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Foodstamp February 23rd, 2008 01:10 AM

Haida Gwaii Complete! version 3.0 (lots of changes)
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Version 3.0 of Haida Gwaii!

Recently I decided to revisit Haida Gwaii to take advantage of all the new mod commands put into the game. My knowledge of the game in general has also increased over the past couple of years, so I did some balance changes as well. The nation shouldn't play like MA Man's big brother anymore, but the changes aren't enough to steer away from the original theme of the nation. You can employ various strategies including a bless, stealth raiding and water raiding. I hope you enjoy the changes, this should be the last version of this mod, unless i do changes for bug fixes or typos.

This version contains the following major changes:

-The sacred animals are no longer recruitable, they have become summons.

-Frenzied Moksgmol is now ethereal.

-Thunderbirds are immortal.

-New killer whale sacred summon

-Sgaana Warriors, Tyee and Shaman get waterform

-Sgaana Archer replaced with Eagle Archer

-Forest King eliminated

-Mother Bear's healing % increased

-Lady Hanging Hair has more path diversity now

-No more slaves

-Eliminated Toad Tribe

-Sgaana Tyee now has water and holy magic

-Bear Tyee has e/n and darkvision

-Coyote Mother changed to 2n/1s

-Kachina summons only one thunderbird a turn now

-Sgaana Shaman is more magically diverse now

-Eagle Talon is more magically diverse now

-Added Raven Archer, stealthy archer

-Added Raven Warrior, stealthy light warrior

-Added Bear Warrior, regening, recuping dual wielder

-Slightly altered Crest Pole graphic

-Slightly altered Great Raven graphic

-Reduced number of starting troops

-Added shallow water fort

-Changed forts, starting fort gives more admin

-Altered most spell costs

-Reduced number of units per point of PD

-Fish Carver has underwater form

-Raven Scout has air magic now, and very slight chance for death.

-Changed the nation flag to tribal killer whale symbol.


Haida Gwaii has been revamped with new changes that reflect the modding capabilities of the latest patches. Enough changes have been made to make the mod more enjoyable and balanced. Below is the list of changes since the original version of the mod. The new mod is attached to this post.

Enjoy http://forum.shrapnelgames.com/images/smilies/happy.gif

Version 2.0 (Lots of Changes)

-Haida Gwaii is now slotted to nation 82. This eliminates conflict with Late Pythium.

-Haida Gwaii has a new starting fort with slightly higher admin and defense.

-Most Haida human units hit points reduced.

-Many descriptions have been changed to reflect mod changes.

-New recruitable Raven unit.

-New recruitable Sgaana Harpoon Warrior.

-Name change on one version Sgaana Warrior to Sgaana Atlatl Warrior.

-Coyote stealth improved, now causes unrest.

-Coyote life expectancy reduced.

-Coyote no longer a "Magic Being".

-Frenzied Moksgmol no longer a "Magic Being".

-Wild Turkey no longer a "Magic Being".

-New attack animation for Thunderbird (Spring Hawk Animation)

-Raven Scout can now lead troops.

-Raven Scout now sacred (This makes all Haida Commanders sacred).

-Raven Scout fights with "Claws" instead of two "Claw" weapons.

-Raven Scout life expectancy a bit higher.

-Sgaana Tyee now can lead 80 units.

-Sgaana Tyees incredible life expectancy has been reduced.

-Sganna Tyee can gather slaves to fight for Haida Gwaii (Summon Allies).

-Bear Tyee has a chance for Nature and Earth magic.

-Bear Tyee has increased price, lowered leadership.

-Bear Tyee can gather slaves to fight for Haida Gwaii (Summon Allies).

-Coyote Mother now has a chance to get astral magic.

-Coyote Mother price slightly increased.

-Kachina has a new graphic.

-Kachina has storm power.

-Kachina has fist weapon instead of lightning swarm.

-Kachina no longer a "Magical Being".

-Kachina can summon one extra thunderbird a turn (Summon Allies).

-Kachina price slightly increased.

-Voice of the Killer Whales research bonus reduced.

-Voice of the Killer Whales has lost some of his holy power.

-Eagle Talon has lost some of his holy power.

-New Hero "Voice of the Heavens" added.

-Lord of Rebirth eliminated as pretender choice.

-Lord of the Forest eliminated as a pretender choice.

-Raven Pretender name changed to "Great Raven".

Version 1.2

A new version of Haida Gwaii is now available.

This version contains the following changes:

-New graphics for nearly all the units. The only units that did not receive graphics are a few of the animals and the two Toad Tribe units.

-Very minor stat adjustments to some units

-Age adjustments to most the units to reflect the longer lifespans of the Haida people when compared to other humans.

-Armor and weapon adjustments to represent the new graphics.

-Raven has been beefed up considerably and can now be used as a solid thug with the right magic picks.

Version 1.1


-Made mod compatible with 3.08

-Atlatl ammo reduced to 4 (They still fire every round)

-Coyote Mother loses kick attack

-Coyote Mother cost increased

Sombre February 24th, 2008 08:10 AM

Re: Haida Gwaii 2.0 (lots of changes)
I'll update the mod list entry and give this a go today. It sounds like good times.

Did you sort out the odd attacks the coyote had? (it was claw claw no bite or something).

Sombre February 24th, 2008 08:10 AM

Re: Haida Gwaii 2.0 (lots of changes)
Oops, double post.

Sombre February 24th, 2008 09:20 AM

Re: Haida Gwaii 2.0 (lots of changes)
Couple of quick questions;

Why do coyotes have 3 attacks, claws+bite? It seems like a coyote would probably just bite and at most have 1 extra claw attack (even that seems a stretch, they aren't clawed animals afaik).

Why do Haida start with 40 troops in their starting army? Most nations have about 20.

In the coyote description it says they increase turmoil. I assume this means unrest. It might be a little bit misleading for some people though, with turmoil and unrest being quite different in dom3.

Foodstamp February 24th, 2008 03:47 PM

Re: Haida Gwaii 2.0 (lots of changes)
Sombre, thanks for taking the time to look over the units and such! Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Originally, Haida Gwaii had 40 because the units that composed the starting force had pathetic gear compared to most other nations, and the force performed at a level of 30 units that a lot of other nations have.

Over the patches one of the units received a significant upgrade to armor, so now it is a stronger force of 40. I don't think I am going to change it, and instead tout it as an advantage of this nation, and a very trivial one at that since a lot of nations have 30 starting units.

The coyote originally had just a "bite", testing the unit revealed that + low stats was pretty terrible. Cost was reduced and the new attacks added to try to make the unit more desirable. I suppose I could take the claw attacks away, and reduce the price further and/or maybe upgrade some of the stats.

Good catch on turmoil instead of unrest, was the wrong choice of words, I will change it in the next edition, as well as consider some coyote changes, if I get anymore feedback.

Foodstamp August 8th, 2008 11:37 PM

New version coming soon!
To Do List:

Unit numbers changed to buffer vanilla unit increase (done)

Low Level Unique Summon (Pending Patch)

Poor Amphibian + Water Shape for Sgaana units. Armor/cost changes for Sgaana. (Pending Patch)

Minor tweaks to coyote (Along the lines of what Sombre mentioned), Possible summon spell to mass new weaker coyotes.

Orca Summon (Sacred)

Test Immortality on Thunderbirds with stat/cost changes. Possibly eliminate Kachina "Summon Ally"

HoneyBadger August 14th, 2008 05:25 PM

Re: Haida Gwaii 2.0 (lots of changes)
If you're still interested, Foodstamp, I finally figured out a workable (and fairly thematic) way for Haida to get a grey whale Pretender: They could start with an immobile whale totem-I believe you're already using totem poles as Pretenders?-that then has a waterform that transforms it into a grey whale SC. It would have to be teleported, ofcourse, but that would be a useful balance against a relatively powerful SC chassis. On land, with access to water/astral paths, it could still teleport around and cast spells in relative safety-immobile Pretenders are difficult to destroy-but then, in the water, it would come into it's own.

Foodstamp August 14th, 2008 07:11 PM

Re: Haida Gwaii 2.0 (lots of changes)
That's an interesting idea. I will see what I can do :).

Technowolf August 25th, 2008 11:38 AM

Re: Haida Gwaii 2.0 (lots of changes)

I've been trying out this mod recently, but I whenever I do I get a Nagot gick fel! everytime on the first turn. Does anyone know what causes this?:confused:

Also, the Sgaana harpoon warriors start out in their 80s. Is this related to the problem above? Tonight I think I'm gonna try to edit out the harpoon warriors and see if that makes the mod work.

And fyi, I did try to run it with only the Haida Gwaii mod active. It still ngf'ed.


Technowolf August 25th, 2008 03:19 PM

Re: Haida Gwaii 2.0 (lots of changes)
Turns out that, yes, the Harpoon Warriors are the reason the mod crashes the game. It appears they share a unitid with another (vanilla) unit, but I don't know which. The harpooners unitid is 2501 iirc, which should be above the current number of vanilla units. I'll do a few more tests tonight and get the results to you all tomorrow.


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