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plams May 6th, 2006 02:50 PM

AAR: Military Mission - Thorpe
January 1st, 4590 - Glory
I've just been at Major Brass' office, and guess what, I've been approved for a military mission! Oh the excitement! I've been given my own ship, and it's mine for the next 30 years. I can't wait to explore this thing called 'space', to seek out strange new cultures and teaching alien women to love!

The first thing I'm going to do is to make some minor changes to the setup of this bird. Better to have a few trusty weapons than a whole bunch of crap. I hope the refitting won't take too long.

January 22nd, 4590

Okay then. The refitting is done, and none too soon I might add! I've traded my previous armament for a Fusion Rocket Launcher and a Gauss Cannon. Those babies ought to make aliens think twice before attacking me. I'm a little concerned about the asymmetry of having the launcher in the center, and the right weapon slot empty. But I'll live.

Meanwhile I've been studying star charts, but deciding where to go first havn't deprived me of any sleep; all nearby stars are at least 8 ly away, except for this red-orange giant 3.7 ly away called Astaroth. My navigation officer has estimated the trip to take only 114 days!

The Hydrogen Fusion Drive is ready. Haven station has given me the green light. Astaroth, here I come!

May 25th, 4590 - Astaroth
We have arrived, and things have already started to look interesting; short-range sensors show a large unindentified object in this system. It's not a planet, but it's definitely bigger than this ship! I've decided to investigate further.

May 25th, 4590 - vicinity of unidentified object.

We're in visual range now, only a few clicks away. The object appears to be a large slug-like ship! It has not responded to any of our hails, and seems to be oblivious of our presence. Furthermore, it's spinning out of control, so I'm guessing that this thing has been abandoned for a long time, maybe several hundred years ago!

I've given the orders to approach it, and I've prepared a boarding party. Lets see what secrets this ship contains. I'm trembling with excitement!

--- end of log ---

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