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Annette December 6th, 2006 09:16 AM

Updating the Update!
News Release For Immediate Release

New Version 1.21 Weird Worlds Patch!
Updating the Update!

Hampstead, NC, 06 December 2006

A new patch for Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space? Or did we screw up and send
out an old press release?

No, it is indeed a new patch for the PC version of Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite
Space, and yes, there was a recent patch for the game already. You see, beta testing is
not an exact science. No matter how often you withhold food and water from your
testers, beat them with rubber hoses, or force them to listen to Celine Dion, a bug or two
can still slip past them.

The version 1.21 upgrade corrects one error that slipped past the testers. The Primordius
event was not working properly, with the wrong star name displayed. Fearless tester
Ernest Adams though found this bug and brought it to the attention of the wizardly trio of
Digital Eel. Digital Eel immediately sprang into action and whipped up a new patch that
neutralized this error.

There are no other changes between the version 1.21 patch and the recent 1.2 patch, but
obviously you'll want to have the latest and greatest patch. Download this most recent
update at:


Please note that this patch is only applicable to the PC version of Weird Worlds, working
on both boxed and download copies. The Mac patch is still in the works.

Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space has been a fan and critical darling since its
release, winning such awards as the Gametunnel 2005 Adventure/Quest Game of the
Year and the 2006 IGF Innovation in Audio award. The potential for awards is not over

Currently Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space is under consideration at the
Gameshadow Innovation in Games Festival and Awards for both the most "Imaginative
Use of In-Game Audio" and the People's Choice award. If you're a fan of Weird Worlds
please take a moment to vote for Weird Worlds as the People's Choice. You'll sleep
much better if you do.

Cast your vote for the greatest sci-fi game of infinite exploratory goodness at:


More information on Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space, and all of Shrapnel Games'
fine products, can be found at www.shrapnelgames.com. Representing the best in niche
independent gaming our diverse catalog has something for practically everyone.

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