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spillblood August 1st, 2011 06:25 AM

World Supremacy needs to regain a community: We need to make some effort
I've already stated everything in two other threads, in the official World Supremacy forums and in the Space Empires IV and V forum (these games were also made by Malfador Machinations!). This is no support request to Shrapnel (I don't want to disregard the purpose of this subforum), but a call to help out to all the Shrapnel community. If World Supremacy doesn't regain an active community that actually helps improving the game instead of just complaining, it will die, because it was meant to be a highly moddable game that relies on community support. So we need to get some more participants in the forum, beta testers, modders etc.
We need people to at least check out the demo and file in support requests to Shrapnel to let them see there still is some demand for help by the community, and we need modders to try to improve the game if that doesn't work.
It's main problems are an AI that can't compete with human players, so people with experience in AI coding will be extremely valuable, and it doesn't have many features like various game modes. But those could be added via modding. In the present version of the game players need to conquer EVERY single territory in order to win, IE also all neutral territories even if they have already defeated all empires controlled by the AI.
The third problem is a tactical combat mode that gives the players a clear advantage against the AI, because AI troops just move towards the player's army and are getting shot when they get in range, they don't employ any tactics. Just check out the demo and you'll notice that.
Additionally, the AI doesn't really know how to use nukes, it can only use sub- and mobile-launcher based nukes that are less powerful than the intercontinental missiles. Heck, before V.1.09 intercontinental missiles even were intra-continental, IE they were regarded as land units and couldn't be fired on sea territories and over oceans (but Malfador fixed that in patch 1.09). Additionally, the AI could only make one attack per turn before patch 1.09.
Another AI problem: It only builds fleets of one ship of each type and never expands them so that it's easy for players to get naval supremacy.
These are the main problems that need to be fixed

This is the post in the World Supremacy forums

And this one is located in the Space Empires forums:

See, there's been no activity the last two months after the release of patch 1.09, and Malfador have even stated they won't make another patch. Just check my threads.
Hope I haven't offended anyone here, and thanks for your cooperation. I'm looking forward for more cooperation that finally gets this game into a better state.

spillblood August 1st, 2011 07:06 AM

Re: World Supremacy needs to regain a community: We need to make some effort
We simply need Shrapnel fans to at least check out the demo, and to help fix the issues the game still has. The most important thing you could do: File support tickets to Shrapnel's support system, because they don't recognize the game still has problems, and they won't believe until they get enough requests. If they would get those, they would surely contact Malfador to demand further support for the community. I'm sure this would also be of use for Shrapnel since they gain more sales this way.

The issues are very complicated, and there has been lots of miscommunication, anger by the community and lack of activity to counter that by Shrapnel besides just closing down all threads criticizing the game, so please, don't complain anymore, don't blame Shrapnel anymore, help improve this game!

I hope Shrapnel don't close down this thread and read it carefully.

Please keep in mind: I wouldn't bother making 4 or 5 posts each day the last days/weeks if I wouldn't have some interest in the game. I had fun playing it until I realized its shortcomings.
But maybe we can make it live up to its potential and become really great and a great addition to Shrapnel's catalog if we work together.
It simply deserves to be better, because there aren't many comparable games that were released in the last years, and I'm sure, Empires Deluxe or Civ fans that prefer the military side of those games, or more recently, Empires of Steel fans are yearning for a game like it, and I count myself in, too.
It simply doesn't deserve to be neglected the way it was the last months since it was released last year.

spillblood August 6th, 2011 10:32 PM

Re: World Supremacy needs to regain a community: We need to make some effort
Seems my last actions weren't succesful. No answer to my last E-Mails to Malfador either. Since some users didn't want to go along with my course of action (not to complain anymore and file more support requests to Shrapnel so that there's still need for another patch) and left the forums, I think the game is dead unless Malfador and Shrapnel finally support it again (release more patches).
Since no one is willing to generate new content by modding, I think I'll leave these forums, too, if nothing changes in the next weeks.
You should all know what total silence in a game forum means, I think I'll stop trying to be the only voice left there (unless some people join the discussion again).

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