Don came from with their practices; in the Stock SP2 West German OOB, I count like four or five "105mm L7 Gun" weapon entries, with the text ID all identical for each of them.

You can see why the practice of

"100mm D10T 45"
"100mm D10TG 55"
"100mm D10TG 60"

started; to differentiate the improving munitions for each year; and also for scenario designers.

MarkSheppard April 22nd, 2021 08:37 PM

Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)
1 Attachment(s)
I know this is the SPWW2 forum, but I figured I'd drop this here since it's a converted scenario.

This is a crude version 0.5 beta.


Egypt Advance*
US. Army Delay*
Date: October 18, 1973*
Location: Thamad, Sinai*
NOTE: This is converted from the SP2 scenario "THE 101st IN SINAI, OCTOBER 1973" originally done by Samy El Semman (samy@semman.com). Changes done during the conversion process was a totally redesigned US force OBAT, more in line with an airborne division's TO&E of the time.*
The Egyptian assault across the Suez Canal proceeded like clockwork, with all Israeli counterattacks being successfully repulsed while the Egyptian bridgeheads were being consolidated.*
On October 14, 1973 the Egyptian 2nd and 3rd Armies launched a successful armored and mechanized offensive into the Sinai and succeeded in capturing the Mitla and Giddi passes. With their armored and mechanized formations severely blunted following several failed attempts to destroy the Egyptian Bridgeheads, Israel had no fresh forces available to stop any potential future Egyptian offensive.*
Facing severe strain, the Israelis had no choice but to ask for American intervention. Following a high-speed SR-71 reconnaissance sortie that revealed the catastrophe unfolding in the Sinai, President Nixon had no other choice but to begin a major air and sea lift to replace the IDF's losses.*
Due to the spotting of advance elements of the Soviet 103rd Airborne Division in Cairo by the aforementioned SR-71 sortie, Nixon had no other choice but to order direct American intervention to forestall any potential Soviet intervention in the Middle East. Accordingly, the 82nd Airborne Division was moved to the Sinai in a massive airlift, while elements of the US Army in Europe were alerted to begin preparations for moving heavy equipment to Egypt.*
On the 18th of October, the Egyptian advance finally met the American forces in the Sinai as elements of the Egyptian 23d Mechanized Division crashed into the 82nd's defensive positions.

This is something I wrote up while researching the TOE of a 1970s US Airborne Division:


I've been digging through old US Army Field Manuals, and the interesting thing is......the Airborne Divisions didn't really HAVE armor formally on their TOEs:


Go to FM 101 – Staff Officers’ Field Manuals section and dig through them.

For example the 1971 Airborne Division (TOE 57G) in FM 101-10-1 (1971) had:

(9x) Airborne Infantry Battalions
Combat Aviation Battalion
Engineer Battalion
Signals Battalion
MP Company
Armored Cavalry Squadron
ADA Battalion (3 x Vulcan Platoons of 4 x Vulcan Squads each)
Div Arty (3 x Field Artillery Battalions, 105mm Towed)

And digging into the Authorized Tables:

54 x 105mm Howitzers
24 x Towed Vulcan 20mm in the ADA Battalion
34 x OH-6A (9 x in DIVARTY, 4 x in Cmbt Aviation Bn, 9 in Arm Cav Squadron)
19 x UH-1B (11 in Arm Cav Squadron, 6 in Combat Aviation Battalion)
35 x UH-1D (6 in Arm Cav Squadron, 27 in Combat Aviation Battalion)

Hundreds of trucks (including 818 x Truck, Utility 1/4 Ton), but no armored vehicles at all.

Heaviest direct fire weapon is the 106mm RCL, of which 120 are in the division, with 12 of them in the Armored Cav Squadron.

The Armored Cav Squadron is:

1 x Air Cavalry Troop (17-78G)
---1 x Aeroscout Platoon
---1x Aero Rifle Platoon
---1x Air Cav AT/Rocket Platoon

2 x Armored Cavalry Troops (17-77G) with each Troop having:

26 x 1/4 Ton Jeeps
6 x 1/4 Ton Jeeps with 106mm RCL
4 x 3/4 Ton Trucks with Winch
2 x 3/4 Ton Trucks


The troops were organized into

3 x Armored Cav Platoons, with each platoon having a:

Scout Section
Tank Section
Support Section
Rifle Section


1965 Armored Cav Platoon before Vietnam:

1 x Jeep for Platoon Leader and a Scout Driver
4 x M114 in Scout Section
3 x M48A3 in Tank Section
1 x M113 in Rifle Section with a Rifle Squad
1 x M106 Mortar Carrier in Support Squad

Vietnam Era ACAV Armored Cav Platoon:

1 x M113 ACAV for Platoon HQ
4 x M113 ACAV in Scout Section
3 x M48A3 in Tank Section
1 x M113 in Rifle Section with a Rifle Squad
1 x M106 Mortar Carrier in Support Squad

Vietnam Era Armored Cav Platoon with Sheridan

1 x M113 ACAV for Platoon HQ
4 x M113 ACAV in Scout Section
3 x M551 Sheridan in Tank Section
1 x M113 in Rifle Section with a Rifle Squad
1 x M125/M106 Mortar Carrier in Support Squad


I think the US Army was treating the Armored Cav Squadron of the Airborne Division as a "plug as you go" unit; to be customized according to the specific needs of whatever operation required the 82nd; thus making a potentially "fully augmented" Armored Cav Squadron have:

18 x M551 Sheridan
36 x M113 ACAV
6 x M113 Mortar Carrier

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