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DRG November 6th, 2011 07:29 AM

Third party game mods
This sub forum is intended for use by players who have created game / graphic / OOB mods for winSPMBT.

Anyone creating a mod for either WinSPMBT or WinSPWW2 that includes anything but a basic modification of the OOB is free to offer said mod on these forums AS LONG AS they make it clear to anyone downloading it that the mod should ONLY be copied into a special installation of the game and NEVER the master game itself. This policy will extend to ANY mod that involves anything but a simple change to an OOB.

The type of mod covered would be any mod that does any of the following:

~Adds new or revised SHP files
~Adds new or revised sound files
~Adds new or revised text files
~Adds new or revised PIC files
~Adds new or revised PICKLISTS files ( applies to MBT only)
~Adds new or revised NAMES files
~Adds new or revised RANK files
~Adds new scenarios or campaigns specifically designed to run with a modded OOB
~Contains an OOB that has re-ordered or removed ANY weapon or unit ( those cause serious problems with existing scenarios)

This policy benefits not only The Camo Workshop but the modders as well as it means there will now be far less conflict between SHP files, sound files, photo files etc etc used by the various mods and we are far less likely to get "complaints" about the game ( or the mods ) not working correctly because someone forgot they have modded the main game with one or more mods. Obviously some players will ignore this and that cannot be helped but every mod covered by this new Policy that is "advertised" or posted here MUST make these recommendations clear when they post their mod .

It is simply a matter of adding this line to the post that offers the mod to download and any instalation program that may be used to install it:

"This mod contains highly altered or additional files that may or will cause interference with the master game files and it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that this mod be installed and played ONLY in a separate copy of the game and NOT run from the master game"

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