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David E. Gervais January 18th, 2020 09:47 PM

Customer support with bad attitude..

I recently sent off a customer support email and voiced my concern regarding the price of Approaching Infinity, telling you that I thought the high price for a roguelike was 'off the mark' (ie too high) the only mention I made in that email about steam was this... "and there are many competitive products available at much lower prices on Steam and Google App store."

The reply I got...

"Approaching Infinity is available for $39.95. We offer support for our products and free updates when available. If you ask for support on steam they just refund your $3.00. We actually help you get your game running correctly. We can't do that for $3.00. Please feel free to buy steams products and not ours."

That last statement has no place in a reply from a Shrapnel Customer service representative. (Please feel free to buy steams products and not ours.) That is very bad karma.

But Thank you, I now have your express permission to go buy steam products and not yours. Does this wonderful advice apply to all your customers? Let's see if Karma thinks so.

Have a great day, Cheers!

Tim Brooks January 19th, 2020 06:32 AM

Re: Customer support with bad attitude..
Hi David:

I'm sorry you had a bad support experience. Sometimes support can be trying. I will look into the matter.

I will email you directly when I have a clearer understanding of the issue.

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