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Annette October 20th, 2006 05:20 PM

Wage The Next Korean War On A Budget!
News Release For Immediate Release

Shrapnel Games' Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War Now $10 Off!

Hampstead, NC, 20 October 2006

As tensions mount on the Korean peninsula thanks to the growing lunacy of the Stalinist
regime of the North Koreans, who chose to build weapons of mass destruction instead of
providing for their citizens, the question for many is what comes next. Is the balloon
about to go up, and if so, what would the war look like? Of course with the nuclear genie
out of the bottle, would the United States and its South Korean ally head north
preemptively? Iraq may have had time to smuggle its WMDs to Syria but with the world
well aware of North Korean nuclear capabilities the Dear Leader can't simply claim

For anyone with an interest with exploring the military possibilities of a second Korean
War Shrapnel Games is the only publisher with a dedicated simulation of such a scenario
for Windows, ProSIM Company's Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War, and for the
next two weeks Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War is on sale at the Gamers Front!
Normally priced at $44.95, you can now pick it up for only $34.95, and if you live within
the United States and choose Priority Mail, shipping is FREE! Act now though, because
this special sale will only last until November 3rd!

Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War, developed by ProSIM Company (BCT: Brigade
Combat Team, ATF: Armored Task Force, The Falklands War: 1982, and The Star and
the Crescent), was originally released in late 2005 for Windows to much acclaim. Kevin
Giacobbi of GameZone wrote, "I must stress that for those who strive for this type of
game play it is a must have. You really feel like you are commanding the troops and
calling all the shots. The game offers so much that anyone who has played these types of
games before will probably love it." Jolex Del Pilar of the Video Game Lighthouse
Network said, "...Raging Tiger is one of the deepest modern combat strategy games on
the market, hands down."

ProSIM Company is comprised of military veterans with decades of experience between
them, and it shows in their games (which are also used as military training tools). Raging
Tiger: The Second Korean War is not simply some point and click shooting gallery, but a
detailed and comprehensive simulation of the modern battlefield unlike any other
commercial wargame. From the digital maps used in the game, which are accurate to
within meters of the real world locations they represent, to the exhaustive equipment lists
and orders of battles of the potential combatants, everything about Raging Tiger is as real
as one can get on a home computer.

While set four years in the future, Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War is still an
excellent window into what could very well happen within the next few months. Dealing
with a US/ROK regime-change of the North, players will have to contend with
asymmetric warfare, refugees, rugged terrain, and combined operations as they push
north across the 38th parallel. An extensive printed manual and HTML documentation
does an excellent job of helping players understand the complexities of this next Korean

So let the pundits and talking heads blather on about what could happen while you find
out for yourself with Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War for Windows! For more
information on the game, including a free demo, please head over to
www.shrapnelgames.com/prosim/Raging_Tiger/1.htm, and to purchase this game
(remember, currently on sale for only $34.95!) point your browser to

For the complete catalog of Shrapnel Games' titles, please visit us at
www.shrapnelgames.com. There you'll encounter a wide range of strategy titles on a
variety of subjects. You can push tin with Air Command 3.0, explore the outer reaches
of space in Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space, battle Nazis in winSPWW2
(available as both a FREE game and an enhanced pay version), and even become a god
with Dominions 3: The Awakening. Be sure to check out the total list Shrapnel has to
offer, as there's a little bit of something for everyone.

Combat Wombat October 20th, 2006 05:38 PM

Re: Wage The Next Korean War On A Budget!
Heh I have been thinking about this game since NK did it's first test and wondering if you guys would do a marketing thing. It will be interesting to see how similar this game is to a real 2nd Korean war if one starts.

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