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bongo June 10th, 2015 11:04 AM

Playing hotseat games through Internet

WinSPMBT is and will stay for a long time the best computer tactical wargame.
Nevertheless, a detail saddens me : The impossibility to play hotseat games with my usual partners which does not live any more next to me.
With the rhythm of our modern lives and their constraints, it is difficult to find opponents who are physically present with us to play an hotseat game an playing a PBEM game is a real pain (too long to wait between 2 sequences...).
Unfortunately WinSPMBT has no "multiplayer through Internet" option... :(

Fortunately, thanks to the improvement of the flow of our internet connections, there is now a solution to be able to play a game with somebody (Whom we trust) throught the Web.
It is possible to share its remote computer with free software as Teamviewer (https: // www.teamviewer.com).

Once computers were connected with Teamviewer, it is enough to start the game and, when we change player, to let the opponent take the remote control of our computer an play his turn... And so on.
It is obvious that it is necessary to trust in his opponent not to look while we play and so that he does not hack our computer.

I tested it with an ADSL and VDSL connection and that works very well (even the sound passes in transit by the software). It is very fluid...
Several games can be played quickly in an evening for example. More need to book an appointment weeks in advance.

For me it was the real handicap which prevented me from playing against human players. Now, I can remotivate my former companions to start again playing Steel Panthers.

I'm happy :)

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