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Pibwl March 17th, 2021 02:45 PM

Missing icon?
I've got a request to report from another gamer (who has problems with registration activation at the forum):

"While playing one of the Pacific theater scenarios I noticed that LVT(A) 4 doesn't have a visible icon. I opened up MOBHACK to check which units are affected, and it turns out it's unit 022 in OOB 13 (USMC). I opened up the master icon list for the game and saw that the Icons assigned (numbers 1985 & 1897) were supposed to be new additions in the latest patch. However after opening file Icon073.shp, the one containing those icons, with SHPEdit, it turns out that all of those new icons(1985, 1986 & 1897) are absent. Probably an oversight while completing the patch."

DRG March 17th, 2021 07:02 PM

Re: Missing icon?
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Post 23 July 2020

In any event, the issue will be totally resolved when the next update is released probably early April but maybe late March

Apparently, the last-minute change I made to the SHP file didn't get into the last update either but since they were in my master game everything looked good to me and APPARENTLY to everyone but this guy for the past year

These are the ones that were missed
{7372,7373}, // 1895 LVT(A) 4 USMC Iwo Jima ******NEW winSPWW2 V13
{7374,7375}, // 1896 Type 5 To-Ku Prototype ******NEW winSPWW2 V13
{7376,7377}, // 1897 LVT(A) 4 <Desert> ******NEW winSPWW2 V13

41 shp files in SPWW2 have had changes or additions since last year

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