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Gandalf Parker November 20th, 2013 11:21 AM

$30 for better notifications from servers?
Would you like better notifications from a server (such as Dom3Minions or Dom4Minions?). And would you pay? $10 or $30 or $50 ?
NO I dont mean pay ME.

What kindof reminder would you dream of?
  1. a browser link that shows who has made their turns and how long until host time?
  2. same as above but also able to download turns thru the browser?
  3. a single web page that shows the game status of ALL of the dom games you are in?
  4. an email saying the game has a new turn and showing who staled, and all the scores?
  5. an email with the turn file attached?
  6. an email with a zip file of the game prior to that hosting so that if the server crashes you can have another server pick up hosting at that point?
  7. an email saying that a player has gone AI with the turn blocked until the games admin finds a sub or approves the action?
  8. a text message to your phone saying new turn?
  9. a new post to the games thread on a forum simply saying "new turn"?
  10. all of the turns delivered to a dropbox setup for that game?
  11. an IRC message or some other chat channel?
  12. a voice that tells you that xxxx game has new turns?
  13. a voice that announces, and reads the scores out loud?
  14. would you like some body part to be tickled?
  15. how about if your living room lights flickered?
  16. a bat signal to the ceiling of your living room?
  17. would you like to receive an electrical shock?
  18. a pretty girl comes into the Google+ hangout for the game and tells everyone?
  19. a message flashed on your TV?
  20. a break-in emergency service message to your favorite radio channel?
  21. would you like your dog to start barking?
  22. a message that only teenagers can hear?
  23. would you like your house to gradually heat up until you finally give in and do your turn?
  24. would you like a pot of coffee to start brewing because your turns have gotten to be hours of difficult strategy?
  25. any of the above but happening 2 hours BEFORE the game hosts BUT ONLY if YOU are one of the people who have not yet done a turn? 4 hours before? Wow, a reminder giving you 8 hours? Seriously?

Hmmm.... any others you might like to see offered?
All of these are possible. And none involve giving me money altho they might be some equipment at your end to receive. My computers are abit scrambled presently and are limping along. So until some money things get ironed out all I can do is think about new challenges.
"A Hacker mind is a dangerous thing to waste."

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