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Dimaz December 28th, 2011 12:22 AM

Re: EA Tempest - Game Finished - Dimaz Wins!!!
I was surprised as well. When the fall of Ermor was near, I already planned to quickly strike against monkeys, as Executor predicted. So I assembled 2 new armies, moving some of the SCs from Ermor front before finishing the war there (western army), and summoning some more in the cap (southern). Fortunately the jags are still useful with proper buffs even in that stage of the game, so my main concern was to prepare 3 sets of army buffers and 2-3 support SCs in each army (I had enough forts and money from constant expanding to quickly produce enough jags at any place of my empire). The third army was planned to appear with gatewayed soldiers from Ermor front and 3rd set of buffers, but unfortunately I lost too much during the last storm so I had to delay it somewhat. In the end I just teleported it to the sieged castle to help defend it (the buffers were already there).
I think the main mistake Executor made was to allow me to BH in all my provs without much interference almost till the end. In fact, in the end, when he had less resources but started to actively cripple my blood income, I went down to 60 or so slaves/turn from peak of 200+. So I was able to sac 5 slaves in most of my castles + send 9 or so lesser horrors each turn + summon bat spammers. I made some tests and 8 big Horrors were enough to take down single Treeant equipped as Executor's. But mainly I used them as raiders. Buffed jags + SCs were even more successful than I thought, so I moved through his lands like a hot knife through butter. And, after Blood-9, it became sort of one-sided game, with banishing anything worth banishing with 10+ sun priest parties.
Executor, now I'm satisfied. My fall in Timewarp is revenged :) (It was a CBM 1.5 (with gemgens) game where I controlled about half of 250 prov map as LA Ctis and still had to surrender due to his gemgen-fuelled globals and some mistakes).

Executor December 28th, 2011 06:28 AM

Re: EA Tempest - Game Finished - Dimaz Wins!!!
I should have attacked your blood hunters first, don't know why I never did. A few turns of GR and earth attacks would have done it.
Frankly, I was half convinced you couldn't touch me and I'd just roll over you with those two armies of mine, merging them at your capital later...

Timewarp was crazy, those turns easily took several hours each. Just transferring the pearls from clams took like an hour! Too big a map for gemgens.
In the end, I don't think I could have killed you by any conventional means. And those armageddons proved even better than I expected once I tested them.

But something I was really looking forward to was fighting you in World of Symmetry! Unfortunately had to drop both games I was in atm and Psycho didn't have enough time to sub both of them for me.

Mightypeon December 28th, 2011 03:27 PM

Re: EA Tempest - Game Finished - Dimaz Wins!!!
Well, my own game had the following issues:
-It was the first game MP I actually designed a pretender for, so noob errors happen. For example, choosing heat 3 to get more points was a rather dumb idea for Sauromatia, especially with Hinnom, Abyssia, Lanka, Kailasa and Mictlan on the map. Cold 3 may have actually been viable though. Still, I am proclaiming myself to be the last noob standing.
-I got a stale that significantly reduced my early expansion
-I then participated in a first 2 then 3 way war against Lanka, but failed to get a proper defense agreement with Fomoria, because I confused flags and thought they were Ermor
-Fomoria, which had roughly twice of my size, then attacked me, while I did manage to defend my territory, I was unable to comitt to any offensive into his areas. I did suffer significant losses due to failing to properly set up a reverse communion against Fomor by the way, which ensures that I did not repeat this mistake in any other game.
I also learned some things about dealing with flying early Raiders (his Fomor Kings), set up a "pseudo blood hunt" province, make sure that they see it, and prepare a funny suprise for them in that province. I felt really smart after that worked.
-Fomoria suffered some significant exhaustion fighting me when executor attacked them and gobbled them up very quickly.
-Then Executor came for me, and my priorities were:
--Counterraid him a bit with arouse hunger
--defend castles with bone demons and my little immortal annoyance, hopefull suprise him with 3 Wendigos and a GoR Prophet daughter of Typhoon, which of course is not much, but may have been more than he was ready to attribute to me.
--maintain my army as an army in being, so that that the resources he has there are not available somewhere else. I am not sure that the forces he had in my area (had it been around twice the number I would have thought that Executor was not goading) would have made a difference, since there actually only was a single "SC" (if you call a golem that) with them. They could have certainly been used to fight off horrors though.
--mention my not insignificant gem income to other people, I think it worked with Helheim and Mictlan cooperating to some extent against Executor, while Abysia actually attacked me. To my suprise, Abyssias army in my territorry was propably weaker then mine.

What I did well was aggressivly using my mages in battles as opposed to research during my war of survival against Fomor, my research got bunked of course (I only got to construction 6 in turn 50 or so), but I stayed alive, which is better than having Construction 6 and being dead.

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