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MarkSheppard August 21st, 2022 03:20 PM

Re: SP and SPAA Developments
Germany may be supplying Ukraine with 255 rounds of the the new Leonardo/Diehl Vulcano 155mm guided shells (most likely the GLS/SAL version) which is a 5 inch (127mm) subcaliber round that can reach out to 70-80 km with a 1m CEP.

DRG August 21st, 2022 04:32 PM

Re: SP and SPAA Developments

Originally Posted by MarkSheppard (Post 853072)
Germany may be supplying Ukraine with 255 rounds of the the new Leonardo/Diehl Vulcano 155mm guided shells (most likely the GLS/SAL version) which is a 5 inch (127mm) subcaliber round that can reach out to 70-80 km with a 1m CEP.

Just for giggles.......

Anyone who shoots a rifle beyond plinking will get this

1 MOA at 1000 yards is 8"

1/2 MOA at 1000 yards is 4"

1/2 MOA is very good shooting

80 Km = 87,489 yards

87.489 X 8 = 699.912 ( lets call it 700 inches to keep it simple )

700 inches is 17.78m

So at 80km 1 MOA is 17.8m ( close enough )

A 1m CEP (Circular Error Probable)at 80km is like putting 5 shots through the same hole at 100m with no measured deviation in the size of the hole in relation to the diameter of the projectile

......only it's being done with a 155mm cannon

blazejos August 26th, 2022 05:17 AM

Re: SP and SPAA Developments
First video of Gepard on Eastern Front in Ukraine military


FASTBOAT TOUGH August 28th, 2022 02:42 AM

Re: SP and SPAA Developments
Well, I was glad to see the S-300 didn't get into the Syrian OOB as there was some speculation that they bought them from Russia.

However, I am investigating based on the ref below that Syria has been operating the S-200 for some time now which I did not see in the Syrian OOB.

Of the 3 batteries of S-300's Russia positioned in Syria one has been removed and is strongly believed to just very recently to be operating somewhere near the front lines of Ukraine probably in or near Crimea.


blazejos August 30th, 2022 05:34 PM

Re: SP and SPAA Developments
1 Attachment(s)
Russia finished test and starts production of 2S43 Malva




and here article about this vehicle https://en.defence-ua.com/industries..._yet-4018.html

wulfir August 31st, 2022 02:44 PM

Re: SP and SPAA Developments

Originally Posted by MarkSheppard (Post 851351)
OBAT 066 Sweden

Unit 386 RBS-103 Patriot has IOCed with the Swedish military as of 17 December 2021.


Unit 189 RBS-56 TI ATGM
Unit 203 RBS-56B ATGM

It appears that the BILL system was removed from service in 2013 by the Swedish military as a cost cutting measure and the excess units sold to SAAB.

It seems that the Swedish armed forces have changed their mind on that. The RBS-56 BILL systems are being bought back from SAAB, albeit with new sighting systems and other modifications.

This is intended to be an interim solution until the MMP ATGM becomes available from 2025 onwards.

As of fairly late Sweden has ditched the "Farawayistan Doctrine" where smaller professional forces were meant to deploy to places like Kosovo or Affe (Afghanistan) and battle insurgents armed with AKs/RPGs/IEDs and has begun to reorient focus back to the defence of Sweden itself against a Russian threat.

In doing this some equipment previously in storage has been dusted off and put into units - this is called doing a "Bydén" after the current commander Michael Bydén.

This included truck mounted RBS-15 anti-ship missile systems, RBS-90 SAM systems and it seems the RBS-56 ATGM.

The 40 or so stored chassis for the aborted CV90 based AMOS SP-mortar systems were used for a less capable sp-mortar system pushed through quickly to give battalions something better than towed 120mm weapons.

A few remaining demonstration RBS 23 Bamse mid range SAMs were also brought out from storage and put into units and deployed to Gotland. This system was meant to cover the range beyond RBS 70/90 and the HAWK systems but was discontinued, except for the handful (about a platoon or company's worth) now on Gotland. The unit type does not exist in winSPMBT but there are only a handful and no news of any new production.

The Patriots were bought in competition with a French system and AFIKN Sweden's aims to buy another SAM-system with ground launched IRIS-T. No idea when though...

blazejos September 1st, 2022 02:17 PM

Re: SP and SPAA Developments
Here is Ukrainian source about Swedish deliveries

Archer and RBS-70 are mentioned there]

wulfir September 2nd, 2022 01:59 PM

Re: SP and SPAA Developments

Originally Posted by blazejos (Post 853122)

The pvpj 1110 nicknamed "Huggpipan" (roughly "Whack Pipe" or maybe "Slap barrel") was a common Bn level AT asset during the cold war. Some ended up in the Baltics when the infantry brigades were dismantled.

Ukraine now fields a major selection of the AT weapons in use or previously used by the Swedish army - though many were supplied by not by Sweden but by other nations...

blazejos October 4th, 2022 03:23 AM

Re: SP and SPAA Developments
Meaby not newest info but Slovakia since August supply Ukraine with new Zuzana 2 SP-guns

That is third incarnation of this famous Dana gun which in 1977 was state of the art first of it class wheeled gun with autoloader.
So evaluation look like that:

M1977 Dana build in Czechoslovakia -> Zuzanna build in Slovakia -> Zuzanna 2 build i Slovakia for their army and now for Ukraine.

Zuznna 2
has a different armoured cabin for driver than previous version what may judge new icon of course based on previous famous DANA.


And here more actually info




Just look on whole family of this guns here is correct evolution:

152 mm SpGH DANA (also from Czech delivered to Ukraine)
152 mm ShKH Ondava (several prototypes not in production because fall of Czechoslovakia)
152 mm ShKH MODAN vz.77/99 (Modernised Czech variant)
152 mm ShKH DANA-M1 CZ (Modernised Czech variant)
152 mm ShKH DANA M2 (Czech and Polish modernisation also delivered to Ukraine)
155 mm ShKH A40 Himalaya (Slovak on T-72 tracked chassis prototype)
155 mm ShKH M2000 Zuzana (Slovak in Cypriot army variant M2000G with MG3 HMG also Ukraine)
155 mm ShKH Zuzana 2 (Slovak and now also Ukraine)
155 mm ShKH DITA (prototype)
155 mm ShKH MORANA (prototype)



FASTBOAT TOUGH October 30th, 2022 11:12 PM

Re: SP and SPAA Developments
I'm having to post the whole ref. which is a current update about the war in Ukraine.

Scroll Down below the rail tanker car video, go to the next video. This video confirms to me the Ukrainians did get equipped with the latest HE/AP FRAG round I brought up when discussing entry of the GEPARD. In fact, the video shows that's the ONLY round being fired.

Count the rounds and count the explosions down range. Also note the "tight pattern" also down range. Seen reports they've brought down a little bit of everything that's flying. As it's designed to do.

Got things to do but the following will show that those T-55S tanks arrived by rail on the 29th of this month. And yes, they have been updated as I posted in the MBT Thread a while back. Also, UK has sent 105mm rounds as well as Slovenia for the 105mm L7 MG.

Hang on!!

This is the best ref. (BELOW) as it's more technical which made it HARDER to find... That being said yes this is still a T-55 Steel Armor HOWEVER the difference is in what's over it from ref. Para 2
"The armour protection of the tank was improved considerably by attaching Rafael ERA blocks to the hull and the turret. This armour is believed to be the latest Israeli Super Blazer system which gives a high level of protection against High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) attack but cannot be activated by small arms fire."

Also, the FCS allows the Commander independent operations that gives it by definition a "Hunter Killer" mode of operation that means TI/GSR 40 based on date of installation in 1999 with "tweaks" since. Again from ref. Para 3
"A digital ballistic computer was installed in order to improve the fire control system (FCS). The gunner has the Fotona SGS-55 two-axis stabilized day-and-night sight with an integral laser rangefinder. In addition to the integral optic sight the commander has the Fotona COMTOS-55 sight with an independent line-of-sight stabilization, which allows him to acquire targets and lay the gun independently if required. The driver has the Fotona CODRIS combined day/night observation periscope.

Looks like we get to build a tank!?! :D So, for Sxxts and grins...
Chem. Smoke Defense Sys. 2/TI/GSR 40/FC 30/LRF 22/STABILIZER 4 (5?)/SURVIVABILITY 5.

Apparently, the Super Blazer ERA was fitted on the Challenger II TES when deployed. It is designed to work against BOTH KE and CE rounds. And non-explosive up to and including 23mm rounds and to 2-4m distance against 155mm artillery round shards.


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