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Gandalf Parker October 3rd, 2006 06:13 PM

the Mappers Wishlist
<font color="yellow">#patrol</font>

This would allow for castles to be added to the map and the units placed there to be put on patrol instead of inside and on defence.

The way it is now, a castled province is actually weaker. It can be taken by a single scout and then taxed to death.

edit: this is no longer a major item since (A) the #defence command for maps does create PD as far as catching stealth units, and (B) the idea of defender vs patrollers inside/outside of castles seems to be able to be faked using a specific sequence of the #owner command.

<font color="yellow">terrain markers</font>

There are projects going on for automated naming or automated placing of provinces. We can find specific terrains but its hard to find specific features.

Such as DomMap added. Such as L4 would say that its bordered by 4 land. If its a water province then it can be named a pond or lake. If its a W4 marker on a land province then its an island. A W3L1 might mean a penninsula. It would also make it easier to auto-find chokepoints and dead-ends

Since the map-generator "knows" this info when it makes a map then it would be nice if it recorded it

edited: downgraded since various 3rd party programs have popped up to do most of this. They can read a map and add markers.

#ifavailable X

The map is "digested" after all of the gods are turned in, and a fthrland file is created in the game directory for the game to play off of. At the moment things are abit confusing because a game-start screen will show ALL of the nations available, and it will let you pick any of them. But if you select one that is set as an AI in the map commands then your choice is just ignored which you dont find out until later (this is on server games).

If we had a command that could set an AI into the game IF its not taken by a human player then some fun scenarios could be created. A map could fill ALL of the AIs allowing players to choose what they want and then filling in everything else with computer players.

Edited: this is very low if at all. Due to the sequence that maps are processed. In a local game, the map is selected and then the players join. In a server game the players join and then the map is selected. There are a number of map and server commands which act differently in local and server games due to this. It would take a major rewrite of the entire software to fix these problems.

NTJedi October 3rd, 2006 07:29 PM

Re: the Mappers Wishlist
These stealthy commanders will remain in a hiding status and will try to assassinate any commander which is not an independent. The commanders don't have to be stealthy if that would make it easier to add the command.

These units will attack any troops laying siege to the current castle in the province.

The commander and its units will randomly travel into another nearby independent province. Perhaps eventually it could made available for computer opponents. These units would only provide defense for existing provinces and never attack.

The commander and its units will randomly travel into any nearby province thus possibly attacking a human or computer opponent. Perhaps eventually it could be made available to work for computer opponents as well.

Allows this commander to use his ability to summon allies at the start of the game. For example if used with the fire king elemental he would be summoning his units which would increase the strength of the province as each turn passed. Please note this only works for commanders which can summon allies.

No matter what domain or magic sites exist the province always holds this scale.
Example: #scale_growth 2
This province would always have a growth scale of 2

AStott October 9th, 2006 05:45 PM

Re: the Mappers Wishlist
#battlemap &lt;province nbr&gt; &lt;name&gt;
Use this command to specify a specific battlemap to be used for all combats in the province.


Gandalf Parker October 9th, 2006 07:09 PM

Re: the Mappers Wishlist

AStott said:
#battlemap &lt;province nbr&gt; &lt;name&gt;
Use this command to specify a specific battlemap to be used for all combats in the province.


I like that. Im not much into the battlemap editor thing. But I can see where this would boost its use. I think that Johan would go for this idea.

NTJedi October 11th, 2006 06:13 PM

Re: the Mappers Wishlist
#neighbor 10 + 11
The purpose of this function would be to allow one way access from province 10 to province 11. This would allow map makers to develop more creative maps. I can provide examples if Illwinter wishes.

#event_gold 12 player_Abysia 1005 "Troops have found an old crashed treasure ship along the shore and brought the gold to the castle."
This gold event would allow mapmakers to provide gold and/or a message to a specific player during the game. The example provided would allow anyone playing Abysia to receive 1005 gold on turn_12.

#event_gems 25 player_Ermor 33fire "Gifts from a strange cloaked figure were left at the fort entrance."
This gem event would allow mapmakers to provide gems and/or a message to a specific player during a game. The example provided would allow anyone playing Ermor to receive 33 fire gems on turn_25.

#event_attack 48 player_Man enemy_Atlantis Group_C province_33 "Some more sea creatures are attacking a province in your kingdom!"
This attack event would allow mapmakers to generate attacks and a message explanation during the game. The "Group_C" section provides the details for commanders and units which are attacking and the details of groups are created within the .map file. The example provided would cause a battle on turn_48 at province#33 where the attacking units belong to Atlantis... if province#33 is not owned by MAN then the attack event does not occur.

Twan October 15th, 2006 06:47 AM

Re: the Mappers Wishlist
Some ideas to reduce the amount of fixing each map needs :

- in the map editor give a different flag to all plain provinces (makes easier to see if you have forgoten to give to some provinces the right terrain type)

- add an icon on provinces with no neighbours (would also make easier to find superposed provinces due to 2+ whites pixels instead of one)

- a general command #nostartif (a number) making nostart all provinces with fewer than x neighbours (avoid to forget some bottlenecks)

DrPraetorious October 15th, 2006 10:42 AM

Re: the Mappers Wishlist
How about two map commands.
#fixed_behavior &lt;num&gt;

where -
0 = default behavior (defend)
1 = hide
2 = patrol
3 = pillage
4 = reanimate
5 = contact allies
6 = capture slaves
7 = search

and then
#hide_behavior &lt;num&gt;

Which gives a (hiding) commander new orders when his province is conquered.
0 = default behavior (keep hiding)
1 = assassinate (as described above)
2 = instill uprising
3 = preach

Leif_- October 22nd, 2006 04:13 AM

Re: the Mappers Wishlist
I'd like to see the ability to place constraints on #neighbour definitions, particularly turn limits and limits on what abilities units must have pass.

Something like:

#neighbour 100 101 turn&gt;30,unit=fireres

wich would mean you could travel between province 100 and 101 only after turn 30, and only with units that all have fire resistance.

Secondly, a brief (one to two lines) description of a province that could be shown in-game would be nice for flavour stuff.

NTJedi October 29th, 2006 04:03 PM

Re: the Mappers Wishlist
Currently a mapedit command exists called
#startspell &lt;player&gt; "spell name" &lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;Broken= Only works for one turn&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;

I recommend adding the exact opposite which could remove a spell from being researched by a nation.
Something such as #deletespell &lt;player&gt; "spell name"

This command would allow mapmakers to customize what spell options are available to an AI opponent.

Singularity24601 October 31st, 2006 10:29 PM

Re: the Mappers Wishlist
I would love it if a map generator could randomly place a moddable list of scripted provinces such that eg, we might encounter "The Pillar of the World" (creatures, sites, map icon) from Orania in any map -&gt; a scenario generator. Each scripted province should have specific requirements (no forests + no mountains, underwater only, etc) and a rarity level.

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