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DRG January 26th, 2007 10:17 PM

Error reporting procedure
This is an attempt to simplify the error reporting procedure. I don't expect it to work out perfectly for every error report but here are some examples

If you find a tank that is not being given the ammo it should have then please simply report the info that you would like to know if you were the one having to fix it. An example would be


East German OOB 36 unit 364 has not been given SABOT ammo for it's main gun (weapon 90)

That tells me the..
OOB number
Unit number
The problem
and the weapon number all in one sentence. Use that as a guideline for any error report. if it has all that info there's a much better chance it will be looked into than if it does not

If you find something that differs from what we have in the OOB that isn't an obvious error be prepared to back up what you claim with a source. If you claim artillery piece X had a start date of 1978 instead of 1980 that's great but prove it somehow or at least try.

If you have a point to make, make it. Please don't ramble on and on and on.

If you have a highly modified OOB to share with everyone then please do share it but don't drop it in my lap expecting it to be made the "official" OOB ESPECIALLY if you start the conversation with " I'm new to OOB editing but......" ( yes, this has happened ). OOB's that BUILD on the ones in the game now can be at least looked at and units cut and pasted into the official one and that improves the game for everyone. If you just cannot help yourself and have to re-organized every unit in the OOB then don't even bother sending it. It's useless to use as the game OOB as the game OOB's have to work with all the scenarios in the game and re-organizing the units means it cannot. Scenarios save the unit OOB number of the unit used in the game and refers back to that when it loads. If you re-organize the OOB and what was once an infantry unit is suddenly an M60 then what you get in a sceanrio is a mess.

The VERY best way of getting new units you may have created into the official OOB set ( and your name in the credits list ) is to use the existing OOB and build your new units/ formations in an area of the OOB where there are not other units or formations then, if submitted, can be cut and pasted into the main OOB. We very V E R Y rarely accept an OOB anymore simply because we don't know what else you've done to it and we've been bitten too many times.

The bottom line is for "error" reporting keep it short and to the point and include all the info that YOU would want if someone reported it to you.

As new info presents itself I will update this thread

Here are some further points...

Do NOT mix nations in one error report. If you have some points on say Finland and some on the USMC, post each in its own separate message thread. (Exceptions might be where one was say comparing the same tank across several OOBS).

Don't attach OOBS to your error posts unless specifically asked for by us. If you want to post them as mods that's fine but not for OOB corrections or additions until we ask for them. We may be busy with other things and by the time we get around to them you may have already made 35 revisions to it.

If we don't reply to your message - don't assume that we have not read your post and start asking about that.


JohnHale January 29th, 2007 05:12 AM

Re: Error reporting procedure


Might it not be a good idea to add the OOB Number, Unit/Formation, and Weapon Number information into the in-game "Pick-List"?

There is lots of other information on this page already, and this tweak would make this detail more readily available for OOB mistake reporting?

Mobhack January 29th, 2007 09:56 AM

Re: Error reporting procedure
Game options -> Misc Tab -> Show Id Numbers -> on.

OOB number and weapon number, if needed, are found by firing up mobhack, and navigationg to the unut number as noted above.


JohnHale January 31st, 2007 01:15 PM

Re: Error reporting procedure

So that's what that button's for...



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